Shake and vape recipes

I have been searching the entire web for a great shake and vape recipe. I finally found it here. It’s named cereal killer. Thank goodness I wrote down the recipe because I can’t find it again. The person who crafted this absolutely delicious recipe, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I made one 15ml bottle gone in an hour. Then Made one more 15ml and three 30ml bottles to vape on while waiting for my more complicated recipes to steep. I would love to see more shake and vape recipes here on this site. They are really helpful when we are in waiting and anticipation mode! Looking forward to seeing some delicious and creative shake and vape recipes!


There are many cereal killers here :smile: and I think it’s mentioned in the thread that @Pro_Vapes link to.

My Banidding Cake, also in the other thread, is a delicious shake and vape.

Most of these are shake and vape :smile: