Safe, unpalatable liquid


Would any one be kind enough to suggest any recipes or ideas for a liquid to use in display bottles that has a zero incentive for theft?

I have been asked to look into making a liquid that can be used to replace some in particular display bottles that the client really hopes to maintain the aesthetics of but, theft is starting to become an issue.

I have a few ideas, but none bar one sit well as far as having someone suffer bad effects from vaping it. Thief or not, I wouldn’t want anyone to get sick from anything I have made. And I don’t think it would do any good for vaping as a whole if something like that were to occur either.

So I have come to the conclusion that the only real answer is a really, really fowl flavour that is otherwise no different from any other liquids. I have tasted a few troll liquids and to be honest I think if you are desperate enough to steal then you could quite possibly vape all of them if you had no other options.

I was about to just mix a pg heavy base and throw every flavour I have at it and I thought I should run it by the smart people here once first before wasting precious flavours.

Many thanks to all of you for the wealth of information that can be found on these forums, I haven’t posted before because I have never needed to. Thank you for taking the time to read my topic and I look forward to your suggestions.


Black Pepper.(Madagascar) (TPA)
I use it at .0something. Push it up to 2 or 3% and it’ll stay with you for hours if not days.
Onion (OOO) is another one that is wicked strong and doesn’t leave your pallet very fast used over .1something.
Mix it in straight PG and that’ll take the wind out of their sails but won’t harm them.

Flavor Art has some really wicked flavors that I’m after just for the Wierd factor.


Just fill the bottle with sand and call it day.

No need to cause any harm. Besides, all to often escalation calls for escalation. The term, shrink, is something that unfortunately needs to be planned for.

Beyond that, a camera would be cheaper than a lawsuit.


What about a pg/ vg only mix? Maybe colored to add credibility?


ws-23 + maraschino cherry tpa + cheesecake tpa will stop any thief coming back for more


Would be cheaper to leave unflavored I would think, maybe a little yellow food coloring, just PG and VG, something just enough to mimic the look of the mix.

Or have the bottles tethered to something on the counter or in a display case.


Hmm .

If one must have bottles in customers reach for display purposes. I would suggest empty bottles…

If one must display bottles with finished product. Then I would suggest displaying such bottles on shelves behind counter out of customers reach…

Or displaying such bottles in lockable display cabinets


Or maybe something like this


I vote for this idea ^^

Yea I like my idea better also…

I could just see it in the headlines … guy steals vape juice from vape store and is hospitalized after vaping. Would be a field day for more fda regulations…

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If not the display case, then water, food coloring and a sign letting folks know bottles are for display purposes only and don’t contain actual eliquid.


I don’t think the OP is suggesting putting poison in them - just a juice that tastes horrid. (see title SAFE, unpalatable liquid)

I am one for teaching a thief a lesson that they won’t forget. Vaping ws-23 + maraschino cherry tpa + cheesecake tpa would certainly make them think about stealing long and hard before doing it again.


In a world were mc Donald’s gets sued for serving hot coffee. I can see someone making headlines over vaping stolen vape juice that was made to teach the thief a lesson… and whose to say the thief who steals the vape juice is the one who ends up vaping it

Using your example.

I figure these bottles on display are probably labeled with the juices the shop makes… thief steals a bottle labeled cheesecake. But allergic to Cherries… gets hospitalized… it doesn’t mater that the bottle was stolen… all that maters is bottle was mislabeled and thief gets paid…

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Yes ok whatever.

I will say any resemblance maraschino cherry has to an actual cherry is purely coincidental.

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It’s just an example but you get the point…

best option in my opinion display empty bottles on countertops or put finished product in a lockable display case or on shelves behind counter…

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I have heard, but it is not a proven fact, that some have sued for being injured in a home that they have invaded.

Someone breaks into a home and is injured, then sues? WTH?

Like, If one sets up booby traps because a burglar is suspected to come prowling, and they are injured. they can actually sue!

It might be the same if you suspect a theif and make a liquid that harms them, even if by allergies. You might be in the wrong there.

Gotta love the USA…

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As many ambulance chasing lawyers as are under foot empty bottles marked
(For Display Only)
Is no doubt the safer route.


There are just too many ways this could rebound on the vape shop.

Thief gives it as a present to his Mum, for example…

Thief doesn’t have the nerve to ask for his money back, of course, but he does go round dissing the juice all over the place,. and warning others not to buy it (Does anybody seriously expect him to show them a a receipt to prove he actually bought the juice? Of course not.) He gets all his mates to try it ,and they all go round destroying the manufacturer’s rep .

Point is, it doesn’t need to come to court to prove costly…

Fun idea, though :laughing:


Here’s one example…

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As fun as it would be to see the look on their face when they vape this brain melting onion menthol combo, I’d have to agree with some of those who are suggesting an alternate route. It may be perfectly safe to vape but if the recipient doesn’t know this was a decoy juice given to them by a thief, then the shop owner, or you or the juice company on the label, will get the bad reputation for having such awful juice. It might be a better idea to just put plain VG in the bottles with a sign saying display bottles do not contain actual liquid.


I followed the link. That’s a really sad story. I found myself very much sympathising with the thief and his family; and even agreeing with the settlement!

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