[REQ] Has anyone got a recipe/clone like Mrs Lords Summer Pudding?

As the title suggests, does anyone know of recipe or clone like Mrs Lords Summer Pudding?

I have been trying for months to get something like it, but unfortunately haven’t got anywhere close!
I know their ratio is 50/50 PG/VG and there are things i’ve read that say they use 30% flavour.

I’m fairly confident there is raspberry and apple in there from the smell.
I have tried harvest berry (cap) as a base and added raspberry (cap) and apple (cap) too it, but the harvest berry seems to overpower everything.

I have also bought and tried in various flavours (all capella)

green apple

A few of those were gleaned from looking at the actual food based recipe for summer pudding, but still no luck.

I’m running out of ideas! lol, plus i’ve only been DIY’ing for about 4 months, so some things are still new to me.

This is like my holy grail liquid if i could do it, or something close, plus it would save the very harsh £46 every two weeks it costs me for a 100ml bottle!

Thanks all.


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I dunno, but I just looked at a summer pudding recipe, and from the sound of it you need something super sweet.

Have you read this: Looking to make really sweet juice or played with any sweeteners?

Hi Zigz,

Thanks for the reply, no I haven’t tried any sweeteners yet, but I have just got some Brown sugar and tfa sweetener, so I’ll have a go with those and see what happens.
Thanks for the likes I’ll have a read. :slight_smile:

Hey Rave,

Been playing with flavours a little and have a feeling Hibiscus plays a part in it somewhere… Im steeping a few 10ml bottles based around summer pud, will send some up :slight_smile:

Awesomeness darrysmi! Look forward to trying it :slight_smile:

Any joy with a recipe yet for Summer Pudding? Its got to be the best tasting e liquid out there…

Sadly not :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve given up for the time being, but if anyone has any ideas or can perhaps detect any flavours in it other than apple and Raspberry, maybe we can have another go at it.

A friend bought a local vendors liquid called dragon tears today, and its very similar to summer pudding except with menthol, So, im going to have a go at trying dragon fruit as an ingredient with the apple and raspberry and see how it goes. i’ll need a bit of time to make a few plain dragonfruit at various % to see how strong it is first though, which will take a week or so.
i’ll report back how it goes.

No dice with this recipe either.

Summer pudding really is a bit of a holy grail recipe it would seem, kudos to Mrs Lords for coming up with it, it’s just too expensive.

If anyone has any ideas whatsoever, i’m keen to hear them.

Any news about how the summer pudding project is going? It would feel like a child on christmas eve if i got that recipe :smiley:

Project has totally stalled I’m afraid.

I’m completely out of ideas and all the test batches I’ve made haven’t even been in the same universe!

I’m hoping someone with more experience and a keener sense of taste can chime in.

If there’s any pro mixers that fancy having a go I can send a small sample of it to try.

I’ve never had it but I’d maybe try something like blackcurrant, fuji apple (FA), Double Apple (Inawera), and maybe a tiny bit of Flavorah’s Wild melon? Also maybe FA’s Forest Mix as that sounds like it might be along those lines. I haven’t mixed with dragonfruit much so can’t help there. I really like Cap’s hibiscus but it needs kind of a high percent. Try some pyure or some sucralose? Most commercial juice has a LOT of sweetener. Good luck.

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