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Shaken Not Stirred


How do the pros out there mix their brews? I’ve been hand shaking the bottle maybe 30 seconds and putting it up. Any pointers?


This is the general consensus in DIY, but some will use mag mixers, ultrasonic cleaners, frothers, or strap the bottle to a sawsall.

Large companies can use large machinery like giant paint shakers, or high shear homogenizers. There are many ways to shake a vape, but you are a-ok to give it a vigorous handshake and toss it in a drawer. Time is the essential element. Let them steep for 30 -45 days and you barely need jiggle them. I still shake well even with a “full” steep.

To each their own, and you could learn quite a bit by searching the depths for others’ mixing and stirring techniques. Find what gives you the best results and mix happy! One thing… Heat is the enemy of volitile flavor molecules and nicotine. Use it at your own risk! Can’t hurt to try a few different styles, though.


Since I am a small batch mixer…12-20 15ml/30ml bottles every two weeks I use the sawzall method. Takes 15-20mins to get a super good shake.

And technically I use an electric kitchen knife and stainless steel plumbing straps. Used the same knife and straps for close to three years. Haven’t lost a finger yet. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use hand mixers myself. I’m prone to “shaker’s elbow”.


I just shake 'em like you do, only a touch longer and put 'em on the shelf for a month, or 2, or 3. But I only mix up 2 or 3 bottles at a time so I don’t have to worry about tendinitis.


I run around town and scream “hot potato” and throw them at random people, it’s surprising how many people don’t know to turn around to catch them or to stop talking on their cell phones. After about 4-5 people you throw them at I consider them mixed. From there it’s a nice steep in the trunk with the lids off in the back of my black Toyota Corolla, hotter the summer the better,


I will be adopting this method immediately!


Don’t over think this. Shaking for 30 seconds or so works just fine. Store it away and give a shake once in a while as it steeps.


I understand Summer steeping in the trunk of a Black Car.
But is it necessary to do the steeping in a Toyota trunk?
I am a Ford man and want to give this a try in my Focus


I did this “mag mixers” and this “ultrasonic cleaners” and this “frothers” AND THIS “strap the bottle to a sawsall” ( well it was a battery drill… with the bottle tied with a cable tie :joy::joy:)
and NOW I’m onto this:

and then I thvow them to the floor! (Monty Python had a bad influence on me…) or I follow too much @Joel :rofl::laughing: your choice!


30mls or more I use mag mixer … 15ml testers shake by hand


Been playing drums for 34 years, 120ml glass bottles are a fun workout! :wink:


Too hard on the wrist , way too much playing with the monkey as a young man :laughing:


I didn’t know that. O/T, but we need a vaping musicians section.


I started a topic a while ago, not a section, but it’s a start! Kind of fizzled out, but you’ll find some ELR musicians in here.

And let’s try not derail this topic any farther :smile:


If you shake and vape, make sure your bottle is homogenous. The fuller the bottle is, the more difficult / more time it requires to mix everything up properly. Make sure all those tiny bubbles are distributed evenly and you don’t have any sides with clearer liquid… or you might get some hot spots and instant nicotine high.

Otherwise, that 30s should be good and the weeks or months that it’s steeping will do the rest.
Shake again after a steep / before vaping.

I don’t shake before each use, although some would recommend this. It introduces air bubbles throughout the liquid which can increase deterioration of your nicotine. Only if it’s been sitting still for a long while.


Oooorah @Plunderdrum.

Every time I try and speed things (don’t have a mag) with a wisker/frother it just over aereates my mix, and mutes it. Even with 500ml’s I just shake it, and let it sit.


We kind of have an advantage to shaking things! If you can play an upbeat blues shuffle for 5-10 minutes, you’ve got shakin-stamina! Haha!


Only works in a Toyota.


Very true. Any time I take a break from drumming, I never stop training. Gotta stay in shake shape.