REQ vapetasia killer kustard lemon

Hi, anyone help me find this addicting recipe for the lemon verison of KILLER KUSTARD, would I find the clone for killer kustard then add the lemon? Vapetasia’s killer kustard lemon has a really sweet forward lemon flavor, i dont notice the custard, the lemon isnt dry its’ wet and juicy tasting, like maybe lemon head? im wondering, have you seen this or can you advise how to get the sweet tart lemon flavor and whether i should add to the complex custard recipes? any ideas on how to add the lemon flavor without making it taste dry?


Are you vaping at lower wattages? Killer kustard and the lemon variety both used to taste very custardy to me, but I was vaping on a crown 3 at 85 watts when I was buying commercial juice. Killer kustard is definitely heavy on the capella vanilla custard, idk about the lemon note though, I haven’t really played with lemon since I started diy. Have you checked the recipe side for lemon custard clones?

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i tasted it today, does have the creamy custard flavors, and great mouthfeel, i not sure what lemon to use to add to the custard but will check into the recipe you pointed me to, thx

When you find it, please share! :joy:

@atssec97 I trying this one
but i added 1% lemon sicily, and subbed cappella for the tfa’s and fw so far it’s really good and im vaping it only on 3rd day of steeping ( sitting in drawer )

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I’m new to this forum butI’m currently working on this recipe as well… custards take a while to steep up so I’ll post back with some results. As far as the regular killer custard goes the closest thing I"ve found is CAP vanilla custard v2, TFA french vanilla, and the key ingredient ethyl maltol (cotton candy)


@cjp1984 Welcome to ELR!! Did you have a recipe for the Killer custard? Or the lemon version? I have mixed several from the recipe side and some are close but sadly most are missing something. Curious minds would love to know!

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missing on the lemon, maybe should add lemonade to juicy lemon? most of the lemons come out like rind bitters, definately havent figured it out but will try , on another note, the real mccoy, when i taste a bit on the tongue, should taste like my cloned , correct? well the taste of the mccoy def. tastes bad! I AM STUMPTED


I have tried Juicy Lemon (CAP) with Lemon Juicy (JF) and Lemon Sicily (FA) the combination of the 3 make a bolder juicy lemon but when added to the KK it kinda goes south. I’m still playing with the percentages trying to find a balance between the Lemon and Custard. Which Brand of Lemonade have you tried? I haven’t tried any Lemonades yet!
IMHO when doing a clone or remix you should be left with something that is close or BETTER than the original. I kinda got side tracked on this one. Have been working on a boss reserve lately!
Keep us posted on what you come up with.

@viva Just wondering, since your a fan of the lemon custard. Have you tried the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart? It’s a killer juice and it definitely hits that lemon note!

Hi Mike, haven’t tried any lemonades or lemonlimes flavors as of yet. I’ve tried combos of lemon usually 2 to 3 at a time , because of a theory i’ve heard that the fruits or citrics fade over time with the custards, each time I tried using both CAP juicy lemon, and Cap lemon meringue pie v1 and/or v2, along with one of these: CAP italian lemon sicily,FA lemon sicily, INW lemon concentrate, INW Shisha lemon, TFA lemon, None have stood out as a must, really, but i have been adding to this recipe : which i’ve even doubled the lemon as i thnk this one is a little light on lemon.

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Mike, i have heard rave reviews, havent tried dinner lady but i definately will order some when i get a chance, did you ever try the crunchy cream lemon glazed donut? i havent seen it around in about a year, but wow that was some good stuff, too!

Have you tried adding the lemon in after say 2 weeks of a 4 week steep? I found that most lemons fade after 2 weeks. Someone suggested adding it a couple weeks after during the steeping process. It’s made a HUGE difference imo.
Also, FE Lemon doesn’t fade as quickly as most others. I also read that adding Citric Acid to a lemon or citrus juice preserves the flavor and that it’s used in ALL commercially made ejuice.
I only started using it on my last mix so I can’t verify if it works or not.


Only way for me to steep a Custard. Then after several weeks, when it’s done steeping or whenever it gets to where you love the taste of it then add your lemons or Raspberries. let Sit in wherever you steep in maybe 3,5,7 days until you love it. It’s all about you and what you love as long as it keeps us away from smoking. GL to you


I do the same thing but with strawberries, if I use a “fresh” sb and like to keep that crisper flavour.

With lemons I don’t do that, however I add more then the actual percentage (based on the custard I’m using) plus layering a semi citrus to it or a bakery with citrus notes. Malic as well as citric acid won’t prevent the fade, at least in my experience.

By the time the custard steeped, the lemon blended well into it, at the right amount. However this method is for steep only, because if you would try it prior, probably never vape anything lemon again lol.

Maybe that method won’t work if cloning dinner lady, but I never tried that juice, so I wouldn’t know what kind of lemon it is or how it’s blended in that juice.


hi, yes i’ve been adding lemon later, but haven’t found the right one, the citric acid, are you talking about the supermarket kind, in the green bottle?


@viva buy some pure citric acid powder from the supermarket and mix it at 10% (1 gram powder 9 grams pg) with pg then use that in a mix at about .25% - .5% you can pair it with a little malic acid (tpa sour) if you want to bring out your fruits a little.

You can also try a little hint of lime (flv or inw both very strong) to help prop your lemon up a little.

This will help you out a little with what acids with what fruits

As far as which lemon to use that is a harder task as only you know what you are chasing. Maybe a combo of a few different ones will get you what you are after


This may help if u chose to try it, apparently not that hard to find since they make “bath bombs?” out of it (idk not familiar) Citric Acid Help can also use to clean mech mods and contacts.


I have read that and for some strange reason have never tried it! Thanks for the reminder! I have not tried the CA. Will have to pick some up and do a dilution and try it! Added the FE Lemon to my list! It is never empty, lol.

Have not tried this one, how did your remix turn out?

I mixed @SthrnMixer Lemonocity recipe,
This was a really nice vape but in his notes he mentions the fade of the lemons, I found they did fade from bold to a more mellowed Lemon flavor. He did a 2.0 version that I haven’t tried yet.
I was kind of waiting for some reviews and comments on his 2.0 but I may just have to mix it up. The original was really tasty so i’m betting 2.0 will be as good or better.

Great tip along with the citric acid! Thanks for that tip!


thanks @woftam just got the lemon citric acid liquid i will go back and find the powder and also try some flavors or lemon/lime ( i tried most of the lemons but am not happy ) and i will try the malic thanks for your help do you suggest trying lemonade type flavors? or jst the lemon/limes?? i bet something like lemoncurd would be great but i think that is known as lemon meringue pie and i already use that along wiht juilcy lemon --viva

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