[REQ] Dying to find a clone of Dragonair by Tasty Cloud

Has anybody tried Dragonair by Tasty Cloud? Described as starting with a combination of juicy cantaloupe and dragon fruit notes on the initial inhale. A menthol flavor leaves a chilly feeling on the exhale along with a sweet taste of watermelon.

Please let me know or something similar… I’m a newbie and struggling to get the combination right!

Share what you have tried and what was off about the juice and maybe those that haven’t tried this juice can point you in the right direction.


An incredibly lively and powerful flavor. It starts with a combination of juicy cantaloupe and dragon fruit notes on the initial inhale. A menthol flavor leaves a chilly feeling on the exhale along with sweet taste of watermelon. The menthol and fruit flavors are paired to give a great sensation.

It does sound fairly clonable ;D Does it taste candy-like or like real cantaloupe/dragonfruit/watermelon?

Here is what I tried. It tastes pretty real - I didn’t get any candy like flavours.

TPA Dragonfruit is said to be really good, so stick with that. For the cantaloupe, I’d try either Cap’s or Delosi’s. I have both. Delosi’s is stronger and tastes a little off to me. Cap’s is pretty good. For the watermelon, Delosi is said to have the best. I have it, but haven’t worked with it much yet. As long as you don’t have a problem with koolada, you could try reducing your menthol and adding a little bit of that. It gives you the chill without the mint. Personally, I can’t use it because I’m allergic, so make a little tester first and make sure it’ll work for you before you add it to a bunch of juice. :wink:

This list of flavors was put together by a few of us and are what we felt were some of the best flavors. It might help point you in the right direction.

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I wouldn’t think most juices that make it to the retail market are still using TFA much. I would look into more premium flavorings like JoJo said. But I agree that TFA Dragon Fruit is very good. I just ordered Flavorah’s Dragon Fruit as well and can’t wait to try it in a recipe.

For Cantaloupe I love Flavourart. Their Melon Cantaloupe is spectacular. Very realistic. Their Watermelon is also very good. I went through a 30ml bottle of FA Watermelon in a few weeks time.

And with some people having an allergic reaction to Koolada I don’t know if they would use that or not. If I were making a retail juice I think I would want to stay away from anything with possible harmful side effects to some people.

I am not a menthol user so I can’t help much with that flavor. But I am willing to bet that whatever they use you can come up with a closer clone if you use more premium flavorings.


Thanks for the tips @Daath, @Jojo and @LordVapor. A little trial and error never hurt anybody… Right? :sweat_smile:

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I’m not a real Dragonfruit fan, so I’ll defer to the others on that flavor.
Agree with LordVapor on the Cantaloupe. Just have not tasted anything more real and spot-on as that Flavorah Cantaloupe.
As for Watermelon… if you want a really REAL tasting watermelon, it’s got to be Medicine flower/Lotus .
My humble opinion.

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