[REQ] Fuzion Vapor's Rasta Blood

Wondering if anyone here is heard of Fuzion Vapor out of Jacksonville Florida? I’m not promoting them or anything but one of my favorite all time flavors are made by them. I just got into DIY and I want to try a replicate one of there flavors. The flavor is called Rasta Blood. It’s a strawberry earthy type flavor. Wondering what kind of flavoring would have a earthy almost maryjane type flavor too it? Please help! Thanks

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I’ve heard of them. A local vape shop sells their stuff. I’ve tried the Krankberry but wasn’t super impressed and kinda turned off by the artificial coloring they put in it.

The description says strawberry, white chocolate, and mary jane. Strawberry (Ripe) TPA as the most authentic scent I’ve tried, but it needs something like Sweet Strawberry (Cap) to round out the actual flavor. Strawberry Shisha (Inawera) gets good marks and I have some but haven’t tried it yet.

The white chocolate and mary jane may be a little more tricky. White Chocolate TPA is the most popular, but FW gets the best reviews. There’s a thread on the mary jane flavor and it’s not good news. If I were going for the woodsy/green type flavor I might try a green tea or zen garden (FA). The only mary jane concentrate I’ve been able to find is the one by TPA in the thread up there. But, if Fuzion is using a flavor concentrate, unless they’re making it themselves, that’s likely the one they’re using.

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There is Reggae Night by Flavourart, and Naked by Frog Tonic. Both are in my shopping cart but I havn’t tried them yet. There was another one on ecigexpress but i can’t seem to find it. Looking to try more herbal and floral flavors, myself.

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Thanks for all the advice. I will just have to get some of the suggested flavors soon and play around with it. @JoJo that’s odd the krankberry was color because every thing I have order from them has been clear.

Weird. It’s VERY blue. It’s possible they use LorAnn’s or another flavoring that has color.

Found it, it was Sweet Leaf by Tasty Puff, but it seems they are sold out. There are some other interesting flavors by Tasty Puff on their website, I may have to try.Oh, and the Sweet Leaf is green in color.

@DIY_Dave thank for the suggestions. I may have to try those guys sometime.

Hmm, I haven’t had a clear one from them yet. Nice melons was orange yellow. Dark sky was deep red, and Gummy Blood was a deep green. All god flavors that I liked, but I prefer juices to be clear. I liked the Nice Melons enough that will be one I’d like to come close to in recipe form.

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Maybe Fuzion was losing business for that bright neon liquid… ?
Asked friend to send me some bottles and ill send him some juice… I got two bottles one was fuzion and it seems like a crazy cheap bottle on top of being packed w artificial color…
Just say ‘No’ fuzion… Just say no… Dude does seem nice though, I have his IG acct

They make a ‘prime’ version of a lot of their most popular flavors that has no color or sweetener added. I’ve been trying to clone Unicorn Blood forever, LOL. I can get close but not quite there. I didnt really like the Rasta Blood. I got a small bottle in their sampler, I gave it away. Red Sky and Nice Melons were both pretty good tho. However a friend of mine did a natural extraction of some real Mary Jane with PGA and mixed it with pg. It smelled like the real thing. I cant personaly speak for the flavor or any effect because I wouldnt try it as I am subject to random drug testing. My friend said it tasted just like the greens she used for the extraction and that she got a mild calming effect from the vapors. :wink:

Fuzion donates a part of their sales of one of their juices every month to a local charity. They are really great people and the prime line of juice is clear and high vg made for sub ohm. I will buy the Unicorn Blood or Red Sky from them whenever it is the juice of the month.