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Sad Day - Judge rules for FDA in Nicopure lawsuit


The federal agency assigned to guard our health, does nothing to impede the tobacco companies from killing millions of people. One of the reasons is because they are concerned for the health of my cats, because I DIY.


Still kinda scratching my head about this being head by the FDA, and not the ATF… you know, the agency with tobacco in the f’ing name? Since all of our vape gear is now considered tobacco products, shouldn’t it be run by the appropriate agency? (This is an example of how dumb this is, I’m not being serious.)

The FDA are the people that say it’s okay for our food to contain a certain amount of pesticides and rodent dung… sounds like our health is paramount to them doesn’t it?

So we can drill for oil till it causes earthquakes, poison the water till we can’t drink it, poison the wildlife till we can’t eat it, poison the air till we can’t breathe it, but choose to vape over smoking, shut it down! This planet is so fucked…

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Definitely agree. Nearly two thirds of all pharmaceutical drugs have their warning labels changed . Nearly half are taken off the market within 6 years. Last year John’s Hopkins released a study which declare that medical error is now the third leading cause of death in the US. I can not find any stats on how many are drug reactions, but I’d bet it is very high. Thanks FDA. And now they are using the same tactics against vitamin and mineral supplements to “regulate” them out of existence also. MMM glyphosate and GMO’s Yummy. Makes you roundup ready.


If anyone is interested in hearing from the FDA themselves regarding the FDA Tobacco Regulations check out all their webinars online (There are video links at the bottom of the page the FDA’s Youtube / personal video channels). Very useful.


Thanks @Leilani for posting this topic, your information and to everyone else who contributed here. One of the very reasons I found it important to learn DIY in the first place. I now have enough to mix juice @3% nic and build my own coils for the next couple years. Maybe more.
Since no one really knows the impact this will make after November of next year, I’m concerned how hard or expensive it will be to buy mods etc. Will @Whiterose0818 still be able to legally build and sell his creations? If not I need to buy more since I only own a few mods in all. :thinking:


You’re welcome. It will affect any business or individual that sells for profit any tobacco related product, whether that be small or big businesses.

As far as prices go, I’m not certain how or if they will rise. Vaping products that have been approved / met the FDA regs before August of last year should still be on the market and available to a consumer. I’m still doing research and trying to find as much information as I can. The FDA website resource I posted above this post is helpful to get a better understanding of how these regulations affect conumers, business owners/retailers, and manufacturers.


Sadly I am still getting updates about this one.Thankfully it is not the only one. Once it was assigned to this judge, we all saw this coming, so plans were already put in place. It is not the end of it yet. I am part of a few groups, and we are helping fund what we can and where we can. Never stop fighting!


That is FUBAR. After everything that goes into bringing suit, the assignment of the judge ends it. Don’t need to watch it play out. The outcome is guaranteed. I guess “sad” is one term. I prefer sick.


If i had whatnots (emoji) i would thumbs up as well @Walt_RealFlavors thanks for all you do.


I sell flashlights.


I understand that to be humor, but what is your prognosis?

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We are a strong force to be reckoned with. If they try to take this away from us, we will fight harder. Remember August of last year? Everyone thought it was all gonna end? If they do end up taking it away from us, the underground will blow up, the DIY community will become almost standard and China will flourish. That’s my take in it.


Exactly! You submit a lawsuit, and you try to pick the best court for your chances of getting a judge that is willing to even listen to your side. What happened here is clear, this judge was a part of the group that is killing businesses, and even IMO American rights with a few of her other rulings. I am not trying to get political here and sorry if it sounds that way, but there is a group in Washington that think they are part of this elitist group and that they know what is best for the American people and push aside facts, studies and even common sense to push that agenda.


Per my understand, the extortion fee can be up to a full mill per product. I’m assuming you are not intending to comply. No need to answer that. And BTW, I do agree with your assessment. It will be the next futile attempt at a prohibition. The focus will simply change from the potheads to the vapeheads. Absolute insanity. Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops nobody knows.


Anytime more than one person is involved things are political. No need to apologize. In this case the agenda is a blinding glimpse of the blatantly obvious.


They make 510 flashlights…for real, no kidding.
I will make flashlights from here on out. Forever and ever.


I get that.


What “updates” are you getting?

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To hear learn about the PMTA process skip to 9min 11 seconds


I spoke with a man by the name of Taylor today from @ecigexpress

“To the best of my knowledge by 2018, we will a Flavoring Company only. We will not be selling any E-Liquids anymore”.