RTS not out of business? Teaming up with LNW...Now Nicotine Giant?

Looks like RTSVapes.com has teamed up with LNW. I got a notification in my email this morning.

We’ve Got You Covered!
Price Match Guaranty

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers is working closely with RTS Vapes to find a solution to keep the RTS Vapes legacy alive.
In the meantime, please visit our website to place an order for products not available on the RTS Vapes website.

As you may know,
The RTS Vapes website is currently showing out of stock for all Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin. LNW is able to price match and fulfill all orders for products not currently available on the RTS Vapes website.
Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers has been supplying DIY and wholesale vapor products to individuals and e-liquid manufactures for over 4 years! We look forward to providing you with products of the upmost quality with same day shipping and fast delivery!

If you have any questions or would like to setup a wholesale account, please let us know!

-Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers


Thanks for sharing!


You’re very welcome.

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Ahh, cool. Still got 50% off on massive FA order. Woot!


Thanks for passing that along. After getting a third e-mail from RTS about their going out of business/liquidation sale, I unsubscribed.


Bet you $1 and a donut this was a sting operation just like the FDA did with epipemods.com; you can jump to 3:10 in the vid to get to the heart of the issue/bullshit. :rage:

Epipemods is a tiny, tiny operation… one man, making e-Pipes and juice. If the FDA can hit him, they eventually will hit all vendors. :rage:

…it’s all about the children, right? :smirk:


Yes. I saw this post. I was very shocked to read it. I didn’t know we had access online to the FDA Enforcement Actions log. This video you linked is why it’s so important to know both sides of the story. Thank you for this very educational post.


Hmmm, according to the letter, a minor purchased e-juice from “http://www.rtsvape.com”. RTS Vapes website address is “http://www.rtsvapes.com” ( with an ‘s’ at the end). Perhaps they bought juice from a Russian spoof site. Did they actually receive the juice?


Possibly a typo. It’s addressed to the same person listed on the RTS website.


I thought the same… come on… the FDA crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s properly… HA! Never in a million years! :rage:

If they go to court… perhaps the RTS lawyer can use that typo to have the whole thing thrown out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If the “S” don’t fit you must acquit.


@LiquidNicotineW given how you’ve clearly stated that you’re fulfilling RTS Vapes in your recent emails that many of us have received:


Perhaps you can shed some light on why those of us who have ordered as far back as June 30th, still have not received any kind of direct update on the status of our orders almost two weeks later?

Are you involved in fulfilling current/standing orders placed with RTS Vapes (on/after any given date) in any capacity?

Just my personal opinion, but you might SERIOUSLY rethink leaving yourself open with such blanket statements (via pictures) in the future. As pictures are forwarded frequently without a thought (or the more thoughtful copy/paste of the far more relevant PG/VG/Nic details that the OP included above).

I hope maybe you can light a fire under your new partners.


I kind of want my flavors. I haven’t received any updated email and the website says my order is still processing.


And that’s why I don’t do online sales. I would rather sell to the shops, then if they sell my juice to a minor I at least have the wholesales only license to back me up.
Not that I would put it past them to say I broke 2 laws by selling direct to a consumer.
The thing that really bothers me is the guy who represents the FDA sounds like he’s not old enough for e-liquids his self. That and his horribly ambiguous answers to some pretty straightforward questions.


I would think that they would only have to prove that they don’t own or operate it (because we now apparently have to prove our innocence vs them having to prove our guilt) in order to get it thrown out.


The children… This kind of crap infuriates me to no end (not your comment, the “legislation”). I was loving how they responded to the hypothetical question about a minor stealing their parent’s cc and id… they clearly haven’t thought this through (BIG surprise there am I right?). Whatever happened to parents raising their own damned kids? It’s their responsibility to keep an eye on em, not the rest of us! Nanny state doesn’t work (see prohibition), just cut the shit already FDA!



RTS is attempting to fulfil all of the orders they have accepted payment for. We are stepping in for new orders.

We were told that they are behind on fulfilling these orders. I wish there was more we could do to speed up this process, but we do not currently have the flavor inventory they do to fulfil these orders.

I am sorry if our email was not clear, and I really do appreciate you bringing this topic up.

We are here to fulfil and new orders that anyone would want to place. We have purchased the same nicotine RTS Vapes has been using, and we will price match the prices anyone was paying at RTS with this nicotine.

We are here to make the transistion of RTS’s closing a little easier on their loyal clients.

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[quote=“LiquidNicotineW, post:17, topic:148742”]
RTS is attempting to fulfil all of the orders they have accepted payment for. We are stepping in for new orders.[/quote]

Does this include fulfilling flavors (from whatever point) going forward? Or are you talking about new pg/vg/nic orders placed on RTS site?

Are you also planning on carrying the same expansive list of flavorings (eg: Inawera) that RTS carried?

And are you planning on maintaining their tradition of using glass for the flavorings? (That was one aspect I always appreciated!)

[quote=“LiquidNicotineW, post:17, topic:148742”]
We were told that they are behind on fulfilling these orders. I wish there was more we could do to speed up this process, but we do not currently have the flavor inventory they do to fulfil these orders.[/quote]

I like the use of the word “currently”! I hope that means that you plan on expanding (as per my question above).

No no. Your email was quite clear (in text). I was just trying to point out that sometimes, a quick “thrown together picture” (assumed in anxious anticipation of making the announcement) could potentially bite you in the keister if you’re not careful!! Like many established companies do these days, and as frequently as those pictures get tossed around (shared) without the body of the email… I find it’s rather “unsafe” in practice to not cover your butt by having such relevant details in the item which is most likely for the “laziest” method to share! :wink:

I honestly hope you guys succeed, but also want you to have a fighting chance!

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@LiquidNicotineW since Rts stoped answering the phone, do you know where everyone’s orders are?

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It would seem that they’ve not only stopped answering phones, but also removed any traces of their only other means of communication that was their “ticket system”…since their order email said that the customer.service@rtsvapes.com wouldn’t be answered. :rage:

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