[REQ] Smokeless Symphony {Looking for a close Mix}

I’ve been working on this one for quite some time now with very little success other than the fact that i can get close but no cigar. Nailing it perfect has proved to be somewhat difficult for the Honey aspect of it. I’ve messed around with other flavors that will mimic Honey since finding a good Honey has been elusive and not to mention the long steep on the juice it’s self is taxing. If anyone out there has tried this or knows of a close recipe that’s already out on the WWW i would be most appreciative if you’d let me know. currently using 2xRy4 with a little butterscotch around 1-2% in place of honey 1% MTS Wiz and i actually located some Black Pepper Special THanks to Drew Kirklin at Bull City… going back and forth between it and Toasted MM that gives it a nice spice but lacking that Pronounced hint that’s actually in the Original juice.


Here’s the description:
Take RY4, now add more tobacco, more caramel and spices. Then dip it in honey. Now, you’ve composed a Smokeless Symphony.

I haven’t tried that juice, but I totally understand your honey frustration. FW honey is the only “honey” I’ve found that doesn’t taste like cat piss…but it’s a little more honeysuckle than actual honey.
If a honey/graham tobacco might get you close, I definitely recommended Purilum Sweet tobacco. Its not heavy tobacco flavor, but the honey part is delicious, and you could layer another tobacco onto it.


Have you tried Capella honey? I use it at under 1% in one of my custard recipes and it makes it’s presence known up against 3% INW custard, it definitely needs about a week steep to mellow a bit though.

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i haven’t tried FW honey yet but i just got Honeysuckle {tfa} in the mail and it may be a bit too floral for the part as far as the SS it’s a really nice vape as far as Tobacco’s go it’s not heavy so Pur may work . the best way i can describe is the carmel hit’s the palate first midway is the tobacco and spice then the exhale is maybe a Honey exhale that really is most excellent and probably the best part of the whole experience. Thank you for the insight i will check into those recommendations


i’ve heard some people say that Caps Honey is good and other’s say it’s not what they thought it would be … But considering there’s different types of Honey a very specific one is gonna be the focal point of it… and i would have to say it’s more of a Clover Honey in SS to me


I wouldn’t call it a clover honey, it’s more like the honey you get at Walmart that comes from 6 different countries lol just says honey on the bottle, it’s super potent though, the highest I have gone is 1% and it was overpowering everything else in the recipe, wasn’t really floral though at 1% just strong


I haven’t tried the original juice either, but by what i looked up about the flavor profile, i would try something along these lines…

…RY4 (FA) 3-5% obviously because it’s an RY4
…Dark Vapure (FA) .7-1% because it needs other tobacco note and spices
…Caramel (FA) .75 to 2% it also needs caramel
…Honey (FA) .5% after a 7 to 10 day steep, this is a very good honey at low %
…Coconut (Cap) .5% use this low to add body and make the spices pop
Ethyl Maltol (TFA) .5% to sweeten and blend

and that should get you close… And if not then try switching out the Dark Vapure for different
tobaccos. I would bet it’s a type of cigar since it’s described as being sweet and spicy with honey.


What about Black Honey (TPA)?.. & maybe a touch of RY4 Asian (TPA)

Black Honey (TPA) has a very distinct pipe tobacco taste so that might go in it too. I’ve never vaped the original Smokeless Symphony so i wouldn’t know. Now Ry4 Asian (TPA) has a really “sharp” taste to it and I wouldn’t think it would be the main ingredient in something that is described as being smooth, sweet, spicy, honey, … I’m not sure… I’m pretty sure my whole list is way off but i was just giving some direction. I bet the secondary tobacco pairing up with the RY4 is really complex.

I originally bought this for its tobacco element, but personally Ive not really noticed it - its just honey to me. That said, I haven’t worked with it much (& its a long time since I did)- I found it pretty rich, even in small doses & not so much to my liking …however it may be what @ChubbyCox is looking for. I agree that the Asian wouldnt be a main ingredient, however at around 1-1.5%, in combination with other flavors, I believe it would ad some spice.
I’m not familiar with Smokeless symphony either but I wouldnt be to quick to say that youre way off - your suggestion looks pretty tasty (…even if it isnt a smokeless symphony).


I know exactly which you speak of I use about a jug of it every month I was referring to the honey that’s in SS. Hehe. I love honey and use it in everything I can coffee/tea oats etc. I’m going to play around a bit more with bending butterscotch and a bit more research before I make a purchase. Ty for the info though I do appreciate it

I feel that BHT would be a bit much it seems to be rather potent at low % I’ll check my notes and original test batch but I’m thinking test was 2-4% something like that I agree with MAC I would have to go extremely low.

You’re on the right track though I have a few variations written down so long as the can find the proper notepad that my tobacco notes are in. Something like
Caramel (original) (TFA) 3-4%
Mts vape wizard (fa) .01-.02 %. Maybe 1% in first attempt 7 months ago
Black Pepper (FA) .5-1% Toasted MM (TFA) in 1st attempt as well
Honey (TFA) 1-2 drops 1st attempt replaced with butterscotch

Oddly enough I thought I had published This already on elr but I shall check in a minute it’s probably on private and wasn’t comfortable with releasing it yet. I’m hoping with help from the community we can nail this one down I feel that many tobacco lovers will be thankful and even non tobacco vapers will give it a go. It’s a simple profile yet a taste due to perfect layering that has a complex vape to it with a slight TH light on the spice and tobacco caramel is just right and that honey aftertaste is amazing. Ok gush over haha. But you may be right as well I may need to get Ry4 (FA) and see how it pairs I’ve been using (TFA)Ry4 Double lately due to the fact that it really seems to be what is used to me oh well time and trails will tell. Greatly appreciated all the insight that everyone has given and look forward to collaborating with in the future. Tyvm love the DIY community

You’ve definitely got my curiosity up and I’m a tobacco vaper, so I’m going to order some of the original juice and see if I can break it down.

Hopefully you’ll get the same taste and experience that I did from it. I’ve told my self many times that I was going to do the same thing but I never could justify giving the money for a bottle again and in turn getting some concentrates to get closer to putting the lasso around that Unicorn that has been so evasive. Also I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did honestly it was by accident that I even tried it. Went to a local B&M to find my wife a juice in hope that she’d quite smoking and start vaping. It was in the lineup the store had out at the time I was staying far away from tobaccos and on a peach/fruit kick but the guy said try it it’s not heavy or overwhelming on the tobacco and that was it I was hooked haha.

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Honey FA is my favorite honey and black honey might do best but it’s probably commercial tobacco or classic cigar flavors.


Anyone have a bottle of Gold for Pipe- INW ??? did some reading and it seems to have the very definition that im looking for but im just curious to the extent of the tobacco flavoring and if it’s super heavy on the Pipe flavour or just tobacco … notice someone commented that it was a pipe tobacco with hint’s of Honey and light spice note’s?

i guess i could rephrase that by asking if anyone tried that Conc or know of anyone that has …i was about to order a bottle but i wanted to make certain of the tobacco aspect of it… But i do belive that i’m getting closer to a finished product soon as i get this order placed…

It is truly a good honey in my opinion.

No on the TPA Honey. Please TRY FW if you are going to try any honey!!!

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