Review: The Cleito by Aspire

Today I received the Cleito Tank by Aspire thanks to a giveaway by @Heaven_Gifts. As part of the deal, they asked that I share my thoughts on this tank so here it is. I’m not a reviewer so forgive me if I miss something…

Nice as are all Aspire products I have. Love the description of the airflow…“Tempestuous”. LOL

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3671c89740301efe915d3dd8708125de62a3a48e.jpg" width="281"height=“500”>

Included in the packaging (Top to bottom/Left to right): Assembled ready to go tank w/.4ohm coil pre-installed, second coil head (.2 ohm), spare pyrex tank, 4 top cap siliicone covers (black, red, blue and orange), 1 Aspire vape band.

Large 40.5mm coil head. This is a 1-piece inner tank unit. There is no chimney or choke point on this tank.

Three large 8mm juice inlets keep that coil wet! Top of coil is 7.9mm (ID) wide-open from coil to 8.6mm (ID) drip tip.

Three 10mm air-holes for “tempestuous” airflow!

The drip-tip is basically a delrin tube that comes off easily and allows you to use a standard 510 drip-tip. The only draw back to this is it leaves the o-ring in place (hard to see in the below pic) but can be removed if you don’t mind the o-ring groove showing.

Filling the tank:
This is pretty easy. Just unscrew the top cap from the pyrex tank (keep in mind that the bottom of the glass is pressure-held on to the base by the bottom gasket only, so be careful not to loosen it or you’ll have a mess as you fill it). The coil head sits higher than the glass so no juice storage is wasted and you can fill it to the brim if you want (3.5ml). There is plenty of room between the inner wall of the tank and the coil so you can use a standard glass dropper with ease. I made the mistake of dropping a few drops onto the coil. Unless you like hot spit-back, don’t do this!

Screw the top cap back on and let it sit a couple of minutes to let the juice soak into the cotton. Set your wattage. I used the coil that was already installed .4ohm Kanthal (I think 22g. It’s hard to tell for sure)


How does the “tempestuous” one vape? It’s airy, oh so airy…but the flavor kicked my ass! The first juice was sweet more sweet tasting than any other tank I have tried it in. I had to drink water in-between vapes. After that was gone, I tried a juice that I found to be a bit muted in other tanks and damn if it wasn’t perfect! Now I know that taste is subjective, but IMO this tank is fantastic on flavor. No dings from me.

Vapor production:
Vapor is decent. Because it’s airy, you will get some clouds. Massive? No…but satisfying. The amount of air takes a little getting used to, but I got used to it and fast. Unfortunately, I love that “frothy” mouth feel when I vape and I do not get that from this. Of course a max VG juice may make a difference. I’ll have to try that at a later time.

No leaks. None, nada zilch. I did get spit-back, but that was my fault for dripping onto the coil prior to filling the tank. After four or five hits, spit-back disappeared.

No dry hits even with chain-vaping. The large juice holes get this sucker nice and wet and keep it that way. I vaped at 60 watts (max rating for the 0.4 coil) with no issues whatsoever. Below 60 Watts was a bit unsatisfying for me.

No whistling even with minimum airflow.

This tank is very plain (which I like). You can barely see “aspire” stamped onto the base. The silicone caps and vape band allow you to dress it up a little if you like (I do). “aspire clieto” and the coil’s ohm rating and wattage can be easily seen on the coil through the tank.

Final thoughts:
I see the Cleito having a favorite spot on the vape shelf. The only con I can see is that you can not rebuild on it (although I have rebuilt Nautilus coils, so this shouldn’t be too difficult). The flavor is outstanding. Vapor production is better than average, but not as good as the TFV4. Top fill is super easy and no special droppers are necessary. You can fill to max capacity of 3.5mil. Air flow is massive and fully adjustable. Build quality is solid and everything moves as it should. This is a quality piece of hardware and I would recommend it to anyone.

A huge thank you to @Heaven_Gifts for giving me this tank and for giving me one in black!


Good review for not doing reviews. 3.5 mils. A little small for me. I would be filling this thing like 20 times a day. But its easy to fill,so no biggie. Nice clean looking tank. Right on thanks.


Thanks for reading!

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Very nice review. I’ve been thinking about that tank, so I really appreciate your time in documenting and sharing your experience!


I think you’ll really like it. Thanks for reading.


Damn, that coil is massive! Thanks for the review. :slight_smile:


It is. I thought I would get a mouthful of juice, but it wicks perfectly.


Let us know if you give rebuilding that bugger a try.


Sure will.


Perhaps a new trend to stop you from rebuilding the coils…


Fine review sir!


Thanks brother!

But think of all the cuss words I’ll lose out on if I don’t try to rebuild :slightly_smiling:

Thant thing looks pretty big. Warhead big.


Reminds me of old style punch cartos, only bigger. I used to love those things.


Actually, this is what it reminds me of. This is the IClear 30s coil…


I remember them. I hated these damn things lol.


For some odd reason i really like the looks of that device and tank. If that were 18650 i would grab one, 1000mAh just wouldnt cut it for me.

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They are nice looking and for the tootle puffer a good unit (1.5 ohm coil) but, that is the reason that I am reluctant to bring these into my shop. No battery power. I’m not seeing where extra batteries are available so what good are they to heavy ex smokers…


Completely agree. 1000mAh is just so limited, i run through 3-4 3000mAh batts/day, the wife goes through two and my mother goes through 2.


Great review , thank you!

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