[REQ] Recipe Request PLEASE Fryd Oreo

I know one of you fellow mixers can figure this out. And I know there has already been one other request for this clone but it went down a dead end. This is my favorite juice of all time but I ca t seem to even get close. The recipe request I ask for is made by Fryd and the flavor is Oreo. Fryd Oreo! It’s so good but I can’t clone it for some reason. Please someone be my savior and help me figure this out…I don’t know what else to do. Thanks fam!


There’s already a Fryd Oreo I’m trying to clone. If I wanted to pay cash for something I’d just buy the one I want to clone…thanks though lol

And not to be rude but it was a clone request, not a place to purchase juice request. Lol

It is kind of rude. She was trying to be helpful even if it didn’t meet the needs you requested.

So far your posting style up till today is to enter contest and ask someone to do your work for you. You want rude? Piss off, and learn to make it yourself.


Good luck in your request.

I was only linking up to the juice you wanted someone to clone for you, since you didn’t give us a whole lot to go by.

That’s why I said I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was hoping you would reply back before someone else would so I could get a response as to why you posted that. Thank you for helping.

When you place a request it’s very helpful to include a description of the juice and what you have tried already. A little own efforts will bring you a long way in a request I believe. And if you wanted to know why I posted it, you just could’ve asked. :wink:


Sorry I’m new to this. Thank you for the input!

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It seems you feel flat on your face. It’s ok. @anon60225325 hit it on the mark.

If you want the best results…sure request help, post info about the flavor profile and link for others to view. Then lastly…which is still missing. Post your trial mixes…what have you tried mixing up and what is it missing.

Many of the pro’s here could point you in the right direction but often like a base recpie. Like…oh you did this…may try some AP…still missing the cake sponge part try some yellow cake. And so on.

We all here to help.


With that attitude when you come here asking for help my guess is you are getting nada, nothing. I for one hope that the good people of ELR will let you hang without helping.

Since OP believes that ELR is a request mixing site where you start a thread and people will do all the leg work for you i will recommend him to get in contact with Wayne Walker and pay him to clone the recipe.


Maybe before all the insults to the others here, someone like me, who has already cloned it may have been willing to share the recipe that of course is set to private.


Could I get a look at that recipe. I’d kinda like to try it now lol


Lol! You are the man! I love everything you mix @Beaufort_Batches!


Any chance I could peek at that recipe! ;D

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@Beaufort_Batches … do I have chance that you let me have a peek of your fryd oreo clone recipe i’ve try to clone it but i’m not there yet …plz sir help me out

real flavors makes a great single flavoring deep fried oreo flavor. I like to mix a good recipe as much as the next guy but when I can buy a great concentrate that all I need to do is pour in 3.5% to my nic base and let steep, it makes it harder to want to bother cloning anything or mixing 5 or 6 flavors to create a profile that already exists. 1 x 30ml bottle at 3.5% will make me 850+ ml’s of good juice. Including my nic + pg/vg that costs me $12.71 for 2 - 3 months of juice at my 10ml or so per day vape habit.


Haha yeah i have order this flavor …i’ve just receive it today but still not home from work …i’ll try it alone for sure …and surely had some cheese cream icing and fw cookie and cream and joy (fa) eheh

I was actually just asking today if anyone has tried the deep fried oreo concentrate. It is on sale, and I am still new and have never seen it until today. How does it taste???

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