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Recipe title suffixes to help your fellow mixers (Poll)


If it’s a new nic salt user that go from buying 50mg/mL store juice. I’d like to think they would know how to handle it and have the proper device to use it with.

It just seems to always come back to “no-sub ohm use”, as the standard lingo. That was my first education into buying 50mg/mL juice, the vape shop clerk showed me devices suitable for it, and I went with their suggestion.

I only reset the nic to zero 0, out of respect to freebase users here. Since I read the hit would be throat ripping if they tried freebase at like 18+ mg/mL. Plus there was a little out cry from a few here saying… put POD recipes on a separate site, like it was the plague or something. :partying_face: No worries though, I understand it might be upsetting to some ppl who r use to using freebase at 3-6mg/mL only - and then stumbling upon a recipe with 24mg/mL or 50mg/mL here.

NSO? No Sub-Ohm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: IDK


I’m still not getting it! Is it really that big of a deal? If I’m going to make someone else’s recipie, most likely the nic will be wrong for me and I will make a sub. Y’all are definitely a strange group.


we see it a lot from peps wandering in to discord who search for mixes that use their nic levels. It is a true revelation when the learn how to adapt.


Seriously, I found the recipe side first, and just started clicking buttons to see what they did, I seriously don’t think that clicking a button will break the internet!


think its more of a laziness to read, wanting answers!!! yes or no!! short of climbing thru the pc and mixing the shit for ya we try our best to not be “disrespectful and rude” (little quotes for reference :laughing:)


Hmm, I seem to remember someone asking for a yes or not to a question that couldn’t have either of those answers. Hey will you mix me up some juice?!


Honestly. I don’t look at the nic and look at how the recipie was crafted…wondering why bav cream tpa was picked over the la version and so forth.


Or why one would use anything but LB vanilla ice cream, for a vanilla ice cream.


IMO, and I know it’s probably not worth much, I don’t think any of this is necessary. How “hand-holdy” does it have to be??? There’s definitely a learning curve for new mixers, and they have to make some mistakes to learn. This isn’t rocket surgery.


How do you know? How do we know your not a rocket surgeon?


Only on the weekends. :grin:


So should unicorn vomit be a staple in my stash?


Heat flux is the only way I know of to distinguish how hot a vape you get from a coil in wattage mode, it seems to be consistent across different types of coils.


Of course. It’s the most misunderstood flavor out there.


What strength should I use it at?


Whatever strength the unicorn is willing to give it to you at


Nothing to do with that.

It also doesn’t matter how “hot/warm” your own atomizer or coils get.

I was going to explain this actually but found this statement alone very rude. Not getting in some personal discussion here, but thanks for assuming that you know what others assume or why this could be helpful to some of us :wink:

Wonderful, to me personally that wouldn’t help. Telling me your atomizer, coil material, single or dual build, wraps, inner diameter and ohms on the other hand can be extremely helpful and has nothing to do with the temperature/wattage by itself.

I agree it’s subjective as usual but again your atomizer, does matter, not so much your preferred vape style (mtl/dl). Both can be done with either setup, doesn’t mean it was build for that.

However depending on the airflow (and not only that, it’s just a small part of info) some recipes need to be adjusted and most of the newer ones dont, but there’s always this but! with these information there wouldn’t be, yet it’s also not for beginners theoretical and therefore not a needed feature, since many things play a part in this.

Only reason I brought this up is showing that we already would have a place for info/notes like that, instead adding it to the title.

I can see this being a option however that’s fully different from labeling recipes like this and wasn’t even part of the discussion but whatever.

1)raspberry custard (rda)
2) raspberry custard ( pod)
3)raspberry custard (rdta)
4)raspberry custard (sub ohm)
5)raspberry custard (above ohm)
6)raspberry custard (nic salts)
7)raspberry custard (free base)
8)raspberry custard (mesh tanks)(yes I add this to the hypothetical because everyone wants their own category and don’t want to be sub ohm)
9)raspberry custard (max vg / no pg)
10)raspberry custard (max pg / no vg)(again this group wants to have their own tag too)

See the issue? This alone would be 10 data base entries with the same recipe as worm pointed out already. But I also don’t want to pick that discussion up again.

I had a long 12hour day and I’m too tired to deal with this constant belittling I go to bed and assume that I know the next response :wink:

Thanks Sprks and everybody else for having a discussion and actually allowing a different opinion as well as a productive response :hugs:


This thread is going know where @woftam do your thing … Shut it down lol. Name your recipes how you want , its not a big deal one way or another , just dont make anything mandatory …


I have typed responses several times to this thread and deleted them yet here I go again. If it is a pod recipe I can absolutely see a benefit in labelling as such - nicotine type/ strength I can absolutely see no point to doing, however, you are all acting like it is or will be a requirement that you put pod etc to identify a recipe it isn’t and I doubt it will ever be - if you want to do it knock yourself out if you don’t well it is easy not to.

What @Sprkslfly is suggesting is a format should you WANT to do it to make it easier for someone to search for POD, RDA etc and bring up a list of recipes that were designed for pods, rda etc.

I have never, will never mix for pods nor will I label a mix rda, sub ohm or anything else so I really don’t (and suspect many of you don’t) have a pony in the race for those of you that like the idea go for it for those of you that don’t like the idea don’t do it.

@fidalgo_vapes I will leave it open so those that want to do it can get some sort of format agreed upon. But I would suggest if people don’t like the idea there is no requirement to throw a comment in.


@Sprkslfly i will continue to label my Pod recipes so if you guys come up with a different format then im using which would be ( POD Recipe ) ( Nic Salt ) after recipe name I’ll go along with it so let me know …