[REQ] MtBaker Vapor Gwar Line German Chocolate Beefcake

Im looking to make the MBV Gwar Line German Chocolate Beefcake. its a 50/50 choc/coconut/caramel blend supposedly but i cant seem to dupe it. anyone tried this or know a close clone? thanks

Still can’t nail this down. I’m guessing at the flavors above. Would Really love some help on this one. SOMEBODY has to have made this by now. Also tried to just get the flavoring from mbv, it’s not available

No clue, but supposedly MBV uses mostly FW flavorings. I’d start by looking at FW and see if you can find anything similar. I know they have a creamy coconut, cuz I have it, but if you want a good coconut the best I’ve found so far that is dessert like is Cap’s. They also have a chocolate coconut almond that’s really good. Good luck! :smile:

I’m bummed that no one has this flav on lockdown, yet. I’ve slowly been trying to get it. FW, Creamy Coconut is what I haven’t tried, yet. I just ordered TFA’s Whipped Cream because I swear there’s a hint of that in there. I have been trying recipes at 20% but I’m feeling like it’s even higher than that. Anyway, I’ll get back to you, hopefully soon when I feel like I have it.

I wouldn’t bother with the creamy coconut, honestly. I’m in the process of trying all the coconuts (that I can get my hands on), but Cap’s so far has been the best. FW Salted Caramel is great and might play a part in this one. Cap’s Double Chocolate is the best I’ve had so far, but that’s not saying much since I haven’t done a whole lot of chocolate. FW Salty Butter Balls might work, too. It’s pretty tasty. I’ve heard the best chocolate is a mix of FA’s Cocoa and Chocolate. Inawera has a chocolate as well that might be really good. I don’t do much chocolate cuz chocolate mixes always taste like a cross between a band aid and a tootsie roll to me. LoL.

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This is true, but the GWAR line is their specialty “premium” line, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using something “special” in those. Never bought any though so I know nothing!

Ditto. I’ve never bought from them either and don’t know much about them other than the MBV FW rumors.

I’ve got a ton of their juice and flavoring, just not any from the GWAR line. Treating MBV as FW for flavors with the same names in recipes works fine. But that doesn’t help the OP since there is no German Chocolate Beefcake flavoring available from MBV or FW. :frowning:

I’ve come up with some interesting concoctions trying. I’m wondering if it isn’t some in-house flavoring ingredients myself.

Here’s a hint from their Q&A:

Q: Of the 5 GWAR juices 2 do not have uncolored options. Does that mean this and the GwaRy4 do not have coloring to begin with?
A: That is correct, the flavorings for these two juices have no added coloring. The color in these bottles are the natural color of the flavorings reacting with nicotine. Non-nicotine variations of each will be almost totally clear.

So that rules out FW for the cake and chocolate flavorings because those are dark as fark… ruled out one flavor distributor, only nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine to go!

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I am waiting and watching hoping someone nails this one. I am not very good coming up with recipes. my wife did make a comment is that a new bottle she opened had a tobacco taste. Could that be an idea to change the flavor profileby using tobacco flavoring.

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I dont detect any tobacco myself, but everyones taste buds are different. Personally cant stand tobacco juices so im pretty sure if there was any i wouldnt love this juice so much. and if anyone discovers that there Is some in there…dont tell me :wink:

I wish someone would figure this out :’(