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Rocky Mountain Flavours

Thank you, and the fact that you could come up with that, off the cuff, scares me !!! TY. [/derail]


lmao you should see what is going on behind the scene when I mix too…
on second thought lol :stuck_out_tongue: |

More than welcome, I hope it gave you a few ideas… I do love my apples, and pears and yeah… :wink:


@RockyMountainFlavour Hey I don’t have Rick Daddy Sweetener, in one of your recipes it says 3% Rick’s and 1% Super Sweet, can I get away with just 4% super sweet?



4% Super Sweet would be overkill. I would not push it past 2% max


Apple pop, that sounds delicious!


It is… it also depends on what you do with it…
it even makes the best apple jolly rancher… :smiley:


IS your partner named Mike?


@RockyMountainFlavour Now that’s fantastic thank you so mich even if you can get in with chef’s flavours just like Wayne Walker did and the other concentrates manufacturers


Yes sir! Mike is part of the RMF team


Welcome Rocky Mountain Flavours! I’m a flavor collector LOL bring it on


Welcome @RockyMountainFlavour


Welcome aboard! Where would you place yourselves in terms of market segment in a 1-10 scale? 1 being capella and TPA, 3 being fa, 5 is wonder flavours and vape train, 8 is molinberry and flavorah…if u get my point? Will you be selling full sample sets so we can get testing


Thank you! We will be starting off with our line of percentage based one shot concentrates. As soon as those are available for market we will be making announcements. As for market segment, not too sure how to properly answer that at this point in time to be quite frank. We aim to provide flavourings for all ranges of mixers but our target audience will be the one shots crowd to begin with.


All I can hope is that when you do release your individual flavor concentrates is that you target a “full flavor” being achieved at a usage of 1% to 3%…

The higher you go, the less useful it is for mixers that want to target a certain total flavor percentage (eg: 8-10%). For instance, if you picked three of your flavors, and they all need to be used at 3%, you’d be limited to ONLY those three flavors. And that’s only from a possible “vaper’s tongue” standpoint…

There’s also folks with PG sensitivities to consider, as well as mix limitations due to hardware (where PG/VG ratio is important due to wicking limitations/demands are placed on the mixer, as a byproduct of the design).

Things to consider… :wink:


this is what @clouds98 is referring to… and they should reffer to your recipes already published to figure that out themselves… https://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=210305

That won’t be possible if the mixing style already is a clue. more like 15-17% unless he sticks with the ultras and for mixing his style already, will be a challenge. Perhaps it is the price points he is nervous about… but I don’t know why… rate of use cost is lower than even fw…

and to keep this in mind…

it would have to be ultras like mf or yeah flv… :slight_smile:


Which is why I felt it important to point out. :wink:

I can understand that if they are only targeting “new quitters”, as they frequently require higher levels of flavor due to shitty taste buds from having smoked for so long…

But I feel they they are two separate target markets (one shots vs concentrates).

Concentrates should be geared to the DIY arena. If they want to maximize their potential sales. So again, the lower the % use, the more options we as mixers have! :wink:
Not talking STUPID low, like one drop per 30ml, which practically demands a dilution… But low enough to be useful and remain convenient. (To me, the perfect target would be 1%.)


standard shots and going by percentage is one
Ultra shots give a whole new catagory and way they are sold…

Example… my shot line I am about to bring out… is only for 1 4oz bottle… shake pour and add base. That simple.

Concentrates on the other hand, to me that is pure solo flavors… rate of use determines if it is a standard flavor or an ultra.


No dilution needed… just go larger bottle size. Why? unless you have scales… keep up with the weights and the drops… even one drop, you can be off and ruin a lot of recipes. (with ultras)


To me, and my approach, that’s a fundamentally flawed outlook.

If you’re doing 10-15ml testers, you HAVE TO dilute.

If you only want to make a 30ml (that you like enough to make, but won’t vape it often enough to warrant a big assed bottle before it flavor shifts [“goes bad”]) then again, damned hard to work with. I’m looking at you FLV Rich Cinnamon and FLV Alpine Strawberry…

Fortunately for Rich Cinnamon, it’s stellar enough (and unique enough) to warrant keeping a dilution on hand!


My testers start at 30ml and I go up to gallons :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
so for me, it is not a big deal. vg and pg are super cheap…
I understand what or how you are saying this @Sprkslfly… but… again… if you accidentally scooped up double ginger or clove (yeah!!) and then tried to use it your way as a dilute… mhmm… your throat will be sore…

Is why I say no to dilutions and I count my drops per ml and I use my scales so I know what I am doing and why.


Which is why you miss the point sometimes.
You’re one of the 0.1% of DIY folks here (which honestly, you don’t even fall into the category of DIY, as you mix PROFESSIONALLY).

You’re better considered as one of the ones who remain to give “give back”, and help folks understand the process of mixing (aside from the obvious, that’s “uniquely you”).