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Recipe title suffixes to help your fellow mixers (Poll)


don’t wanna get into an argument about this, specially not inthis thread, just wanna point out that i used the word “seems” there. i.e, wasn’t assuming anything, just reprting how it looks to me, By “most people seem to assume” , I mean i get that impression from what many people say (inasmuch as they discuss it at all) but i might be misreading them , ofc. It’s just that reportage often tends to focus on the two factors I mentioned,. That said, “many” might have been a better choice of word, in the first place, than “most”, Have had this discussion on ELR before, and found that some people that i very much respect for their technical knowlege more-or-less agreed with my POV, therefore surprised to find that statement is contentious to even the point of being offensive, in your eyes. .It was certainly nort my intention to offend anyone . I do apolgise.

Ah , now I read this , I don’t think out POV’s are a million miles apart really, I certainly agree that atomiser and airflow are highly crucial factors, I’m just not drawing a direct correlation betweeen wattage and heat. i.e. I think you mentioned two factors that are equally significant in determining how hot the coil gets.

That said, i’m certainly not a hardware geek, just someone with a curious mind. I do have some knowlege of physics , but must confess I’m much more home with theory than practice.( In practice I’m a clumsy clux who daren’t touch a screwdriver :laughing:) So do feel free to dismiss my POV as ignorant.

Anyway , seems to me an host of specifics would just add up to suggest “designed for given kit” , which would be come across as over-exclusive, and not very informative for people who are unfamiliar with your set-up. I can appeciate that the harwdare buffs here might well feel otherwise, though.

(oops ! pressed post before i’d finished…excuse the lengthening post…)

Not sure that’s entirely irrelevant. If we’re gonna start specifying different types of hardware in the thread title, well, it surely follows that i’m totally with you in saying “Noooo to that”!
Like you said

Absolutely. I entirely share your concern. That’s exactly what I was trying to say a few posts back. But I guess you put it better than I did. More concretely. More hard -hitting. Witness the facct I certainly noticed you saying it, wheras you entirely missed me saying it :laughing: So kudos to you for that.

Finally. to the question of PG-free suffixes, you said

Pffft. And you talk about people belittling you? Check the thread title. The suffix in question has been in use, by at least two members, since 2017, and I wasn’t the first to point that out. It totally fits the subject , as defined by the title. Of course its totally relevant to this thread.


@fidalgo_vapes , I do hope you didn’t take my "negative " comments, personally! I’m actually one of the people who ticked “I like the idea” well, ofc I have to like the idea since I’m using (PG-free) suffixes myself. A set of standardised suffixes would be really handy.

But those options were not well thought out. Presumably, Sparkie hadn’t even noticed that some of us used the ( PG-free) suffix (meaning the concentrates used are entirely PG-free. Never mind the base, that’s easily adapted, but, without that suffix yer PG-free mixer is hard-pushed to find a recipe that s/he can adapt without subbing every damned flavour!) when he made the poll, so those kinda got excluded from consideration., even though they entirely fit the definition in the title, So a bit of qualification was called for.

(If Sparkie comes back and say, “Well, no, actually, I deliberately excluded that suffix from the list because I don’t think it’s relevant or helpful. Now please get out of my thread” then I’ll stand corrected. But I honestly see no reason to think that)

TBH, I’m not keen on suffixes that refer to nic strengtth, VG/PG ratio. freebase/ nic salts etc, for reasons already given,by self and others, and I wouldn’t like to see that encouraged too much. I’m entirely with @Chrispdx when he says

For the most part, I would like to see recipes cut down to really definitive part, that is, just the flavourings, if only that were possible. And i’d surely like to see suffixes that reflect the flavourings used, rather than the composition of the base. Heck, If taken to extreme, that latter trend could certainly lead to the silly situation that @eStorm outlined so graphically.

That said, accepting that there is an interst in recipes that are specifically tailored for POD systems, I’ve nothing at all against you tailoring such recipes and labelling them accordingly. it would be silly not to ensure that they were easily found :slight_smile:

Suffixes can be a very useful tool, i just think this thread was a bit too hasty, and the question really needs to be considered in the context of discouraging dupes, as well as considering the question of using suffixes to define the type of concentrates used in the recipe, which is surely just as valid and useful as the POD suffix , if not more so.

Oh! another suffix that I’ve toyed with using is (Organic) for my all-MF recipes, for example. Not that Iactually trouble to use organic base, or anything, but I could make those recipes all-organic by just changing my nic base and VG suppliers. It just struck me that info could be very useful to a newbie mixer who does want to go organic.

only trouble is, I don;'t think my own recipes are that intersting, So I’m very much hoping this thread, or similar might inspire more experienced, more respected and well, just more mixers to do the same.


I would say (to keep things short, and as clean a format as possible), drop the recipe (they’re ALL recipes), and drop the Nic, because that’s assumed/understood as well (since both ‘salts’ and ‘freebase’ both imply nic by default)! :wink:

I would suggest the following (amended version of what I had in the first post at this point.

But again, it’s all voluntary. Or not. lol

I had no idea something so seemingly benign would “set it off” up in he’ah. :crazy_face:
But given it’s Christmas time, and everyone always seems hyper stressed about every little thing… I guess I should have known better…


@fidalgo_vapes Thanks for your POD recipes, I do search POD on the recipe side, from time to time. (like OP suggested) They seem to be getting along talking to each other in the review section for the recipes. I think their are more users using them then it seems. :slight_smile:


I blame @BoDarc


Whoa this thread got crazy. I think adding (Pod) for pod recipes is a great idea, all the other stuff (rda, etc.) is unneeded. Throw that in the comments if you feel like it’s necessary info.


I went over this thread again and I will check these out. TY both.


You dont have LB VIC omg what planet are you living on


Just broken out of the TPA Nebula, and now traveling at warp-speed to the Lunar Star LB-VIC. :icecream:


It’s the best VIC, hands down.


I see… I first started DIY with a liquid barn kit so i was lucky to have a great start with good creams … Their fruits are ok and they have a couple good bakeries , stay away from their Pumpkin Pie , I still cant use the Lb VIC over a certain percentage bc I get a pepper taste above 3.75% , it s the best VIC add a little bit of cream and vanilla and its amazing . TPA would be good if I didn’t get pepper note with all percentages , next to each other they smell identical


Yep Im slow upgrading right now. But when I do, I’ll pass my second fiddle flavors to my friend. They r still buying pods now. Get them saving money also… and have a vape mixer buddy to share new buys with :sunny:

I have Cap VBIC now, and for the life of me I had a mix I was in bliss over, I just can’t remember what I added with it to make it taste so good. :slight_smile:


All recipes will look like that in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the way the FDA is cracking down id expect this … But they are going to eventually come after sites like this once they ruin the commercial side … I really thought DIY would always be safe , im not so sure anymore :frowning:


I hope your joking @fidalgo_vapes . :wink:

IDK I’m out of the loop with all that FDA stuff. However, I could imagine companies that cater to Vape and only Vape on their sites might find it easier in regards to regulations. I somewhat avoid sites that list flavors with sugar, corn-syrups or oil based flavors or other non-Vape related products side-by-side with Vape products. But that’s just me.


I would say it depends… this was me when i first started vaping and wasn’t wanting a cig anymore…

mod: Reuleaux RX200
tanks used : tfv4 and a troll dripper

e-juice: streach bought from local vape shop
nicotine : 24mg

this lasted for about 2 - 3 months then I started to drop my nic when vap started to make me feel ill… then after that roughly every 3 months id drop my nic when it started making me feel sick… now ive leveled out at about 6 nic , tried dropping to 3 but started wanting a cig.

I was also a heavy smoker . and I will say vape shops had me start with 6nic then 12nic and neither worked for me. 24 nic was the highest they would make and it was make this and if It don’t work ill go back to cigs.


Have you noticed (or is it just me) that the FDA has been unusually quiet about the “epidemic” since Alteria bought (essentially) controlling interest in JUUL?


No offense @daath. e-liquid recipes will always be my #1 recipe site ! But that thought has crossed my mind… started copying recipes I like over to a software based calculator …

like this one


the diyordie video compairing this calculator and another made me LMFAO. as I watched the guy insult this one saying he cant see how to do simple things like save inventory . when there was a button that said save… or how to edit manufactures when in the drop down meneu there was an option that said edit manufactures. had to pause the video a few times to see it .

that and it is easy to import recipes from elr. I kinda wish elr had some of these features.


Thankfully elr is a service that is housed outside of the USA.


Yes i didnt think about that … And it will matter .