Recipe title suffixes to help your fellow mixers (Poll)

Taking a cue from our ever illustrious @BoDarc

And I’d personally carry it “one further” and suggest that the same action could be taken by others (not just for pods) to include suffixes such as:
Recipe Name (RDA)
Recipe Name (RDTA)
Recipe Name (RTA)
Recipe Name (Pod, PG, salts)
Recipe Name (Pod, PG, freebase)

Of course this would all be on an “Opt-in” basis. Those who want to, can do this already!
(Simply edit your recipe name!) But I thought it might be nice if we had a uniform approach for those who might be interested!

But I’m genuinely curious as to how many think this would be a beneficial practice. And how many think it would be overkill, and only serve to clutter things further.

  • Yes! I like the idea.
  • No. It’s not for me.
  • I like the idea, but only for Pod recipes.
  • IDGAF. Now get off my lawn!

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Nice idea… for now any recipe I put public I use 0mg/mL and leave it up to the other user to decide. But I will say POD, only if it is for the super low powered PODs, so they know the flavor %'s might be higher than average.

When it comes to Higher Nic Salt usage. There is a range of POD like devices. That can be (Sub-Ohm) or greater than (1.0+ Ohm) depending on coil/atomizer, they choose to use and can be swapped with the other type to try out and test, to maximize their vape experience.

For me even though I use the sub-ohm coils (0.6ohm) for some of my PODs, because it’s better flavor from my experience. It’s still acceptable from what Ive seen around the expert posts. And I even use higher Salt levels up 24mg/mL for 0.6 ohm Atomizers (which r considered sub-ohm,) with no ill effects from too much Nic.

Would I use higher salt levels on anything lower than 0.6ohm? Not for me. I did try it at 24mg/mL by accident at (0.16 ohm) and it can get rougher faster, when your getting tons more Vape intake with high Nic.

Still I understand why it’s becoming a focus point, since the lower powered PODs. with 1+ ohms will be lacking on the over-all-flavor experience, but more suitable for super high nic salts up to 50mg/mL MAX if you really need it, because your use to smoking 2 packs per day.

It really is a downer because with higher salt levels, they usually only say Not for Sub-Ohm use. But I find that can also apply to Freebase i guess? From what Ive read, freebase at 12mg/mL and higher can end up being a super terrible harsh experience. Where if you do the same with Salts you wont notice a terrible harsh hit, but you’ll get a higher Nic intake.

Sorry for the long winded post. The Bottom-line I perceive is there seems to be dual valid points for recipes when it comes to PODs. 1 being how the % of flavors may need to be increased, and #2 is that higher Nic can be used in those recipes. Too bad it’s only 2 categories. Sub-Ohm and Not Sub-ohm. I would like to see Ultra Sub-ohm used and wish some expert nicotine scientist (Which is NOT ME :crazy_face: ) out there could say, something like.

0.1-0.5ohm is Ultra sub-ohm Not for Nic Salts over 12mg/mL.
0.6-0.9ohm Sub-Ohm up to 24mg/mL Max Nic Salts.
1.0+ohm up to 50mg/mL Max Nic Salts.

Example POD systems where you can use both sub-ohm and Not-SubOhm

Aspire Breeze / Breeze 2 Atomizers

The 0.6 ohm U-Tech coil is the factory coil for the Aspire Breeze Pod system.

The 1.0 ohm U-Tech coil is the factory coils for the Breeze 2 Pod system which is optimized for nicotine salts.

These coils can be used interchangeably between the two Aspire Breeze All-In-One kits.


There’s a section under the recipe for notes and other information. I would welcome if people let others know about the hardware, temperature/wattage they are using in that section, if they so choose.

But a lot of people think it’s too much work. Mixers can look at recipes and know most of the time for what it was meant/intended/created, so in reality there’s no reason for it.

I personally would see the hardware added to the title extremely messy. I love organization too, but only to a point where if it makes sense. Over labeling and nearly babysitting new/old mixers is just taking the fun and actual intend of this site away.

No disrespect but even the relabeling of the flavors is something that irks me personally. I know it was meant to make it look better, but it doesn’t and with all the extras added in the brackets makes it more confusing than anything else.

Also the function that was newly added to search for a particular flavor via forum does in some cases, after renaming not even work anymore. Same for the search filter, unless specifically entered with a comma some flavors won’t show up if only one word is being used.

Anyways my point is, I don’t think we need to add another 25 words to the titles or make it mandatory of adding if releasing a recipe. But whatever the majority wants of course, this is just my two cents :wink:


Interesting and true… There maybe a different way, then doing all that work.

Made me think about having an equipment info section under your preferences. Where you could input up to 3 vape devices and info you use.

Then when you make a recipe you can attach one of those profiles you have set-up… to each recipe. and 1 would be attached default.

Then that info is included with the recipe.

Device Preferences set-up

RDA (Brand)
90 Watts
(Dual) 0.24ohm SS coils

POD (Brand)
12 Watts
Factory Coils

RTA (Brand)
55 Watts
(Single) KA1 0.5ohm


There is a fatal flaw in your thought process, you can’t decide anything based solely upon subohm or ultra subohm unless your only using mechs, low voltage pods don’t even really follow those rules. I do something like this with my notes on my own juice, but I categorize it by wattage used to achieve a heat flux of 220-270 as that’s the amount of heat I like in a vape, so I have sub 35 watt setups, 40-50 watt, etc etc and I use that to decide what atty a flavor tastes best on, some flavors like chocolate need lower watts to shine, others are better higher.

The closest I get to a pod system is my berserker rda, which has a parallel 30g SS316L 4 wrap for an “ultra subohm” 0.32 ohms, but I run it at 10-12 watts…I also have a series deck rda that has a 0.8 ohm build in it that I vape at 85-95 watts.

Using the ohm reading of a coil is really only valuable to mech mod users, and I do own two mech squonkers, but outside those two mods I never even consider the ohm of my coil/s for regulated because I’m more worried about getting max surface area for a given wattage and heat flux.


Also, I think it’s a great idea for people who want to opt in, but I clicked the “idgaf, now get off my lawn!” Because how could I not choose that lol.


As would I!

Intermediate, or veteran mixers can… A newbie has absolutely no clue, and understandably so.

My thought behind this (not speaking for Bo, or Fidalgo, or anyone else) was more about making it easier for newcomers to be able to find it easier to access what they need during the most overwhelming time (when there’s so much to absorb) and need something now to get them by.

Granted, an RDA probably shouldn’t be in that category (by traditional standards), but with the advent and increasing popularity of squonking (which uses an atty that is effectively nothing more than a RDA)… Perhaps it’s not as silly as it initially sounds. (personal realization as I continue to think this through, not an indictment.)

I definitely understand and respect where you’re coming from.
At the same time though, this idea isn’t about helping old mixers. They (mostly) already know and understand all of this, and like you’ve noted, can usually tell the intent, device, vaping style, etc etc just by looking at the recipe (once they have enough experience).

I’m sorry that such things are frustrating you (and those others who aren’t speaking up), and I understand why and how it might/would/and does.

This is also why I said it should be an opt-in thing. But I realize that it affects everyone when it comes time to search.

As for the “babysitting” comment…I think it’s a bit harsh. It could be viewed that every time we help a new user who finally comes to the forum and asks for help as such.

Completely understood, and noted.

The intent was to make things more functional. Especially for new users, but also for organization (currently) in the stash, as well as being internationally friendly (so there’s less dupes in the database).

How is someone totally new supposed to know that FA Red Touch is strawberry? Or that FA Red Summer is watermelon?

The whole mess is frustrating to a lot of us, trust me. And I don’t claim to have all the answers or the perfect approach, but I try to approach things respecting as many points of view as possible.

And yes, rest assured that frustrating vets weighs heavily on me, as many are friends. However is not a large part of the community interaction spent helping others to better understand, and educate each other, so we can become more successful in this endeavor?
I think new folks need that the most.

As for other things; searches being broken, etc. You raise some very valid points that need to be thought upon and potentially addressed during this ongoing process of “refinement”. Thank you!

With love, respect, and appreciation for speaking your peace.


Lol. Some long posts for sure.

I picked the idgaf solely because I put my methodology in the mixing notes.

When I look at a recpie I read the notes, and then I make my own inferences based on experience. Often adjusting for personal taste and desire.

Granted. If someone wants to place pod in then name it may help those looking for pod only recpies and help quickly explain some high percents.


Forgive me for not additionally, and more accurately stating that:
They’re also one of the greatest resources when it comes to delivering accurate and helpful information to others because they usually have more experience!

(And more importantly, tenure should not be confused with experience!
Someone can easily be mixing for a longer period of time without having delved into the depths that someone who has mixed for lesser length of time but whose learned more)


Thank you that makes good sense. I was coming from a “fixed wattage” type POD device POV with no control. Except when I used my VW MOD. the one time at ultra sub.


It seems like true mtl and pods probably have a lot of similarities between the two, and I’m down for any system of organization that allows people to find better recipes for their preferred devices.


I am grateful I was into E-Juice DIY years ago when it was much simpler for a N00B. Many of the changes have obvious roots, but it’s hard to navigate for someone with no prior “layering” of the knowledge many of us take for granted.

I think @fidalgo_vapes made an important point, that labeling a recipe as a “Pod” specific was a matter of Nic Safety when using Nic Salt%.

@eStorm also has a solid idea of putting this kind of information in the Public Notes on your recipe. Do we have a single thread we could recommend (like a Sticky?) that describes (in an easily digestible text for Noobs), the differences and dangers of mixing with Nic Salts when considering regular and Pod recipes? A link folks could simply add to their Recipe Notes to save a lot of work and be agreeable/consistent?


I’m not sure. Been busy being pulled in too many directions to find out. Hopefully someone looks into it.

I think that’s a great idea!
And also a way to continue to bring visibility of the forum to the recipe side!


Maybe in the abbreviation side of the resource guide we can add ( PR ) pod recipes and ( NS ) for nic salts.
Then if someone chooses to add those great , if not then whatever , of course it should be a choice when it comes to naming your juice… Sorry I habe not read the entire thread yet …

I will continue to use the ( pod recipe ) ( nic salt ) after the Name of a juice only bc I would not like to see someone use one of these recipes that use 25pct nic salts in a sub ohm device , or use 25pct free base nic in one of these specific recipes


Like i originally commented, it would be nice gesture by the creator when the flavor % is changed for use in a low watt/high ohm system but dont think it’s necessary to distinguish between salts and free since thats merely an adaption. The danger is there for the ignorant new mixer tho to be vaping high nic in sub ohm system so a public note w/ a forum link would be valuable.


My concern would be that those particular suggested abbreviations are too vague, and would only add to the confusion.

Hard to say though, and way too early in the process of “natural evolution” of what’s accepted or adopted.


That is why I chose to use the format i used on my last public (pod recipe) ( nic salts ) recipe, I could shorten the pod recipe to just (POD)


slight derail but i do know of a few that have mixed for months before discovering the forum. Ones who comment on other peps mixes could certainly share links along side their suggestions to support their points and provide the forum w/ that visibility.


I like it and at the same time see its limitations. If it’s opt-in, there will still be thousands of non-forum users who won’t get the news, unless it becomes embedded in the system. Is there a way around this?

Myself and @jay210 have been doing this with the (PG-Free) addition for those minority mixers who want Zero PG to be able to search for recipes. Do they know to search for this? No telling.

Maybe if word got out about adding (POD) in the forums as a suggestion, Pod mixers would see these recipes popping up in the feed and follow suit. Kind of a lead-by-example POV as opposed to a system-wide opt-in directive.

Perhaps a new write-up in the Resources section explaining things “re: Pods and Nic Salts” would be of help.


If ya do a search for “unicorn milk” on the recipe side of things you get over 450 recipes. I really don’t like the idea of adding 5 different versions of those recipes (around 2250 new recipes) just for that one item… one for each of the rda or pod or rta etc etc… hey… just my 2 cents