What am I doing wrong? No flavor

Well I picked up a few flavors to start mixing my own juice but I’ve noticed I’ve got no flavor at all .

Trying to mix a 70vg30pg ratio first was a stawberry kiwi

Tpa Double kiwi 8%
Tpa Strawberry ripe 10%
Tpa Dragonfruit 3%
Tbv sugar daddy sweetner 1%

This one had a good tart and sweet strawberry taste but after the first day the flavor wasn’t really there as strong so I went even more simple with a single flavor double kiwi at 5 % still not getting a nice full flavor. Tried shaking my concentrate before mixing after I read up alittle more made another bottle and that didn’t have a strong taste to it as well, from what I read was to much flavor it will mute flavor , sweetener can mute flavor so what could be causing me to not have that full flavor ? I’m mixing flavors , pg, nic(pg 100mg/ml), then vg give it a good shake and giving the e juice alittle warm steep.

I’m using a 1 c.c and a 10 c.c syringe to measure out everything as the recipes calls and following it to a tee but I can’t seem to get it right and I’m abit stumped on what to try next to get that stronger flavor taste


I’m a noob, so please take everything I say with a gain of salt (maybe a whole batchload even lol)
Have you read all the beginner threads like:

and I’m sure others will have more threads to point you to.
IMHO, try to do some single flavor tests and make some highly rated recipes with your flavor profile.
It could also be your hardware but I’m gonna leave the advice about that to people who know what they talk about…
Hope it turns out well for you and have fun on your DIY journey


I would suggest that maybe you are a touch over but since diy is such a personal thing what i like you may not. I would grab your mix and dilute it by 1/3 - 1/2 and see if the flavour improves some. I haven’t used that sweetener so I have no clue on it (i don’t use anything but stevia if required)


I personally think your flavor percentages are to high. I would have gone with
Fa double kiwi 3%
Fa strawberry ripe 5%
Fa dragon fruit 2%
SD sweetener. .5%
In my experience the dragon fruit needs 3 days to blossom.


Is that meant to be a 0.5% ?


Alright I’ll try going a touch down on the % and give it a go
First week with the diy so I’m still not to fluent with what percentages will result in best flavor ! I’ve read a nice bit of the recourse @Koningmafkees provided me with I’ve got my flavor stash started and a few recipes I’ve tried so far , but I’ll be sure to review that as well thank you !


Hey Buddy, well for starters your asking the right questions mate, and no question is worth not asking in this game (trust me), at a glance mate yur levels there look a little high, but there are so many variables when it comes to vaping its hard to say if its just yu percentages. If i could make a suggestion it might be a god idea to get to know some of your concentrates first. for example.

maybe grab a cream and mix a couple of fruits with it. or same with a couple of fruits, if you have a look at your flavor list top right corner, yu will find median percentages… overall yur recipe is carrying over 20% in flvr, thats not a small amount of concentrate. at this stage i would suggest you aim to keep your levels around 10% max…

play around with just 3 flvrs and see where yu land, this will give yu some idea of what goes where and how this flvr behaves next to this one n so on…also with yur sweetener, maybe leave that alone until yu decide yu really need it, yu can always add that later…

keep mixin buddy…


@woftam just curious when you say dilute do you mean add in more pg or vg?


Yes mate just add some unflavoured pg/vg


Yes .5, must need more caffeine. Thanks for catching my mistake.


Just an update I’ve lowered the percentages down but still not getting good flavor which I’m hoping isn’t a bad sign, I’m going to let that steep a few days try it again see if it pop’s out.

Slightly different question now I’ve read up that fruit flavors or most don’t really require a steeping period would this be considered correct? Or am I being to hopefully on shaking and vaping it prematurely after mixing?


Its not correct as well as not incorrect.

There’s no general rules/laws, when it comes to mixing. Flavor and taste is subjective, some people enjoy juices, especially fruits right after mixing, others like to steep them.

It depends on the brand really, some also include alcohol and you might find it unpleasant vaping these right away.

Others might have a harshness to them for a couple of days. Some profiles fade quickly and so on.

My suggestion, try after mixing if you like them, if not let stand 24hrs, test again. Test after 3 days , then another time after 7 days and so on.


From your %'s it appears you are looking for a strong strawberry.
The only way I can achieve that is to use three different strawberry flavors together.

I am not familiar with Sugar Daddy sweetener, is it a sucralose, a sucrose, a ?
I only use a stevia stone.

If I mixed your ingredients, it would be:

Double Kiwi 3%
Strawberry Ripe 2-3%
Strawberry (?) 2%
Strawberry (Taffy?) 2%
Dragonfruit 1-1.5%
Sugar Daddy 0.5%

Then adjust from there, if needed.

Obviously, I added two Strawberry flavors.
I would also add 0.25+% of Pear or Cactus
I would have used my Stevia stone with ACV and lime juice
instead of Sugar Daddy.


Not that it matters and I don’t use it either, but apparently and allegedly its the new “innovative” thing. Here’s a description:

Rick’s Sugar Daddy Sweetener (VG Base)

*This is a concentrated liquid sweetener with the true taste of sugar!

-No chemical aftertaste

Only source I found is Canada and I found some reddit threads that tried comparing it with sweetener, super sweet, stevia etc. No result really besides "oh I think it is…"no data sheet? o.O

Too the OP:

Thought I throw that in here, maybe starting with 0.25% might be better, till we know what it is?

Might be EM for all we know, strawberry ripe contains it by itself already, at 10% with all the other ingredients plus extra unknown sweetener, could be the main problem as others stated. Maybe you can’t taste strawberry etc.


I mix up unflavored base with the nicotine, PG and VG but no flavors, and add that as a diluent. your Nic % will be off some (stronger) but you don’t lose Nic as you dilute your liquid. Never throw anything away, and add a label. sometimes what you think tastes bad today will be great in 6 months.
before you pour liquid down the drain, try:


Cool, I am not against innovation, but…
I still strongly prefer a '55 Nomad Wagon over a Toyota Camry, eh?

I shall stick with my stevia stone, both of them.


@O0what0o My experience is that simpler fruits do not need as MUCH steeping. Complex custards, cremes and bakeries almost always require more steeping. But as mentioned above, there isn’t one rule. I do have many fruits that are shake and vape, a few that are good after a week, but many of my custard/cremes I won’t even touch till after a month. FYI smaller bottles/batches steep faster than larger bottles. Leaving a nice air pocket at the top of your bottles helps speed steeping along a bit too, as opposed to filling to the top.


@ozo I think I see why !!!


I’ve always preferred the '57, myself.

Also, what is this “stevia stone” that you’ve been on about? Saw you reference this in another thread and curiosity is getting the better of me.