Share your best "coincidental mixes"?

hey friends, few days ago i got “flavor bored” of an Orange/Banana mix i was vaping - so i added another Pineapple/Coconut juice that i just mixed to it, and …(drum-roll) TaDa! magic happened! amazing flavor from the new mix
needless to say, happily vaping my coincidental mix, i ran to my notebook (then ELR) to capture the amazing new recipe and flagged it with a " * " for a new favorite ADV

thought to start a thread to capture our coincidental mixes - the “fix your mix”- type recipes that you came up with and you liked, when what you were really doing is trying to fix a mix that wasn’t as good as expected, then magic happened and a new favorite recipe was born :slight_smile:

so here are mine: [edit: made public in case anyone is interested]

  • Pineapple, coconut, orange, banana (with or without cooler): ratios 5, 3, 2, 2
    i called this the Tropical Potion :slight_smile:

  • Cheesecake, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream: ratios 3, 3, 2, 2, 2
    i called this the MCC Cloud

  • Cantaloupe, SB, VBIC, Sweet Cream : CANTSTop

please add yours.

i just started mixing with some new flavors (to me), like Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Cinnamon Roll, Grapefruit so i’m sure they will bring many more magic “coincidental mixes”


This is what inspired me to write my recipe combiner on my e juice calculator sheet. IMO this is a good way to come up with good combinations, and I do it “in-tank” all the time.


Great topic, I’ll add some to it when I get home

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I do this all the time with remnants of my tester bottles when I need to wash some bottles for new testers. Currently vaping a combination that started as baked cinnamon roll and cream cheese icing tester, strawberry ripe single flavor tester and real flavors samoa cookie single flavor tester. The combination of all 3 testers is rather nice. No idea on what the ratio would be to make this into a recipe other than starting over from scratch with recommended recipe percents for each ingredient.


@Fozzy71, left-overs, fix-a-mix, drop flavor in the wrong bottle, all good reasons that can lead to an amazing recipe
and you don’t have to start from scratch for a repeat. you can approximate - what i do is, if both testers were 10% each, and I mix what looks like equal portions, then the result is a 5% of each flavor, so half the original ratio I used - the math is somehow similar if 3 mixes - take one third of your original ratios. not exact math but gets me closer to a starting point :slight_smile:

@Grubby, looking forward to your accidental mixes :slight_smile:
somehow this thread reminds me of the story about how 3M came up with the “post-it” stickies :slight_smile:


next time tare an empty then weigh the part used bottle so you have the weight of each liquid. Take some notes, the weight of each recipe and the flavor% for the recipes that you want to combine. Enter that into recipe combiner on my e juice calculator sheet… Wala a little alien magic and you have a new recipe ready to enter to ELR!


@CosmicTruth, i love the adjustment sheet - unfortunately i still mix by volume so i just do some mental math then use ELR to capture the adjustments - but thank you for sharing, i’m sure it will help save many mixes from the horrors of going down the drain :slight_smile:


You REALLY should consider purchasing a scale. It is the best investment for DIY Juice you can make. I still count drops, but now I know exactly what i’m adding, and scaling a recipe is more exact. My 1st scale cost only $8.00, I upgraded to LB-501 I love it.
When calculations are made using volume instead of weight, use Milliliters in place of Grams and you will be extremely close. 1ML of water weighs exactly 1 gram at 4 degrees celsius, flavors are just a bit different than that because they are not made up of water.


@Joy should chime in here. She is the prolific experimental mixer and can probably share some gems with us.


6% Tieguanyin (proflavor) and 4% Old Captain (proflavor). Happened when I didn’t like their “tea” flavour called Tieguanyin. Anyone ordering stuff from Proflavor? Guess not :joy:

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LOL she is the first person I thought of since she loves to mix this with that right in her tank !

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i added another “accident” that happened yesterday :slight_smile: to the OP

Made 30mls of fizzmustards bombies nana cream today but only had .5gram of lorAnn banana cream out of the 1.5grams needed so added 1gram of TPA banana cream instead.

The TPA BC gives the flavour a bubblegum taste :confused:

Still pretty good :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thinking subbing flavors would count as a new recipe, so you still owe us more surprise mixes, real surprise @Grubby :slight_smile: … flavors you never really thought would work together.

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Exactly…“The Flavor Seeker”.
I’m online curious to find anything that works well with white chocolate. It’s an odd flavor. I’ve got 2 brands: Medicine Flower and TPA. Wouldn’t it be nice to use it as you would Cream Cheese Icing LA? But no… It’s not like it in action, yet in my mind it should be. It seems to have a woodsy note. Hmmm. Makes me think apple? I’m going to try FA Apple and white chocolate and oh some spice. I’ll try many. I have a little painting palette that is ceramic and that I sterilize. I use it when I mix. I’ll put the apple/wht choc mix drops in 8 places and try different things. Well, that’s how I’ll formulate this trial.

ive been playing with white chocolate mf lately. I’ve been putting it in a mix called stripper juice posted in the recipies section. It’s been working ok for me. I tweak the recipie a fair amount with the goal to have white chocolate with red accents. Right now dialing in raspberry FA.

Just put together MF Fig. Added Gelato, Capella Fig and some Pineapple Capella and Yellow Cake FW. It’s really good!

Passion Fruit
All good with White Chocolate

Today I mixed Cereal Killer and French Smurf approximately 60/40 CK/FS. Sooo good.

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this is my most recent accidents - added Dulce de Leche and Honeydew Melon to a steeped SB custard mix, and the result came very close to Dewberry Cream from Kilo, at least for me :slight_smile: … imagine my happiness as i tried few of the recipes flying around never coming close.

now tweaking and playing further with this.

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