Shake and vape

Hello firstly like to thank everyone that has been so helpful on this site and in the vaping community I’m looking for a all day vape prefer shake and vape

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Welcome aboard :grinning:

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Thank you and hello


This my only shake n vape. And check out the original version in the notes.

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Here is another thread to look at.

You can find these threads by searching snv, shakeand vape, and shake n vape.

I get the need to snv when starting out. But I find letting mixes age for a couple days would net better results and when able to getting to that 1-2 week mark…if not 3-4 weeks.

Personally I haven’t touched a bottle prior the three week mark in 3years. It’s a pain to wait that long, but for me my results are much more repeatable by letting mixed age. Granted, if you only snv your results would be repeatable but if you let a mix sit for a week you may get different results. Good and not so good.

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Thank you jojo I will give it a try I tried a strawberry a few weeks ago and found it bit strong for me think The Nic level was bit high tasted that before anything ditched it it’s hard u think that the flavour u buy is going to taste how u think it should taste but ends up differently

Welcome and glad you joined.


Here are a few that work as shake and vape as well

Technically they have to rest overnight, but that’s close to snv :slight_smile:

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Shake and Vape?? Not familiar with that. :unamused:


This one is very nice an hour after mixing. Of course, it’s getting more smooth and creamy as the days go by, but I can recommend it as SnV to get you through.

You can skip the Malt if you want to make it easier. But, if you’re getting the Strawberry NF, may as well get both. They’re over at