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I’m experiencing some muted flavor with my new orchid tank . Anybody have any advice ?

How old r the coils??

Coils are only 4 days old !! It’s weird …maybe I’m just spoiled by the goblin. It’s throwing good clouds . I’m gonna rewick it tonight after work and see if that’s the problem

The coils could just be gunked up u can clean them???

I’m gonna just recoil and rewick and see if that works …if not …I’m just spoiled I guess …I haven’t had any leaks or gurgling or flooding so I’m pretty sure I wicked it right

I actually just went from my billow to an orchid last night for work this morning myself… lol billow needs a new coil and I can’t wait to get home and do it ur right we’re spoiled!!!

I like the orchid for production but for flavor it’s lacking so far . It’s only my first build so I’ll give it a few chances …maybe ill try a single coil build

I just rebuilt my Orchid double coil. 3ohms great Vapor and flavor. Make sure your not choking the wicking material. Also if your on a vv/vw try running wattage at 17-24 Too low no flavor too high burns the flavor off.

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I’m sure your right ! I’ll give it a go

Calculate your build here http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.asp put the wattage in the box on the right and you will get Heat Flux value. If it is lower than 250, the vapour will be cold and tasteless. If it is higher than 320, it will be too hot and tasteless (unless you have a very airy dripper in which your coils cool down a lot more).


Anybody have a source for replacement screws for the Goblin?

Thank you.

Thank you, that is just the info I’ve been looking for. :grinning:

Has anybody tried the shorter tank that comes with the Goblin? I’m going to switch to the shorter tank as soon as the taller tank gets close to empty. My guess is the shorter tank should provide better flavor, not that the taller tank doesn’t have great flavor. @MixedUp1 said his Lemo Drop had better flavor than the Goblin, and I tend to agree, but I like the easier draw of the Goblin.

Yep, shorter tank gives a more intense flavour, but I’m fine with a larger one.

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Goblin has great flavor too …I’ve actually never used the taller tank for it . But yes the lemo drop for me seems to have better flavor

Good Morning @MixedUp1. Since you have both a Goblin and Lemo Drop, as I do, I thought I would see if you are having the same experience I am. To me the Goblin is a nightmare to get the coils so they are not shorting out, but once that is accomplished, it vapes great. The Lemo Drop has a much easier build deck, but does not have the air flow that the Goblin has, and consequently draws a little harder. The problem I’m having with the Lemo Drop is dry hits. I’ve rewicked it a couple times making sure the tuck the wick down to the juice channels, but anything beyond about a four second draw results in it going dry and delivering a pretty harsh throat hit. I would be interested to see if anybody else has experienced this with the Lemo Drop.

I have the Lemo and the Goblin. Both just keep on wickin’ for me. For the Lemo, I use the method that most guides use - When I put the chamber on the wicks stick up. Then I cut the wicks just above the chamber, then with a thin screwdriver, or something else, I push the wick down towards the juice channels, then I prime with juice, and adjust a bit. The wick should be near the juice channels, but if you shine a flashlight at the base you should see the light through the chimney. That’s it. It has worked beautifully for me.


I do the same as @daath w my silver play which has a similar deck I think it works best when u just block the juice channel rather than tuck the wick into it??
With my billow I just leave the wick resting on the top of the channel w/o tucking it down the channel at all.