[req] vgod lushice

Hey folks. I’ve been vaping now for 3yrs and unfortunately only getting into the DIY juice side of things now.

Could anyone or would anyone have or be able to point me in the direction for a cloned recipe for a juice? VGODs Lushice.

If I could make only one juice that I know would keep me vaping forever it would be this juice. I understand it’s a Watermelon Mint/Menthol but I have not even looked at a real cigarette since I’ve vaped this juice. Even nights out I’ll always have my tank filled with it and have never been tempted to smoke.

Very eager to establish a solid 1.5-3mg clone of this if anyone can help.

Already have my digi scales - Mixing by weight only, Pharma Grade VG & PG along with Distilled Water and 36mg Nic (VG based). Bottles that I have have been sterilised etc etc. Only need flavourings now. (Have 2 x 15ml bottles of Menthol solution that I also created using Cares Pharma Menthol Crystals)

I’ve read that I should be looking at FW Watermelon, TPA HoneyDew Melon along with FA Hard Candy + TPA Koolada + TPA Spearmint and Peppermint.
I’m unsure if I would need sweeteners or use a candy floss??

Any help or direction would be really appreciated. - I have made basic juices so far but this is thee only juice I’d like to get close to and I’ll be ecstatic.

Thanks a lot



Is VGOD Lushice and Luscious the same?

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I can’t say I’ve ever vaped it. I can say if you are so familiar w/ this juice you love you could perhaps pinpoint which watermelon is in it. You’re on the right track try getting smaller tester sizes of the few watermelons you feel are in it.

Watermelon FW- I really do not like this one but that is the thing w/ DIY taste is so subjective it’s unreal.

Watermelon - TFA/TPA ( same guys ) the flavor apprentice or parfumes apprentice. When we talk about it we typically keep the T in front of it since FA is a whole nother animal…FA = Flavourart and Italian Flavor Vendor.

Watermelon LA ( this is LorAnn ) you’ve probably seen juice that’s pink or that’s bright yellow well this original line does / did have coloring in the flavoring there is now at this time a colorless line for DIY ( yay! )
More on this one…this is a Candy juicy watermelon very commonly used as it isn’t overly expensive so you may try to get a tester size on this one too to rule it out and if it isn’t well you’ll have a nice candy like watermelon to work w/ later on.

Honeydew Melon TFA- This one has a unmistakable scent so you may just be able to rule it in just by your nose !

Honeydew Melon Caps( Capella’s ) this one isn’t as potent but I actually love them both

Hard Candy FW- I presume you mean this one as FA doesn’t make a hard candy to my knowledge.

Koolada TFA- is cool w/o mint taste

Spearmint & Peppermint TFA are what they are I don’t use either I prefer FA’s version of them…but since you are using Menthol I doubt you’ll have to be too choosy w/ the mints as they’ll compliment the menthol.

Candy Floss—Circus Cotton Candy TFA- thread lightly it really can mute the entire batch over time and while I am sure it contributes to the overall flavoring you may decide to add it after steeping has completed.

Fruity juices don’t take a lot of time , most of the time I say this because some do sometimes :smile:

So once you’ve ordered your supplies while you’re waiting on them look up each of your flavors you’ve bought learn their % ratios that you’ll use them by.

http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/18859 this is an example of what hard candy looks like on the ELR calculator page scroll down and look to the left there will be a suggested ratio this is where most ppl use the flavoring w/ good results so you use this as a guide and really try to stick w/ it once you get to know the flavoring you can push it outside of the ratio some , some if you use too much right away it is chemically and just very gross and will easily ruin your batch…trust me i’ve done this as I like to experiment all the time w/ how far can a flavor go.

While I commend you on your trusty 1 flavor profile when you get into DIY I am here to tell you , your mind starts going wild w/ the possibilities of what you can make …it’s totally fun and addicting !

Welcome and good luck !


Luscious is the watermelon and then the Lushice is the same juice but with a little mint or Menthol (or both) added.

I’m not sure if there is Koolada in there too so was hoping someone might have started a good clone to this juice so I’m not shooting in the dark right from the off

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Hi Amy thanks for replying.

You’ve actually given me a few pointers in there that I’d like to start with so really appreciate your feedback.

I’ve started to become obsessed with this one bloomin’ juice which is why I thought I’d take my chances and ask some of the veterans of DIY on ELR since I already use the calculator and have read many posts. I’m sure it will be great fun experimenting some more and many a late night trying to get something down to pat that I like. (Thank God for my notebook or I’d be lost already) :nerd_face:

Thanks again for taking the time to give me a few tips


Credit to LDPLN, the author of this recipe. Looks like he is starting to clone Lucious. Give it a look.


Thanks @TheTinMan1 I was trying to think of what that website is called. ! Bingo I see your post.

@Kamakaziiiii the watermelon in that recipe on the link above is listed as LAO this is LA the one I was talking about being a " candy watermelon" !!!

I don’t know where you’re located but this is a link here in the US http://www.bullcityflavors.com/watermelon-la/


That’s the site I got my Liquid State Apple Butter clone from and it turned out amazing.

The French seem to be big on vaping. And they can clone like bosses, lol.


Keep in mind a TON of those came from ELR already I’ve seen plenty of recipes that are not new and are ppl I know luckily some where down near the bottom more than most of them give credit to the original creator.

Glad you got a solid clone thou !


I’m sure there is some thievery going on, lol. This is the best site ever for recipes. And knowledge. And such cool people!


Agree TinMan…w/ a heart :smile:

I like this one too

*** I have no idea why my copies are duplicating lol


Aww, thanks!


I think I’ll do a test run of this just since my interest is peaked on the flavor combo haven’t had anything melony in a while.

I’ll run w/ this as a WIP ( private / view only )

Luscious Test

Ingredient %
Citric Acid VG 5% (NN) 0.5
Cool Mint (CAP) 1
Hard Candy (FW) 1.5
Honeydew Melon (CAP) 4.25
Menthol (LB) 0.25
Sour Wizard (FA) 1.25
Watermelon (Clear) (LA) 5.25

Flavor total: 14%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Is cool mint similar to koolada?

Sorry for being clueless. I’m a horrible mixer.


No, it is not. Koolada is a favorless ingredient which only creates a cooling effect in the mouth. Not sure of different brands and the strengths needed per each brand. I imagine start at about 2% and adjust to liking…



I have koolada in my cart, should probably add cool mint too.


Don’t know how you ended up. I’ve never had the juice you mentioned. When reading, my watermelon/menthol/mint recipe came to mind.


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Thank you @ringling ! Koolada is tasteless @TheTinMan1 like Ray has said. Cool mint is indeed a cool tasting mint :wink: corney but it is what it is !


Thank you too @Amy2

I’m trying to find inspiration in mixing. I’ve been wanting to make a watermelon chill because it was always one of my favorites. I noticed, to me, that it never had a Menthol or minty taste but had a nice cool exhale.

This is one recipe I haven’t looked up because I want to try to figure it out. It make take me a few years, lol.


Cool effect w/ no menthol or mint would be Koolada
cool mint would def have a mint taste.