Recipes using only real flavors

Are there any good recipes on here using only Real Flavors, flavor concentrates?
I’m just a total newbie to all this. I just started vaping, and quit smoking a couple weeks ago. And I’m already sick of buying juice. And it’s difficult to find any all natural pre made juice that tastes good, and doesn’t break the bank… I just like basic fruity stuff. Nothing complicated. I’ve got like 20 flavors from real flavors, as of now. And I have about 25 single flavor, and simple 2 flavor mixes steeping. Just trying to get a feel for how to use these flavors… And whether they’ll need sweetener

Try this thread: Real Flavor Recipes Thread
As for sweetener, it’s a personal thing, every one is different, but you can always add sweetener to your mix if you think it needs it. You do not have to add sweetener at mixing time.


If you look in this thread Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid you will see a tutorial I did on creating a new recipe. If you want further assistance pop into the chat room and you can get answers in real time. There are usually a few people hanging out there and all are willing to help. @Ken_O_Where is really experienced with Real Flavors. So be sure to check out his recipes on the recipe site.


What the Lord says. :grin:

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Are you using VG or SC flavors? I have a few SC recipes I have made/tested that are pretty decent and I have a lot more in my ‘to test next’ category but I am overloaded with recipes and flavors from before I started buying RF brand flavors that I need to focus on using up first before I can really get into more RF SC recipes. If you have the SC line and want me to post recipes I have tested so far let me know.


Not trying to butt in here but yes I would love to see your RF only recopies listed.

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I have a ton in my calculator that I haven’t tested yet but I will only post the ones I have tested and liked. They are mostly things I adapted from other non-RF recipes other’s made using @CosmicTruth calculator and 1 or 2 are things I came up with on my own. I will post them with credits and my testing notes where I have them. 1 or 2 have a non-RF flavor here and there where I don’t have something in the RF SC line yet that I felt would be an applicable replacement:

Cannoli version 3.01 (RFSC)
0.90% Shortbread Cookie (Real Flavors)
0.75% Cheesecake (Real Flavors)
0.75% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)
0.60% Cream (Real Flavors)
0.60% Marshmallow (Real Flavors)
0.50% Acetyl Pyrazine (TFA)

  • lower AP%? replace AP with?? Baked Bread? Fried Dough?
  • lower RF percents to total 3.5% - less cheesecake I think? more ap?
    adjustment %'s
  • try sugar cookie instead of shortbread cookie as well?
  • 04Feb - damn tasty, mix more - maybe a little less chzcake? maybe add in some van custard or even try replacing chz cake with van custard?

Elephant Ear v1.00 (RFSC)
1.20% Sugar Cookie (Real Flavors)
1.00% Fried Dough (Real Flavors)
0.80% Baked Bread (Real Flavors)
0.60% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)

  • finger test = rather sweet, maybe too much sugar cookie, or just rename it elephant ear cookie lol
  • 10Jan - might want to up sugar cookie and reduce dough/bread a bit

Filthy Fritter V1 (RFSC)
1.50% Apple (Real Flavors)
0.75% Fried Dough (Real Flavors)
0.75% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.50% Marshmallow (Real Flavors)

sub strawberry or apple for yumberry
21Jan - lower apple I think and increase the others a bit to compensate

Indian Bread v1.01 (RFSC)
1.50% Fried Dough (Real Flavors)
1.00% Baked Bread (Real Flavors)
1.00% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)
~19 days steeped = very good. everthing well blended, nice sweet bread

Soul Custardy v1.00 (RFSC)
1.75% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.50% Cream (Real Flavors)
0.50% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)
0.40% Butter Toffee (Real Flavors)
0.25% Bourbon (Real Flavors)
0.20% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)
adapted from this -

  • need RF Bavarian Cream instead of regular RF Cream
  • RF butter toffee instead of FW Butterscotch? butterscotch pudding?
  • went 25% high on butter toffee in first test, 0.10 instead of 0.08
  • finger test = yum, nice smokey custard
  • 10Jan so good, not sure it really needs any tweaks

Vanilla Cheesecake Custard v1 (RFSC)
1.50% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
1.00% Cheesecake (Real Flavors)
1.00% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)

  • initial smell = 2 much cheesecake, try lowering cheesecake (and maybe graham cracker as well) and increasing vanilla custard by 0.25 or 0.5
  • Day 1, think I may want to reduce cheesecake 0.25 and increase graham cracker by same percent
  • After 2 weeks it is coming together nicely. The cheesecake is still pretty forward but it is a nice vape. Think I may still want to lower it a little and increase the custard, and maybe add in a little brown sugar.
  • 09Jan ~19 days steeped = very good, cheesecake has mellowed.
    Keeper as is IMO

Very Berry French Toast (RFSC)
1.60% French Toast (Real Flavors)
1.10% Cream (Real Flavors)
1.05% Strawberry (Real Flavors)
variant of -
2% french toast? blueberry? yumberry?
rf sweet cream instead of regular cream when I get some

White mice rice (RFSC)
1.50% Rice Krispy Treat (Real Flavors)
0.90% White Chocolate (Real Flavors)
0.70% Cream (Real Flavors)
0.50% Caramel Original DX (TFA)
0.50% Marshmallow (Real Flavors)

  • Replace DX Caramel with RF later
  • 21Jan - flavor is a bit light, not sure if I should try upping total, lowering total or keep about same but lower rice krispy and increase the others
  • 04Feb - pretty damn tasty, need to mix more

Thank you and they all look to be right up my ally. I am just beginning to make the move to all RF SC flavors so this is a tremendous help.

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When I get around to making more testers I will be posting them in the what ya vaping/mixing and/or the RF SC specific thread but I am still vaping those 8 testers and have a couple liters of non-RF batches made up (and 50+ non-rf flavors to use up making new batches) so my testing of new RF SC recipes going forward will be slow for a while.

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I totally understand

I also think what you have posted may help others like myself that are looking for alternatives in using anything PG at all get a grasp on where to start on something that is not just a single flavor mix using RF SC flavors.

Again thanks for the ideas

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This is the RF Extracts thread I was referring to and it should help you and others get an idea of what sorts of percents to use for different flavors in recipes or single flavors. I shoot for 3.5% total in a recipe. Some go for more, some less. When adapting another’s non RF SC flavor recipe I use this to convert the proportions to come out to 3.5% instead of the normal 15 - 20 percent you often see.


I have a few vg flavors, but mainly concentrates. Fruits, and cream, and vanilla ice cream and marshmallow… They are all in my flavor stash. But I just didn’t do my homework on actual recipes, before placing my first flavor order. And I am just trying to make something decent, with what I have, before ordering more. I know I need to get a lot more flavors, to make anything complicated… But I don’t need complicated… I just want a sweet fruity vape, Preferably without having to use sucralose. I ordered an ethyl maltol sweetener, from ecblends, along with some premade juice. Did not like that… But the sweetener is a whole different subject…

Just had a peek at your stash - I would suggest a simple apple raspberry mix (i dont have the apple so I cannot test) but lookig at your notes for apple and rasp you prefer both at around 2%
You could try something like

Apple (SC) (Real Flavors) - 0.8%
Raspberry (SC) (Real Flavors) - 0.8%

(as a start % lower % just so you can add if needed)

JIC you haven’t tried the pairing of apple and rasp.


thanks! I was actually thinking about mixing the apple with something else. I guess my real problem is, I didn’t realize they’d be so godawful at first… and I am not good at waiting… lol
Do these flavors have their own inherent sweetness? Or should I add something? I should add that I am still vaping store bought juice. Charlies chalk dust, and I really like this sweet strawbeery stuff. Just tastes like a bowl of strawberries and sugar. So it is probably loaded with sucralose.

Ya most store juice are quite sweet I have not had CCD so I don’t know about sucralose that may or maynot be in it. Real flavors in general I find I do not need any sweetener YMMV - I don’t use much sweetener anyhow.


Well, hopefully they just need time…I will keep studying and mixing. thanks

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How do you do that?

I use 0.25% stevia (Pyure from Walmart) with my fruity recipes but I don’t like overly sweet vapes. Some use it up to 0.5%. I stopped using sucralose but if I still used it I would not go over 1% myself in the past where others might use as much as 2%.

Some Cream, Ice Cream or Marshmallow might go good with that. You should be able to find all 3 on the recipe side of things for use suggested percentages. I only have the cream and marshmallow. My default percents for them in a recipe are: cream = 0.8% and marshmallow = 1.0%.


Put NauvooJoe in the search box and brought up all the recipes the clicked on the user profile and on the stash

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ahh ty, was hoping there was a way to just click thru his forum profile to get to his recipe side profile

I see this is a VG flavor. If you opt to add this to the recipe @woftam suggested you would want to use a higher percentage of this. I would go with 4% as shown for the median in recipes here - Check cookies