RTA suggestion for an ex-smoker

Hi guys,

I am kind of new to vaping, but I have been looking at RTAs, to fit some specific needs. Since, I do not have any experience with RTAs, I want my RTA to meet these criterias(maybe not all if not available, I can compromise on a some things).

  1. has to have a tight draw, basically a good mouth to lung type airflow (to simulate a cigarette).

  2. dual coil setup ( a friend of mine told me dual coil setups can actually increase throat hit, i will let you be the judge of that).

  3. Does good flavor production. (well, I dont know if it can do this while maintaining the top two, but oh well…).

  4. Does not require to empty the tank when need to rebuild.(I think I am pushing it at this point)

5)Has an easy to fillup system.( I definitely am pushing it too much).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can build coils I would Recommend a Kayfun you can get a clone for cheap just to try one. Like the new mini V3 or a Kayfun lite plus clone :thumbsup:


You might get some ideas from this thread…


I did have a look at that thread thanks for referring, it is a bit old thread so I was hoping to hear from guys who have used new products and share there two cents.

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Would you count taking off the drip tip and turning it upside down and setting it where you won’t knock it over while you rebuild, cuz a lot of tanks you can just do that if it isn’t completely full. I think most of the ones released in the last year or two are like this?


I think the most important factor is, how much of a close draw can you get to simulate the draw from a cigarette. I mean, I am using a nautilus mini currently, I absolutely love the draw but I am just not sure if the RTAs in todays market are similar to what you get on the nautilu mini. And that is why I was wondering if anyone who has moved up from a nautilus mini(with BVC coils), to a RTA that has been satisfying for them, could refer some RTAs.

I am a big Ubertoot UTA2 fan but it lacks the more modern main features you are looking for like top-fill, so…

A very close second is the new Kayfun Mini v3, which ticks all of your boxes apart from the fact that it is single coil (I’m sure someone has already managed to dual coil it already, but totally not needed for MTL in my opinion). With the Kayfun Mini v3 SvoëMesto has delivered a new MTL tank that simply leaves all other competition a long way behind. If you are unsure after reading all the raving reviews then get an SXK clone on Fasttech for £15.00 to test it out first, and when you fall in love with it (which you surely will) grab a genuine one as well to support the manufacturer and their ongoing R&D.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I am sure you can achieve all that you wish for with an Avocado 22 and surely an Avocado 24 when they are available.
Some say the 22 is hard to fill with dual coil builds, but @Joy says she has no problem.
I have only built single coil on mine and it’s easy to fill.
There are several AFC settings, and you may need to build a single coil to get everything the way you want.
Watch some vids on it, especially Rip Trippers.


it looks nice mate, I found a similar one which is called ‘Ithaka’, but on their website its sold out. I really like it and feel like pulling the trigger on that one. Any idea where they might have some in stock?

Mate, the Avocado 24 is a great recommendation, I saw the review of the guy you mentioned too, great bang for buck. I will get this just for home use probably(due to probable leaks), as soon as it comes out. But for work and a daily driver I might look at the Kayfun 3, although I really dont like it for some reason, looks matter to me. I will keep an eye out for an Ithaka and see if i can find a new genuine one.

Does anyone have any experience with Squape brand ?

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I have 2 of the Avocado 22 and have NEVER had a leak. I use it every day, all day, and sometimes in the evening watching movies. I turn it completely upside down after every hit. If it’s on the couch with me, it usually is laying on it’s side on the armrest between hits. Never any leaking. The ONLY reason I don’t have an Avocado 24 is…they are still pre-order.


I went from a full sized Nautilus to sub ohm tanks, I have quite a bit of arthritis in my hands and just don’t do well when attempting to do coils so the subs are the best for me. My Maganus is the best IMHO, I can turn down the airflow and do mouth to lung or open it up and do direct lung hits. The flavor is the best out of all of these that I have tried. Atlantis, Atlantis II, Arctic, Ego One Mega, Luggy, TFV4 TFV4 mini, Kanger subtank Nano, and Delta. This is all personal tastes mind you. Everyone is different. I also have a Tobeco Turbo, an IGO W, and a Catarpiller RDA. Flavor is good but just too painful for me to maintain properly.

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I agree with @ozo I diden’t list the Avocado 24 because mine is on pre-order. And I don’t have the Avocado 22 so I haven’t tried it yet. But it should be good from what i’ve been hearing about it :thumbsup: But I still Love my Kayfun’s


The Avocado 24 rta looks amazing, and for the price it would be a great addition. I was wondering how the MTL performance is, because I read somewhere it is not good for MTL but the flavors are amazing, is that true?

has the kayfun ever leaked on you? and are you using an authentic or clone could you please confirm

I have 4 Kayfun’s 3 lite plus and the V4 I don’t care much for the V4 it’s a clone but don’t like the spring making contact with the 510 pin. Two of the lite plus’s are clones and work Great NEVER had a Leak except when the O-ring on the fill screw gets old and needs replaced and that was just a little moisture not a leak. and I have 1 lite plus authentic which was the first one I bought 3 1/2 years ago. That’s why I like the mini v3 ( no fill screw ) But I’m looking forward to the New Kayfun 22 coming out with the out side AFC ring. I also have the New Mark Bugs Gem v2 but it’s pricey at $175.00 I will let you Know what I think of the Avocado 24 when I get it. Hope this helps :sunglasses:

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There are several AFC adjustments, some really tight. You may need to build single coils and use the ceramic block to get the restricted air flow for good MTL. I build one Avocado 22 with a single coil and the ceramic block, but run the AFC wide open, and it kicks ass. JUST FOR YOU I turned the AFC all the way down for a MTL hit…and it kicked ass on flavor. Not a room-filling cloud, but smooth, cool, and tasty.That’s with a single coil build, 3mm KA1 .5ohm, at 27,5W I would guess the Avocado 24 will be somewhat similar. The 22 is a great one, and I am antsy to get the 24. Now, I am off to cook supper, ROKU, and squonk !


Love it ( and Squonk ):thumbsup:

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@Rob62 Great to know the Kayfuns dont leak but now you have done a bad thing by introducing to the Gem V2.

Woah I have never come across this name but when i read the reviews, I feel like saving up a bit for this expensive Mark Bugs Gem V2.

You are too kind sir I really appreciate it, like you mentioned, I dont really care about the cloud size but for the MTL and flavor experience(to get me through my cravings), I just ordered the Avocado and I am sure I am going to like it. I might also copy your build too :wink:

Now when I did some research on the Gem V2 I came across few other RTA/RDAs that are very good for MTLs but are on the expensive side, but I still wanted to list them here, hoping that it can be helpful for anyone who is looking for good MTLs( although I havent used any of these, please check the reviews which indicate they are great for MTLs).

Kayfun Lite Plus
Kayfun Mini V3
Kayfun V4
Taifun GT and GT2
Rose V2
Tilemahos V2
The Hurricane
Mark Bugs GEM
The Heron V1.5
The CalixV2
The RoseV2
The SquapeR

I will probably end up buying the Avocado 22 today and will let you know how it feels and hopefully the Gem V2 when I get paid next month :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys.

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The Gem v2 can be tricky you need to wick it just right I went to a 50/50 e-liquid on this one and added more flavor to my mix

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LOL I did a Bad thing

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Yes you have sir, the reviews on this is mad and I think it might just be the end to my long lasting search of a good MTL, which also had to be good looking I might just add.

I am never spending anymore on any other gear after this(hopefully, I can be easily influenced :stuck_out_tongue: ).