Reuleaux RX200 by Wismec

Just wondering if anyone has one or is thinking of buying one. Currently 49.95 at vapenw and I am considering giving this a try. I am just not ready to go for the DNA 200 and I like that with this one just like on the VTC mini the up down temp works without going into a menu to set your temp.

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I ordered one last week. Should be here December 8. I’ve seen a few reviews and I think it’s a great value. Very excited to get it and put my Authentic Velocity on it. Will let you know when it arrives.

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I am actually debating on buying this device. So I would like to see the feedback!

I received mine on Saturday but unfortunately the batteries & charger haven’t arrived yet. And I actually have a 2nd one ordered and should be here by the end of the week.

Havent been able to use it yet, but build quality is excellent IMO. Mod feels very solid and is actually smaller than I expected it to be. I don’t have very big hands and was worried about the size but this fits very nicely in my hand and the button is in perfect position for a trigger finger push. My other mods are a cool fire 4 and a subtank mini kit and ive always used my thumb with those so using my index finger will be different. You can still thumb the Reuleax RX200 but I think it will be more comfortable using the trigger finger.

The reviews are starting to come in now ( a few on Youtube) and with the latest software update, everything seems to be working perfectly. I cant wait to use this in TC mode with my crown tank with the .25 Dual SS coils. This will be my 1st TC mod. I also have ordered a Evic VTC-Mini that I found on sale for under $30.

For a 200 watt TC mod with battery life that will last all day, I think for $50 this is a Great deal!

Will update once I get to actually use the mods.


My guess is TC performance will be the same between these two mods with the tri-battery mod of course more powerful and longer battery life. But even with my DNA200s I still use my Mini all day every day. It’s just an awesome little single battery mod.


this is a size comparison between rx200 and sig 100 watt box mod …mine turned up 3 days ago from fasttech to new zealand in 6 days with e ticket…loving it
everyone complains about how heavy it is on the forums …but we build em tough down here in NZ lol …i didnt notice much difference in weight from my sig 100
but it is sooo much smaller feels nice to hold …wating for ss wire to turn up so i can try out the ss mode.


Checked it out today at the b+m, looks awesome! Nice form, battery galore. Didn’t pull the trigger though… If I came home with another mod my wife would find a tender spot to put

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Offer her three older ones instead if you could keep the Reuleaux. It would be worth it.

And remember time heals all wounds! :wink:

Ha. Almost worth the risk! It does look like a stellar mod. Not all the Dna tinkering but price is deadly. Heard nothing but good things so far. Xmas might have to come early.

Sounds like Reuleaux RX200 = eVic VTC-“MAXI”!
…sounds good to me!

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That is what I was thinking when I saw the first video showing it. The full review videos are starting to pop up now and from what I am seeing it is pretty much what you said a VTC mini on steroids. My reason for thinking about getting one is more because how everyone that mentions having the Reuleaux DNA 200 loves the way it feels in the hand. I am trying to switch over to all temperature control mods and for the price theses are selling at this one is next on my list and possibly 2 of them. I like the size comparison pic that @danda69 put up that helped a lot. I truly like my eVic VTC mini and I have a second one coming Friday but at just a few dollars more the RX200 is looking real good.


If I were in the market for a new mod and didn’t want to spend the money on another DNA that’s probably the one I would go for. I’ve always thought the Mini was the cat’s ass, but just needed better battery life. Well there you go, RX200 Roo Low.


I have to honest I would have never thought anyone would say or do this after how much everyone has raved about how the DNA 200 is so nice. Kind of makes me feel even more comfortable with my decision to hold off on anything with a DNA chip for now. Maybe some day I will feel different but considering you can buy 2 RX200’s for less than 1 with the DNA 200 chip I think I will be doing the RX200 for now.

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Don’t get me wrong. If mods were cars the Joyetech is a Mercedes and the DNA a Bentley. I’ve said I won’t buy another non-temp-controlled mod, and I will stick with that. But if I felt I needed another mod I would look at another DNA first and depending on my situation (let’s say that was today) I would get another Reuleaux, just not 100% sure if it would be a DNA or JT chip :slight_smile: .

Yes, they are nice. But so is the Mini. I like it more than the VT 60w. But I use that too. Mostly because I only own 2 DNA mods and I like variety throughout the day. Picking up a mod is simpler than swapping out tanks for different flavor.

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Totally understand and I can see the advantages to it I just can not afford to go that route for now but the future may be different. I would also totally agree with your statement about never buying any mod that was not TC. I think there is more to the story as Joyetech goes. I watched the PBusardo interview with the owner of Vapor Flask and they are making the move to teaming up with JT as well as also using the SX350J board but no DNA boards in there future for now from what I understood.

I like the RX200. Very easy to use, does what it says it will do (ie; temp control on Ni, Ti, SS, unlike the Koopor Plus Size which totally failed on stainless steel tc for me). It’s more ergonomic than the K Plus Size (which I’m thinking is the closest competitor), and lighter, but still a stay at home mod. It’s hard to tip over. I can still do it once in awhile lol, but it’s the most stable on the table. Battery life with 3 LG HG2’s surpasses anything I have used. The chip, JoyeTech I have been told, seems very stable so far, but of course is just plug n play unlike the dna200. As an aside on dna200’s, the Hcigar VT200 is my favorite to date, even though they fudged on battery capacity. If I could only have one mod, the VT200 would be it at this time. But back to the RX200, at +/- $50 as noted above, is a smokin’…errr, vapin’ deal for those who want/need a high power device that just works.



I’ve just bit the bullet on one with 3 lghe4’s. Now, the wait begins lol.

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Tip for making the Koopor work: Try adjusting the ohms - I had to dial my ohms way down for it to work.

Thanks for the tip, but after the replacement KP behaved the same way, just sent it back for refund. Glad I did, this RX200 is far superior. But not sure what you mean by dial down - build lower ohm coils? My stainless steel and titanium coils are typically in .2 ohm range. Regardless, that should not be necessary if it worked correctly. I had other issues with the Koopor also; would jump out of tc into watts when using Ti, and sometimes the fire button would not work and I would get a “check atomizer” or “don’t abuse temp control” warning on the screen. I thought perhaps it was just a lemon, but when the replacement was the same that was enough for me.

No, actually go to the menu - Settings - Adj. ohms and set the ohms to lower than what it says it is. It also fixes it jumping out of TC into VW - Works a treat for me :smile: Anyway, glad you got a refund and that you’re finding the RX200 in a different league :smile: