Share your custom label designs, I'll start!

Hello good people!

Lets see your brew labels! Hope you like mine as much as I do!
I’m trying to make a name for myself so I’m sharing as much of my story, craft and knowledge as possible. I am also open to doing design work for ELR members. Just ask nicely :blush:

Thanks for looking!


Those look great! A hair better than my hand written 2cm x 3cm paper labels with a random pen :smiley: haha


Thanks my lord! These are the ones I use for my finalized and popular recipes. I have a couple rolls of stickers and I pen in the bottle info using an oil based, ultra fine silver sharpie. Swanky right? :laughing:


mine are as good as @daath or about the same… haha :grinning:


They look outta this world LOL nice labels. Mine are the small dot stickers and a pen .


You mean I been doing it wrong this whole time? DAMMIT!!! :smile:

Those are excellent! If I ever decide to go commercial I’ll know where to reach out. I love how you have those names broken into 3 words. Cryptic but awesome.


I know what’s in my bottle because I remember writing it, not because I can read what it says :frowning:


LOL I definitely just use tape and plain sharpie when experimenting!
Here’s a shot of my actual bottles I sell :smile:


thanks bud :smile:
i love your breathable cork top jars… perfect!

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Yeah I do too. Only because I don’t make any juices in those that last any length of time. Each one is a shake and vape and gone within 1 month of mix. For all the rest I just use the amber 1oz bottle with dripper tops.

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very catchy looking nice job

haha feel that…

I like how the color goes with the flavor!

thanks friend!

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Lemme get in on this. I made these a while ago. Some of you might have seen my post on Reddit about it. I would probably change some things now though.

Good job on your labels Big1nsig and SthrnMixer.


Those look great, man! :smile:

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I agree… they are very good looking with a lot of detail.

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great labels dude! did you do those yourself?

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Holy crap dude, I really like this. How do you figure out the pairings, because that sounds like some awesome research.

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You said to ask really really nicely like…lol…my asking really nicely like would sound more like a begging crying mess…lol…that is what I am really stuck on at this point is the label’s… I would consider you a angle or mirrical worker if for by some chance u could help me…I have no way that I can come up with at this point into making labels at all…please help if u can…