Session Drummer's JustFog C601 Starter Kit Review

With much of the top billing going to the fancy coiled, big multi-battery setups, with the fancy displays, there is a growing market segment for the smaller, quick-n-easy MTL “pocket pods”. Let’s be honest, you can’t always tote around the mega mods, and you def. can’t fit them in your pocket, so let’s see what’s what with one of these lil’ pod setups. @HealthCabin was kind enough to send this for the purposes of this review, as well as a nice bottle of Mad Hatter’s 25mg Salts juice. As always, you’ll get the straight skinny, no punches pulled.

To start out, I tried the Mad Hatter Salt SB Candy juice @ 25mg, but it turned out to be a bit harsh, so for the review, I ended up using my own 16mg 70pg/30vg MTL juice with no issues.

The kit came nicely packaged with a very detailed User’s Manual.

Battery, pod, and protective sleeve.

USB charging cable and info rounded out the package.

The charging port was nicely placed.

Easy to use, fast to charge, and nice tight connection, and the 650mah battery lasted over two days for me.

The internal connectors were simple, clean, and proved to be very reliable.

The pod itself was very well designed, and I could not get it to leak during testing, despite trying to.

Filling at first, appeared might be an issue with the small filling hole, BUT …

… they thought of that, and smartly the filling hole/port was flexible, and the bottle tips went in very well, and filling it to it’s 1.7ml capacity was quick and painless.

Overall the unit was VERY small, and the rubberized coating made it easy to hold. The holder/swing cover was firm enough to stay either in place no matter whether it was opened or closed.

It proved to be a very good MTL, leak-less device, that was very compact, and just too easy to carry around in any pocket.

Testing / Usage Results:

Because I do use a MTL for one of my daily setups, this one was easy to switch into my daily rotation. For times that you just can’t carry or use your bigger cloud chuckers, this one really worked out very well. The flavor was on par with my other MTL’s and would rate at about 7/10 on the flavor scale. It’s small stature and easy pocketing cannot be overstated, and that’s what it excels at. I’m not even 100% sure why they included the cover piece, except maybe to keep the tip clear/clean, as It never leaked. The unit was snug when snapped together, vaped consistently until it was near the end of battery life, which for me, was almost 2 days of moderate use. 4 clicks to turn on/off, battery strength revealed at the power button was easy to see, and the button had great tactile click, without being too easy to fire. For a super neat, tiny, vape on the go, it’s hard to find fault with this setup.


Size: 88 x 33mm
Pod Size: 33 x 17 x 30mm
Pod Capacity: 1.7ml
Battery Size: 33 x 20 x 58mm
Battery: Built-in 650mAh
Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm
Charging: USB Charging


No leaking
Easy to fill
Juice level visible
Rubberized finish
Very good battery life
Portable / stealth
Solid button with little to no accidental firing


1.7ml smaller juice capacity
Cover needs to be swung down to vape (good and bad)


Battery LED’s


For what this kit is, it’s hard to find fault with it. Very small and stealthy, seemingly leak-less, MTL high NIC solution, that really comes in handy when you can’t use a bigger device. Fits in just about any pocket, and is easy to fill and use. Great battery life, and clicky button just seal the deal on this one. Desipte having somewhat harsh results with the provided NIC Salt juice, I had no issues whatsoever with regular high NIC, high PG juices, so I’m chalking that failure up to the salt juice. For a super stealthy device, I can’t rate this less than 9/10.

Stop by Health Cabin and pick up one, or more.


Excellent review and breakdown SD!


Thanks for the kind words @TheTinMan AND, the heads up !!!


I don’t do MTL but read the review anyway. Good job and very informative!
(why do I feel like I’m leaving seller feedback on Ebay?) :hugs:


@torturedzen your Ebay feedback is always welcomed. :sunglasses:

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Great review SD!


Nice review SD. Being a full time MTL’er your review piqued my interest in this little Pod.


Great review and I’m impressed with the reported performance, most certainly a 70/30 juice. Most pod reviews I’ve seen say you need more like a 60/40 or 50/50 juice to not get dry hits.
Do you have the recipe of the juice you tested with?


Thank you @CosmicTruth and @28If.


@anon28032772 I used one of my personal 70P/30V 16mg juices, thank you for the kind words.


Great review @SessionDrummer, hope it hels somebody off cigs or just experience a different way to vape!!


Thanks a lot @Mix_and_Hope, funny you should mention that, as today when the wife was running late for work, and fight, fight, fighting with her Clearomizers and Ego batts, she TOOK the JustFog C601, and just skee-daddled off to work.

Hmmmm …


Thanks for the great review, I’m absolutely not into pod systems, or at least haven’t found one I could enjoy.

Either way, still liked reading your review and who knows maybe I give it a try one day lol. Keep it up.

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Thanks @eStorm. I used to be in the not pod, not mtl camp, but when on some client sites, I couldn’t get away with the SC’s, so I started looking around. I couldn’t replace my DTL setups, but in a pinch, these little suckers can get you by.

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What’s nice about the JustFog C601 and the smaller Minifit is that the pods can easily be rebuilt with new wick/coils. I have the Minifit and I think it’s a great little pod system.

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Good info @Wings4Life.

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@Wings4Life I would have no idea how to do this, is it easy ?

Excellent review my friend.

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Thank you very much Miss Robin.

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Yes, it’s fairly easy. Here’'s a video on how to rewick the C601

And here’s one on how to do the coil replacement. This one is for the Minifit but the pods are pretty much the same as the C601…