Sft test %'s

Powerful tip there @SteveTC, what type of off note were they getting ?


I support that idea of the own thread. Maybe a more generic title would be advised, since I assume there will be others benefiting from the answers.


Some interesting notes …

mlnikon suggested using this one at wayy lower of a percentage to help prevent that weird funky musky note that i was getting at 4%

This flavor seems to have potential but that weird musky note at higher percentages

Use this low and wait some days for the butyric acid to steep out or you’re going to be very disappointed.

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Tester Bottle Aroma: Mod. Strong Aroma Intensity | Thick & Sour Musky note atop a Mellow Salted Butter Aroma with hint of Bakery

It seems the BA is very forward, and at higher %'s it’s got a musky off-note.


I heared about an butyric acid.
I used it only at 0.5% supporting WF crepes with a nice buttery high note.


@ladycrooks there are MANY ways to do Single Flavor Tests. Some people do very few, but do a VERY involved, in-depth test. This CAN included multiple strengths, and over multiple steeping periods. This can be very time consuming, and logistically complex with multiple bottles to keep track of, date, re-test, etc. This is probably the PUREST form of SFT.

I typically do a “One and Done” method, BUT, there are a FEW times, wherein the flavor was very weak, OR, had extremely off-putting notes, florals, perfumy-ness, that made me think I tested it too high, and when that DOES happen, I try to cut it in half and re-test. In the case of weak flavors, sometimes I’ll double the testing rate and re-test.

I actually do a LOT of research, prior to testing, or typing even a single word, in PREP for testing. Typically, I can get a good testing start point, which prevents re-testings.


I’m teasing you …you make it easy lol


Lol thanks!!! I appreciate it…lol guess I am “That person” lol! The one who,asks quiestions everywhere lol!!


Well, @ladycrooks, @fidalgo_vapes DOES make a good point. You see, these forums are NOT just for you, me, and Fiddy. It’s not even just for anyone who might read this thread TODAY, but how about tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. What if a year from now, ANOTHER ladycrooks shows up, and has ALL the same questions you do. If she (or others), can search/find your posts, THEY can be helped as well.

There ARE advantages to posting separate posts, but other times, keeping them ALL into ONE running thread, can be better.


I think @TorturedZen says this because doing SFT are to find out how the flavor performs for you and the only way to do that is find your sweet spot …In time you will be able to smell the concentrate and get a sense or just mix up a small amount t at 2 pct and that will let you know wrather you need to go up or down etc …

Keep in mind that SFT are just to give you a sense of the flavor , things like taste , strength , off notes , authenticity …None of these things will be the same for you as they may be for me .

An easy way to figure out a pct is to just add 10ml of VG and add a drop test , add another drop test add another drop test and on and on until you get to a point where you get the most out of that flave …

Then depending on how many drops you will be able to get what pct is good …

SFT also will not twll you everything about the flavor , there arr many flavors the can be used from half a percent to 5 pct depend g on what ur doing with it …The real test is moxi g simple recipes to see how it performs…

Here is an example of the simple recipe test below I added the Cap milkshake to these flavors because I know how these flavors work with eachother and by them selves… So adding the Cap milkshake will shiw me what that particular flavor does

Another way to do this with fruits or bakeries is to use your fave cream base and add the top note to see how it performs…

In my opinion knowing how flavors work within a recipe is as important as knowing the flavor by itself …


OMG @ladycrooks you could start a, “Ladycrooks Base Camp” thread @mikser did for me, to help keep my insanity (and/or yours), listed ALL in one place !!!



@fidalgo_vapes because I JUST picked up the CAP’s MS and it’s steeping, can you compare/contrast to/with the LB VIC, or is it too new ?


Just mixed this last night …Off the shake I get nothing different ad expected :cry:…i dont have the patience or time to SFT as much as I’d like so I have been doing things like this for the last year or so…

I should have made something more simple but i was craving a Blueberry mix lol


LOL, I know EXACTLY what you mean !!!


Sometimes when I need a break from new recipe branches, or SFT, sometimes, I just mix up a SOLO of MF Blueberry…


Ya the MF Bluebrry and lemon are always in a recipe that i have in rotation.



Im probably gonna add the cistard cake to Angel Cake WF and Premium Cistard FA or the TPA VC II 2nite to see what it does …I am hoping it will be a Top flavor though opposed to a base


I just got the 9 new capellas flavors too that pk that bcf has on for $ 14.99 I am currently steeping a few rn I wasn’t going to try the ms yet but
Now I am interested. I only do
5mls for testing. Just if I make more it never gets used.


I agree w/you. If the batch tastes like ass then you’ve at least minimized waste. I have to scratch my head when I see someone mixing 60ml-120ml test batches, then complain when the recipe goes sideways. :roll_eyes:


Hehe, same same. I had released some random recipe at one point, and a very nice commenter seemed to like it, asked a few questions, and mentioned he had mixed up a 500ml batch ?? !!! That seemed a bit much for a “Let’s see if I like this” mix.

The more you test, the more you can save (or waste) depending.

One time, I think I tried to calculate how much NIC/PG/VG and cotton I used, for ALL of my published reviews, not even counting privates, WIP’s, branches, project work, and it was a STAGGERING amount.

I toggled between 5ml and 10ml samples. 5ml was enough, but it I had to re-test, or get second thoughts, the 5ml’s ran short.


Well if another one does pop up you guys will all be like “Christ not another one…lol!”