[REQ] Pelican by Caterpillar Clone!

I love this e juice it was my all day. I have looked everywhere I can’t find this recipe. Can somebody anybody help me with this. I don’t even know where to start.

Can we get a detailed description of what you taste. As specific as possible. Have you worked on a clone of it yourself?

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Pelican. Best described as a watermelon bubblegum. It is little more complex am sure of this but I am sort of just starting out so I cant really distinguish the flavors. Can anybody else that has vaped this discrete what it taset like?this is what I have tried so far it good but not it at all. I have only tried this:

Watermelon 8%
Bubble Gum 10%
Marshmallow 3%
Sweetener 4%

i usually use all TPA because I just think it high quality flavors.

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That looks like a nice try! I hope you find someone that can help you here :smile:

its really is but its like 22.00 for 30 ml’s close to sending the darn thing to lab just for me. I love it that much!!

Sounds awesome. I have no idea what it is suppose to taste like, but makes me want to try something…

Watermelon Candy (FW) 8%
Bubble Gum (TPA) 3%
Marshmallow (LA) 3%
Sweetener 1%

If it comes out good, do you mind me naming it Christian’s Paradox? (being your username is Christian)

BTW, how did your mix differ from the original?

@daath Is there a way to link to the forum from the ELR site in the comments/notes? <—off topic

I can!! The name is awesome!! I sent a message to Hic’'s in Vapers Underground she is very knowledgeable. She thinks it might be the watermelon. She says that she has yet to find a watermelon from any of the companies that hits the taste dead on. The mix is thick i heard they might use all VG. I have been using 50/50. I am going to try yours. I am so bad at describing what I taste. My last batch seemed kinda artificial not very smooth. I also did not care for the sweetener. The last batch I ran out so I had to kinda mix my own. I say the sweeter was like a sweet and low taste with the bubble gum. I ran out of flavors for this recipe, so yours comes at a great time sice am send a juice order. I also want to try Unicorns Blood so if anyone knows of a dead on recipe hit me up with that as well Thanks

Not that it matters much and it’s a common mistake but HIC is a man

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oops :grimacing: Sorry Hic!

Just a thought… Have you tried to let your new recipe steep for a few days. Sometimes that REALLY makes a difference.

Yeah, I am usually good with that part. I try to let them steep for a week. If others can chime in with how they perceive the taste if Pelican. I might be missing flavors in it that I would never even guess to add to the mix.

OK Don3 I am making a juice list and my God I stopped smoking to save money between my biding on every e cig modf and atty on ebay plus now juice making…I think I might have to declare bankruptcy. hehehe. I am serious take a look at this list.


  1. French Vanilla 6

  2. CottonCandy 6

  3. wintergreen 3

  4. Orange Cream 2

  5. Cinnamon Spice 2

  6. Cinnamon Red Hot 10

  7. Jamaican Rum 4

  8. Clove 3

  9. Black Cherry 1

  10. Hawaiian Punch 3

  11. Caramel Org 15

  12. turkish 3 ml

  13. Tobacco 8 ml

  14. Toasted Almond 6 ml

  15. RY4 Type 4ml

  16. Hazelnut 4ml

  17. Espresso 5 ml

  18. Double Chocolate (Dark) 6 ml

  19. Brown Sugar 10

  20. Black Honey Tobacco 12

  21. brown sugar extra 3

  22. Vanilla Bourbon 4

  23. Cowboy Blend 6

  24. Tobacco Absolute 3

  25. Hazelnut 15

  26. Caramel 10

  27. Bavarian Cream 15

  28. Honeydew 3

  29. Double Ry4 3

  30. Watermelon 30

  31. Black Cherry 2

  32. Raspberry Sweet 5

  33. Cranberry 4

  34. Blueberry Extra 3

  35. Citrus Acid 4

  36. Graham Cracker 5

  37. Tart & Sour 2

  38. Koolada 4

  39. Cinnamon Danish

  40. Absinthe 2

  41. Horehound 3

  42. Kiwi Double 4

  43. Marshmallow 30

  44. Bubble gum 30


  1. Bergamot 1
  2. meringue 3
  3. Orange 2
  4. Butterscotch 4
  5. apple 2
  6. apple pie 5
  7. fresh cream 2
  8. custard 1
  9. vanilla classic 2
  10. vienna cream 4
  11. pie crust 7
  12. cookie 3
  13. caramel 4
  14. walnut 2
  15. chocolate 2
  16. cocoa 1
  17. blue wild 2
  18. grapefruit 1
  19. Cake 3
  20. Hazelnut 3
  21. Cinnamon Red Hot 9
  22. Cinnamon Hot Tamale 9
  23. Candy Watermelon 10
  24. Lemon 4
  25. Tang 2
  26. Harvest Berry 4
  27. Blue Slushie 12
    1. Black Cigar 4
  28. Cherry Natural 3
  29. Almond Natural 3
  30. Marshmallow 3
  31. Resberry 2

Just posted the recipe on ELR. Gonna steep it for a week, but its pretty good after the mix. Strange though, cause I can taste a coconut undertone and thats not even in the recipe, lol.


I will try to understand where that could be coming from… I would think the candy watermelon? Can it just be the merging of certain flavors?I can’t wait to make it!! I am kinda floating this to a few people at the moment since am not good at describing anything I taste besides saying WOW!! I really like that juice If sent you some you think you could help me work on it?

I just saw your notes. It will be a week before I can make this for myself. Let me know how its going and what you think might be a better tweak by that time. I am really excited about making juice!! Whoop Whoop :smile: :smile :smile:


now THAT is a lot of flavor! lol

Yes!! It took me days to look up all I wanted to make. I had to stop myself there was so much more! I also just bid on and won a professional ultrasonic cleaner with heat and 30 min timer for 50.00 !!! Whoop whoop!! I am sitting here now ordering that huge list.

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I talk with Hic he seems to think that sweet watermelon is the way to go. I am ordering as we speak. I am going to make yours with the tweaks you put in your notes. I will also want to try it with the sweet watermelon. Would the whole recipe change based on that choice or just plug it into the current recipe? I could do that just to see how that kind of change can have on a recipe I guess. Let me know your thoughts

Well, I put that note on there because the watermelon didn’t pop like I wanted it to right after the mix… The original is still steeping, and haven’t mixed up the adjusted recipe yet (gonna wait for a couple more days to see how the original one comes out). I think by adding a low percentage of the TPA watermelon would be a nice blend and bring it out a bit more to the front than it currently is.

The steeping process might bring out the candy watermelon enough to not require the add-in… but I guess its always good to make adjustments like this to see which one comes out better :smile:

Oooooooo, I want one!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Go on Ebay I was surprised how I won it. look here


I can’t wait to used it!! Whoop Whoop! it’s so shiny and those buttons with heat control oooooh baby.