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Recipe title suffixes to help your fellow mixers (Poll)


have the same feeling in mind which is why i dont feel its necessary unless the flavor % are changed.


Kind of what I’ve been alluding to, and trying to spotlight. While at the same time trying to get a feel for the overall receptiveness in the current climate. :wink:


I agree for ppl who don’t research it enough and jump right into sub-ohm devices… but the concern is always about the salts, however from what I understand (ive never used freebase nic) But from what Ive read Im starting to think a noob mistaking and using freebase at higher levels would be in for a much worse experience right from the first intake. The salts would start making them light headed and sick to the stomach and they would probably stop. So, I’ll just keep any public recipes at 0mg/mL.

Anyone think there’s a chance freebase nic will be phased out in the near future?


I started putting detailed notes about my hardware , at some point, But then I stopped, cos , on reflection, I do believe that info is more likely to be misleasding than helpful, because the really crucial factor, so far as I can tell , is how hot is your vape? which is not easily answered, not unless you’re using TC, but it’s become clear to me that some of my MTL gear is getting as hot or even hotter than most DL gear. Resistance and wattage don’t really answer the question, though most people seem to assume that it does.

So , I’ve started to simply note instead where certain flavours (and mixes) are scorched by too hot a vape, or conversely need a reasonably hot vape to shine. Andf if anybody ever wants to mix my recipes (nobody has as yet, so this is highly hypothetical :laughing:) I reckon they can best figure out what that means- in terms of their own kit- for themselves.

As you might have gatherered , i’m vaping the exact same mixes in a wide range of different kit, usually, and many of them do pretty well suit a wide a range of kit. So which kit should I mention, anyway? (Another reason for leaving it out )

I’m mostly MTL, and yet I notice that my preferred flavour % are usually identical to those of the DL vapers! just goes to show how misleading that info might be.

Finally, as @Plunderdrum mentioned , he and I have taken to using a (PG-free) suffix, which will be considerably more helpful, IMO, to those of us who can’t tolerate any PG in our vape. And I very much hope that others who use a lot of PG-free concentrates (eg fellow MF heads?) will eventually follow suit , as appropriate, cos searching through the database for PG-free recipes is otherwise like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack .


Oh! as a sidenote to the above: nicotine % is so easily adjustable, I think it would be kinda silly to classify recipes accordingly. Same goes for all the base ingredients really. The main point of the recipe is the flavours . If somebody has, wants to get, and can tolerate those flavours (that is they don’t contain any allergens that the mixer is avoiding) then they can easily adapt your recipe for themself.


I,would think it would be the other way , bc of the attack,on juul


Same for freebase. I haven’t tried this, but I don’t think anyone would keep vaping after the first puff of 25mg fb nic at 75+watt in a sub-ohm setting. The throat hit alone would be an instant red flag.


and thats the danger of using salts, where a freebase would give u a sign w/ TH that it is strong, the salt wont, travels faster through your system and you wont realize till it knocks u on your arse


In reply to above concerns: here’s an idea: can it be made possible, @daath, to publish a flavour -only recipe ,with base unspecified? That’s what we often do on the forum, after all, just list our flavour %

The need to specify the base has been really irritating me anyways, because I do, very often, mix the same recipe (essentially) at different nic % for different kit/different folk, and it’s pretty much random which version I publish (if any) . And I now aim to try out some of recipes with nic salts, understanding (from what I’ve heard) that it rarely, if ever makes a difference to the flavour % . That will give me even more versions of the same thing.

Oh! PS Now there’s this drive to get rid of duplicate recipes, surely it’s all the more important to seperate the flavours from the base? I mean ,(correct me if I’ve misunderstood ) we’re only gonna keep the original (Freebase, MTL version, say) of any given recipe in the public domain , and not any DL adaptation, POD adaptation, or what have you? or will these adaptations be allowed to stand if they have the appropriate suffix? (is that the idea?)

In any case, it will surely cut down on dupes if we can just leave the base out of it won’t it?


Eff that! :flushed:
A simple 8mg mix made my head spin during the transition to DL!


If nic strength is such a big deal why doesn’t it automatically revert to zero when made public, and ask for preferred strength?


Jebus crabist you guys love beating horses!


yep. that’s pretty much my suggestion, except i would have the whole freaking base in all its infinite variations revert to zero (or shall we say " x % base"-insert own base preference, when mixing). That would simplify things enormously, and eliminate no end of unnecessary dupes. Why the heck not?


Now that I have seen all the lengthy posts.

Why are we trying to put mittens on everything. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a cool concept to label something as pod if the user thinks it prudent.

But now we are leading into hiding nic levels and other stuff. I say phuk that. Lol. The focus should be (IMO) on cleaning up the recpie side. Removing dups, attempting to reduce the number of duplicate recpies and give credit to the original poster. These are the things the greater community (including those we have lost) would like.

The more we focus on those topics the more creators will post to elr and participate. The more users that are active the better.

And blah blah blah. Sorry for the rant. No mean to be directed at anyone or to be hurtful. Love the idea of this poll and is a fun starting topic /discussion.


Thats only if your adapting a recipe right ??? When I make a recipe public it stays exactly how I mixed it …

I agree the title should not be a uniform thing like the flavor stash , it shld be the individuals choice and that shld be that


Why not just add the option to choose between “nicotine” or “salts” in the calculator?



And? This is what I’m talking about not one of us vape the exact same way so of course it will be adapted to suit our preference.
I’m sorry not trying to take it out on you, but this is what wrong here, everyone want to be pc and keep everything safe and make it easy to start mixing! Do you know how I learned to mix? Reading. Everything is here. If someone can’t take the time to read then it’s on them.


LOL. I don’t think being politically correct has anything to do with trying to make the initial stages easier for someone who’s got a myriad of simultaneous input to digest.

But I get ya. Another vote in the ‘kid-gloves’ column ticked and noted.


Oh I thought you said when a recipe is made public the nic automatically gets put to zero , i didnt see that you were referring to when it gets adapted , I guess I read outside the lines :wink: