Recommend RTA and What's wrong with my Kanger - broken?

I’m trying to find an RTA (rebuildable Tank Atomizer) that has the best flavor. I’ve found that my X-Pure with a ceramic deck is sooo, sooo good on flavor. So perhaps an RTA with a ceramic deck would be a good one. Anyone know of one? Other than that, what RTA would you guys recommend? I do like my Fogger. I looked at the RTA GOLIATH by youde and watched a video on u-tube. Then I watched another and the second reviewer said the air holes are too large and the drip tip with the whirlwind center is useless. The same maker also sells the Goblin
and the Zephyrus. I think what I need to look for to find a ceramic deck is something called Peak insulators. Any of you smart technical guys out there have any recommendations.

Ok… Now for my other question…
Today I can’t get my KangerTech AeroTank to operate. I changed the atomizer head 3 times and still it’s not working. It’s reading 9.2 ohms on my Sigelei 150 watt box mod and the ohms level is jumping around going from 3 to 9 ohms. Sometimes it wouldn’t fire and I got a few dry hits. Can you short out a tank? Wouldn’t changing the atomizer head always YES ALWAYS fix it??? Educate me please on this matter. It’s my favorite non-rebuildable tank. If I can’t get it going, I’ll have to get a new one. I smoke / vape my Peach Custard in it. LOL. Want my Peach Custard! Help!

Sounds like you’re not getting a good gontact on you center pin. if it’s adjustable try to unscrew it a bit… if you can’t unscrew it try to pry it it down a bit then check to see if it fix the problem.

IMO the Goliath is the best tank on the market to date. I also love the Crown subtank by Uwell, but it doesn’t have a rebuild deck. The Billow v2 is another excellent RTA. These 3 tank are the best I own for flavor and vapor.


You can short out a Aerotank V2. Removing and replacing the coil does not replace all components which make contact with your battery. Do this, remove your base from the tank and then remove the coil. Screw the base on to your mod and see what it reads for ohms. If there is no short then you will read 0.0 ohm or No Atomizer. If there is a short you will read some resistance (ohms). If there is a short then it’s probably the insulator where that bottom pin is pushed into the base. Don’t think you can find replacements. Good Luck…

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Joya my p3’s were doing the same thing. These new coils are finicky. Take some needle nose pliers and turn the bottom coil clock wise and then try it you may have to do it a few times til you make the connection. I hope it’s only this and not. Real problem.

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Thanks so much for trying to help. I put a known good atomizer coil in the base and the Sigelei still says Check Atomizer no matter what. If I put the entire unit on or just the base with a coil or the base without a coil. I don’t get any ohms reading at all. I took the center pin out of the base and the rubber doesn’t appear to have any faults or tears or any wear on it. I made sure there was no dirt or debris of any kind on the pin rubber or anywhere and still the same thing… “Check Atomizer”. Perhaps my only option is to buy a new tank and try switching the center pins to try and pinpoint the problem. I do have another Kangertech tank. Perhaps I will try switching center pins on that one tomorrow.

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Have you tried another tank or RBA on the Sig to make sure it’s not that the pin in it is pushed down too far? I don’t know how they work, but I used to have issues with some coils pushing the pin on my batt down so it didn’t make good contact.

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I’m going to go with the Goliath and also get a Zephyrus. I watched a video review on the Billow and I don’t care for it much. Top fill is nice, but I don’t like the plug. Also, the glass tank goes on the inside on one end and on the outside on the other which could make the glass crack easily. I am excited to test out the taste from the Zephyrus and building it will be a dream. I won’t go with .3 ohm though. I just don’t go that low. I haven’t seen any reviews on the Goliath yet, but I’m sure it’s a winner. Thank goodness I’ll be able to put my Orchid V6 to rest. I’m so tired of the leaking. Afraid I’ll ruin one of my devices sooner or later. I even blocked off one of the air holes just so I could contain the leaking to one side (making it the up-side) and I’ve got paper towels under it like a donut. LOL. What I will do for the orange cream inside. Yes, I tried rebuilding it and wicking it different ways to stop the leaking. I’ve found that it occurs after I fill it and it has to do with the suction. When I filled it from the top the last time (rather than bottom fill screw hole), I didn’t get much leaking at all. BUT, if the flavor of the Zephyrus or Goliath is better, I won’t use the Orchid anymore, and I’ll give it away. I try to thin things out so I don’t look like such a hoarder. Right now I’ve got 6 mods (none mechanical) and several others like spinners and ITaste battery types. I say if there are less than 20, it’s okay and not too many. Well, good night. I’ll let you all know what I think about my new RTA’s soon… Probably in about a week.

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As @JoJo asked, if you use other tanks, do they work? If the answer to that question is yes and you are absolutely sure you do not have a short then most likely the problem is as @Amy2 says. She is not the only person who has had problems with replacement coils fitting correctly. I believe it was @NewDrip who said he was having this problem as well. Not only that, I have had customers come in and say they couldn’t get replacement coils to work in the aerotanks and the emows. As @Amy2 said use a pair of needle nose or small pliers and screw the coil in (clockwise) tight (SNUG). I recommend then unscrewing the coil and then tighten the coil again. Do this several times and hopefully you will work the coil far enough into the base to make contact.

If other tanks do no work then you need to start looking at the center pin as @NewDrip says. Good Luck…

I think I’m replying to myself. Oh well. Wanted to let you guys know I just ordered the Goliath and the Zephyrus from They had both in stock and on sale with free shipping for orders over $75.
Goliath $19.95
Zephyrus $28.95

I did do a little searching for a best price in the USA and I think I did well. This company ships from NJ. I was finding the Zephyrus for $44 at most places. Hope is a good dealer site. I didn’t research that. They seem to have a large selection of items and the site works well, I give the site an A, as I was able to find replacement coils for my other tanks. CAN’T WAIT to build them and try them out. I’m looking for big flavor. I’ll have to watch a couple of ‘building coil’ videos on youtube to see if there are any intricacies to building these tanks. One thing i’m concerned about is the extra large air holes. They seem so big it’s like there’s an open deck. I’ll check back with results in about a week.

Good point JoJo. Yes, it started acting up while it was on my new Sigelei mini 30 watt and I’ve put it on a Sigelei 150 watt. Just now I put it on an IVP thanks to your suggestion, and it’s all the same. I also tried switching the base with another Kangertank. It seems to be something wrong with the base. I have given up on it and I put it in my extra parts box in the closet. Okay It’s later and I went to the store I bought it from, but dummy me … I didn’t bring it with me. They said they will troubleshoot it and fix it for me free of charge. So, the next time I’m going that way (45 miles from home) I’ll take it to them and hopefully they will be able to fix it.

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I’d recommend getting a glass drip tip for it. It will get hot on long hits. Make sure and use the heat sink cap also. You should be happy with though. I’ve been using mine with titanium coils and in Temperature Control Mode and haven’t had any issues. If I can help with anything… let me know.

What’s with titanium coils? I just heard the term for the first time yesterday.
Oh and you just reminded me that I need to order some Nicrome 60 wire. I was told by my vape - store friend that it would be a good thing for me because I have issues with my coils coming out too low in resistance. I want at least .6 ohms or greater. I haven’t been able to tell the difference yet when coils are lower/higher in resistance. Just a slight change in voltage or wattage needed to get the same hit in my opinion.
Most importantly, I want the best possible flavor. What’s the best for ultimate flavor? And would that be doing Clapton coils or what would you recommend? Better get out the credit card and order that wire if I want to put it in my new tanks coming in the mail… Goliath and Zephyrus. CAN’T WAIT. I checked very anxiously, and the package was not in the mailbox today. This morning I did rebuild my Orchid V6 styled RTA from Fastech for $10.52. Great news… No leaks. This is my 3rd build in it. I’m vaping Orange with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Bavarian Cream, with a drop of Vape Wizard and marshmallow in it. I loved what they called a “Baby Float” from the ice cream truck as a child. That’s orange soda with vanilla ice cream in it. Soooo. this is one of my favorites. You all have a great 4th of July.

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IMO the tio2 wire is the best wire on the market. Super low resistance wire and pure clean flavor with no metal taste. [quote=“Joya, post:12, topic:22146”]
What’s the best for ultimate flavor

This what I do for great flavor. I’m using a Titanium and Ni200 mashup in all my tanks and rdas in Temp Control mode. I’m getting the be best flavor I ever had to date with this set up.

I’m just putting this post at the end of this thread.
My Goliath and Zephyrus arrived. They are beautiful!

I tried out the Zephyrus using the pre-built coil that it comes with BUT, the ohms are jumping around on it from .4 up to .9 and once even up to 1.2 ohms. I’m scared it’s not okay and not safe. So, I put it away until tomorrow morning when I can build a coil/wick for it. What do you all think? Would it be not safe? Is this a possible short? I know my Sigelei 150 watt will protect me, but it just doesn’t seem right to me and better to be safe than sorry.

Try just one quick thing. Loosen the screws to your posts and then retighten the screws. Basically reseating your connections. Could be as simple as that to fix. If not talk @NewDrip if your rebuild doesn’t work…

That’s good advice… It’s usually a loose screw.


I rebuilt the Zephyrus with smaller coils and it’s working wonderfully. I absolutely love the Zephyrus. And I love the Goliath. They are worth every penny and I didn’t pay much at all for them. Goliath was $19.95 and Zephyrus was $28.95. I searched for about a week to find what I might want and I made good choices.
You can top fill the Zephyrus. I love that. It leaks just a tad right after you fill it, but it stops right away. The absolute greatest thing about it is I can vape it at 14 watts or at 40 watts and it is happy both ways. For the first time, I can experiment with differences in flavor due to temperature. I am notorious for adding a bit of stuff to my tank, and the top fill plug makes this tank a dream come true for me. Quality of both tanks is A+. Both have a tiny deck with no room to spare and fit the chimney on without a short, but paying attention to that, everything is great. Air flow - check. You can even close up the Zephyrus for travel. Yea! Now I can take a rebuildable with me because it won’t leak.

I’ve had no problems with them heating up. I only vape at 17 watts, you see. I love how I can adjust the air hole and get mouth to lung hits even though they could be run much differently if that was my taste. These are both killer tanks. Wow UD did it right! Quality all the way. I love em. I won’t be buying any more Kanger tanks or as many replacement coil heads. I’m vaping with the Goliath and Zephyrus. I can’t wait till I work my way up to temp control and Nicrome wire and maybe even some twisted wire coils. I’ll keep trying things that give me better and better flavor.

Another day soon will be an ejuice mixing day. There is one recipe that I need to post for you guys. I made a mix and did replacments. Then, I ordered the correct flavorings and made it again. Turns out my first attempt with the replacments was much better. So, I’ll post that soon. I want to do it after I start mixing by weight. That’s on my list too. Anyway I highly recommend the Zephyrus and the Goliath by UD. And I got a great price at

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Hi @Joya! I hope it’s not too late, but I would suggest you check out the Lemo 2 RTA. I have two of them and the flavor is excellent

If I’m not to late to suggest, then let me say , Uwell Crown sub ohm tanks, it’s hands down the best I’ve ever seen, it works perfectly out of the box and allows for a wide range of operating watts/voltage.

I’ve never heard a single bad review of this tank. I’m glad you’re enjoying it because I’ve really enjoyed mine. This is a tough crowd to sway. If they ever get one they would say the same. The Crown will have it’s time. I always said if it had a build deck it would be my fave. I’ll see soon. Shipping label was created minutes after I paid for it.

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