[REQ] Charlie's Chalk Dust - Mr. Meringue

If you have any suggestions that would come close using U.S based flavors that would be much appreciated.


It’s really difficult to find an exact clone of anything but you can find more than just a few lemon meringue recipes on ELR that are very good. Try them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :wink:



I’ve been working on this for months and months. The only thing I can say for sure is that there’s some coconut in it and it uses FA lemon Sicily as part of the lemon.
None of the lemon meringue recipes are anything close.
I can’t get the biscuit flavour right, and there’s a few lemon flavours in the mix im pretty sure.


Probably a stupid question, but have you tried using Pie Crust instead of INW Biscuit? Sure you have. :relaxed: If so, what do you think benefits your mix from using Biscuit over crust?


Thank you Jake31


I have tried TPAs Pie crust and I really wasn’t a fan. It might work better for you, but even at 0.5-1% I get a strong brown sugar sort of taste that takes over. I haven’t tried it as an accent to other biscuits though, so at half a percent with some biscuit and sugar cookie or graham cracker it might work? I’ve also only tried TPA Pie crust, other brands may be the missing link :slight_smile:
I’m not sure why I keep using INW biscuit, as it’s a bit shit above ~2%, it becomes a bit harsh and musty.
Anyone tried any biscuits that are good? I’ve been through TPA Graham cracker, CAP graham cracker, CAP sugar cookie, INW biscuit… probably a few more that aren’t memorable enough to remeber. Any other suggestions?


I think I would lower INW Biscuit to .5 % and added about 2 % TPA Graham Cracker (Clear) maybe as a sub for Sugar Cookie, so I’m agreed on that take. I would also added another lemon, maybe a sweeter one. And some butter is always nice lol, and now I’ll shut it. :smile:

And @FlavorCloudsVaping I’m sorry for derailing your thread, sort of.


I respect people stubborn enough to keep working on a clone until they nail it, but if you have a mix that is in the same flavor profile and you love it… does it really have to be the exact same thing?

I think it’s more important to hunt after the flavor that you really like. Trying to make the exact clone can be a distraction to it. Just focus on what you like with your recipes. Those companies may use special techniques / equipment / flavors that you don’t have access to.


I have been through that exact combination, and about 20 others, thanks for the advice though :slight_smile: my usual mix would be 1% Biscuit and 4 or 5% sugar cookie. I know sugar cookie isn’t the right profile for Mr meringue, but in the mixes I’ve created that actually taste good it worked better with the lemon that graham cracker, which I find usually have a bit of cinnamon to it. The biscuits a mystery, it’s really pronounced and dominant. All the possible biscuit/bases I have don’t even taste that strong as a single flavour, and none of my mixes even come close. Which leads me to think it’s something other than the obvious from the main brands.
And FA lemon Sicily is the only sweet lemon I can find, it just needs a bit of a kick. CAP juicy lemon or TPA lemon do an alright job, but still far from perfect.Got any suggestions for a sweeter one?

I sorry for using your thread for my own issues, hopefully you can use what hasn’t worked for me :slight_smile:

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I can say with some amount of certainty that coconut plays a vital role in the mix, it adds it’s own flavour and adds a new dimension to whatever biscuit you’re using. I use CAP coconut at 0.5-1%. Apparently there are better ones, it can taste off at higher %s, but definitely matches an aspect of the original juice.

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Why do you suspect that they are trying to clone a juice could it be that it is a flavour they really like?


I totally understand, I was exactly the same when I started DIY but I have yet to see a DIY clone work out exactly the same as the commercial juice. DIY’ers don’t have the same professional chemists, mixing methods, steeping procedures, not always access to the same flavours, so from my point of view, it’s a lost battle from the start. You can get close, but there are probably a dozen or so existing recipes that are pretty close already, and some even better.


I wonder if INW Lemon is also on the sweeter side of lemon, but I’ve never used it myself. Perhaps @woftam knows?


So what you’re actually saying is that these two guys aren’t capable of cloning the liquids in question?


There are some manufactures that use their own particular flavors however many do not.

I would like to ask you how many diy clones have you experienced to come to this conclusion?

If people wanna try to clone something I cannot see your comments being of any help at all.

@anon60225325 I would say it is a tart lemon with moderate candy


Now i kinda feel that you are full of shit.

Why wouldn’t the DIY community have access to the same flavors and mixing methods?
And about professional chemists and steeping procedures it isn’t worth commenting on but i will say this. A ton of people here on ELR can run circles around those yo call professional chemists when it comes to mixing and producing really good juice.

I kinda get a feel that you are winging things here to make yourself something you are not at this point.
No one really like a besserwisser that over and over again makes himself just that.


So tell me why is it that every clone that is listed on ELR has quite a few comments that it may be close but no cigar? I have yet to see a clone recipe where everybody can agree that it is a spot on clone.

I’m not saying that those recipes are bad or less enjoyable, quite the opposite, some are even better than the ones that people try to clone. All I’m saying is that it’s mission impossible to make the exact same thing.
If you think I’m full of shit because I say this, fine, I’m not offended, but if you claim to be right, then where are all those perfect clones?


You’re right @Jake31. I give up, you know better I bow to your superior knowledge.

On another note did someone remove the sarcastic font I cannot find it


Keep looking.
I’m not interested in commercial juices so clones is also out of the question for me.
You know what, i rest my case since your wast knowledge is superior to mine and i can only assume that the time you have been doing this exceeds the time i have by a long shot.

Edit! Didn’t need a sarcastic font to write what i did.


Long story short ,
The reasons clones are clones and dont quite line up 1 to 1 is simple…

Its not because of chemists…

Its not because of stupid expensive equipment…

Its not because of the juice being aged in a virgin walrus for 6 years before being blessed by monks upon bottling…

Its simple… We dont hold the actual recipe …
We are playing with nothing but educated guess work… But there are so many variables when it comes to flavourings that it is virtualy impossible to copy any recipe 1 to 1 without knowing the actual specifics that the mixer used

We all have the power…
But at the end of the day if your set on cloning a commerical recipe get prepared for repeated dissapointment.
It is fun but damn near impossible to accomplish 1 to 1

Good luck and best wishes