[REQ] 12 Monkeys Puris

I’m looking to clone the 12 Monkeys Puris recipe anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Newbie here.


Hi Mally and welcome to ELR.
It’s always useful if you provide detailed information about the juice you want a clone of. You’re in a DIY community here and very few people actually buy commercial e-liquid.
Anything you can think of describing the juice, including flavors, where to get it, links, what you’ve already tried, what you taste on the inhale, the exhale, sweetness, throat hit, … any detail helps.
You can for example say it tastes like peach, but it’s a lot more useful if you could add that it tastes like a candy peach or a fresh peach, if it has a cooling effect or not, … Here are some useful guidelines that help you and others on how to make an effective clone request:

And for others, here’s a link to the actual juice:

Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid Puris 50ml Vape Juice

Twelve Monkey’s Puris is a succulent blend of ripe, juicy peaches and sweet citrus fruit, freshly-plucked from the Amazonas region of Brazil. Vibrant, refreshing and endlessly delicious, Puris is one for those who like a tropical twang to their e-juice whilst still being mellow enough for all-day vaping. Let this pure pleasure of Puris knock you right out of your tree!

Technical Details:

50ml E-Liquid
70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG)
Available in 0mg only.
Suitable for sub-ohm devices only.


I’m new and should’ve known better (oppsy) and yes it’s a peachy, citrusy and leaves a cool minty after taste you can feel on your lips. One of my favorites for sure. I’ve checked all peachy mints recipes and think I’ve got a good workable recipe to try out I’ll post my results when I’m done but by all means any suggestions will be noted!


@Mally1 welcome your in the right place


:flushed: Really…Brazil? :thinking:


That was the last batch anyway, they’re a little bit scotched now. The new batch comes from Ecuador :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I prefer the Barbados! Excellent shade and the rum never stops! :smiley:


I don’t know about the flavors and it’s hard to tell from the description we have to work with. Most 12 monkey clones I see make use of CAP and TPA, so I’d start there. See if you recognize any of the flavors.
If you get a few of the peaches and citrus flavors, together with koolada or ws-23, you shouldn’t have to get too many concentrates. Based on posted flavor notes, you can probably exclude a couple already.
The peach will be easy but for the citrus, you’ll need to figure out what exactly it is. Is it lemon, lime, organge, grapefruit, a mix, … ?


I’ve got the Juicy Peach from CAP it’s close real close the citrus is sweet so I’ll try citrus punch by TFA/TPA its described as a mountain dew flavor. Now for the mint/menthol that’s the one I’m not sure of. The amounts of each I’d like the flavoring to be a total of 11mls for the recipe. I’ve got 2 mints cool mint CAP and mint frost by Hangsen. The menthol is Super Concentrated I’m hoping to get as close as I can with those 3 combinations.

So what’s the reasoning behind that?

Sorry 11% or mls of 100 mil batch it’s much easier for me to do the math and fine tune my recipes as they steep. One set of numbers for all the recipe’s. Easy to dispense into smaller bottles and leaves 10ml travel bottle when it’s all been dispersed. I hope that makes sense .

Just a little confused about your 100ml batches and insisting in a volume or % of concentrate.
Usually we mix like 10ml testers when we’re developing a recipe, maybe 15 or 20ml but we keep it low so if it doesn’t work out, we don’t waste too much concentrate, nicotine etc.
If you divide that 100ml up in 10 different 10ml batches with each different % or ratios, it’s much easier/faster to find the one that works well… then after you’ve got your recipe, you mix as much as you need of course.

We see a lot of new mixers come in with a mindset of mixing at a certain %… and that’s usually not how it’s done.
You start by testing each flavor individually and try to find out, for your taste buds and equipment (which is different for everybody), what %-range works for you. If you want to create a recipe, you need to know at what % you start to notice the flavor and up to what % you can push it. At different ranges, you may get totally different experiences, different strength, different notes, sometimes you get off notes at certain strengths like becoming floral or even burnt tires and sometimes not. More flavor concentrate doesn’t always mean stronger flavor either, but you only find that out when you test them individually.

The flavor pages usually give a good indication of the strength that a flavor is used in recipes as well as in single flavor. If you look at it, the median % is the best to go by… but that still doesn’t give you a workable range and that’s important to know when you decide if a flavor needs to be top note or just linger in the background. And a lot of times, flavors are way overused in recipes so you can make a strong tasting good recipe with a lot less concentrate then you’d think.

Hence, when someone tells me I’m aiming for 10% or 15% flavor, I cringe a bit and think “This is not right…”. Use the flavors as needed, don’t aim for a specific %, even though a lot of people will tell you “Commercial juice always use 20 to 30% flavoring”. It’s bollocks. It all depends on the flavor concentrates they’re using and what flavor profile they’re aiming for.
There are plenty recipes with just 1 or 2% total flavor that are good and very strong tasting.

I can highly recommend that you read some of the guides (you can easily find them in the beginners section or through a search) and talk to some of the experienced mixers here on the forum or on discourse.

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I’ve been looking into this for a while now just new to the mixing part of it. I know what flavors I like and which ones I’m going to combine. But when it comes to mixing a 10 ml batch that has some flavorings at .38 another at .76 others at 1.58 and 2.39 its not going to be exact or imo itll be impossible. I have 5 staple flavors if I want to try a 10ml sampler I’d for example Watermelon &,Strawberry I’d pour 5ml of each into a 10ml bottle if it needs adjusting I add more of one than the other to that same sample bottle. Then make a note of what I prefer and that recipe is perfect.
Obviously for a new recipe making a 100ml batch is excessive but if you have half the ingredients on hand its half done an only need to make the other half instead of starting from point zero. I’m open to all advice and very eager to learn everything anyone suggests within reason that is. Me making a 10ml sampler would be a waste of time to be honest especially if it’s a tabacco recipe that takes a month to steep. I have 2 tabaccos that I really enjoy and intend on adding them into more complex recipes .
Thanks again for your advice I’ll go look into those other beginners advice . :wink:

If you have a 20 dollar scale you can measure out whatever percentages you want. Even a skinny graduated cylinder can get you pretty accurate.
I’m not sure I understand your comment above.
Now, when I make a clone, I do it the wrong way. I taste the original and try to determine what I’m tasting. For instance, I’m working on duplicating a strawberry granola bar juice. Strawberry is going to be a given. It’s the granola that is going to be tricky. Do I taste mild cinnamon? Nuts? Caramelized sugar? A hint of Apple? Or just apple pie-like flavorings? So I concentrated on the granola part knowing that I can adjust the strawberry later, so just kept it low.
Like I said this is wrong, but I read notes on the flavors and made educated guesses as to the formulation. This is because of my chef background, that’s how we do it.
So I made eleven batches with a little pear in one, brown sugar in some, oatmeal cookie and butter in still others, in varying amounts. Oh yeah and of course Granola. Now, in both mine and yours recipes, these juices have been made for quite some time, from back when things were simpler and there weren’t as many flavors available. So for instance my granola bar probably doesn’t have Hangsen’s apple pie in it. Might not even have Flavorahs granola because I THINK that’s pretty new. So you can probably bet that the recipe is simpler than you think.
Of course I have to over think everything.
By the way I have some wonderful versions, none that duplicate it.
Sumonomium (sp?) Is right. Follow that. But that’s how I do it. I just find it more fun and it keeps me more entertained. I’m a rebel.

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I’ve made 2 mistakes already and bets are pretty good I’ll make a few more. First mistake was mentioning the12 Monkeys Puris thinking the peeps in here would have the flavor and recipe memorized and let me know. Second mistake was mentioning 11% or mls and thinking ok they surely would know I’m mixing the 7-15% flavors (11% being right in the middle) and avoiding the Super concentrated 1-3% or 2-7% lol
Sorry for the confusion folks I’ll try be more precise in the future. I’ve mostly bought all my juice but even with them I’ve mixed up some strange but amazing flavors too many to list all at once. Basic flavors in the store bought variety are all different and some are just plain disgusting and expensive. Each person has distinct likes and dislikes with flavors and strengths. I’m open to any suggestion but complicated recipes with fractional amounts of a flavor I haven’t tried before would be a waste of time and effort. I’ve googled the life out of the recipe’s I want to clone and yea none are exactly the same. I’m looking for a simple way that’s easiest for me scale or by weight still requires % measurements when it comes to flavor strength and how much to use. Concentrated flavors differ from one brand to another. I use the % method with easy targets for me to apply. It surely doesn’t mean it’s the best way it’s only best for me.

Thanks again for your comments and advice!


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Hey @Mally1… first… welcome… sit back and chill… you are obviously a new mixer… relax…
We all here like to help out… and sometimes you need to pick up new ways and things to do with your flavors… :slight_smile:

First I recommend… have a glance thru here https://e-liquid-recipes.com/guide

Second… get your flavors listed in your “Stash” https://e-liquid-recipes.com/guide#Working_with_your_flavor_stash

if you havent done so yet… its really helpful and you will get a lot of use out of it…

last… go grab a scale and learn to use it… most scales for mixing read at least .01g… the fav scale is aws501… you can pick them up pretty cheap…

last… not everything has to be set in stone…

Of course you will make mistakes… you are human… right? :slight_smile:

Start testing your flavors from the lowest to the highest and take notes (always)…

Best I have… good luck!

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Thanks lol very human here and mistakes in most cases make you wise so they say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Al or any advice is appreciated and taken seriously. I’ve watched tutorials on mixing and know how to use a scale that being said I’m more comfortable using syringes and have plenty of them along with an assortment of needles. Cylinders spare bottles and yes plenty of bought empty juice bottles. I’m building an arsenal of flavors (literally) everything I might possibly need. I’ve got a good starting point and basic measurements I intend on using thanks to the advice and recipes on this site. I’ll let you folks know how it all works out next week!

Thanks again.!


@Mally1 hi after a bit and when you get used to mixing if you buy some scales that read as low as 0.01g and weigh by weight then you save even more money so you don’t need to keep buying syringes.

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In time I will for sure the syringes are easily cleaned with boiling water or isopropyl alcohol or the handy wipes. As far as amounts go the recipe section has some peach/mint/chill from 7%-20% I’ll be safe at 11%. I searched peach mint and got 4 pages to sort through I’m in a good place there’s plenty of options here.!:sunglasses:

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then stay away from the higher concentrated flavor companies like Flavorah or medicine flower.
You wont be using any of those flavors at those amounts. :slight_smile: