Shaving, which method you use?

Just bought a safety razor after about 15 years of shaving with disposable/cartridges… and woah, talk about baby smooth. My face hasn’t been this smooth since I was like 10 years old.

I was using the Dollar Shave club, but now I have the Van Der Hagen and its awesome, what about you?


Made the switch back to a safety razor about 3 years ago, Buy excellent blades and a good razor and your set, not to mention over all it is a lot less expensive than even cheap disposables.

Parker 99R Razor


I do the Dollar Shave Club They are truly awesome. Way cheaper than these jack@$$es that charge 30 bucks for a couple razors.

What I like the most though are the accessories.The Shave butter is the Sh!t, the best shave cream I have ever used. I have sensitive skin and can’t use most products, so it’s nice to find stuff I can use at an affordable price.


Interesting topic… (and one I’d never guessed that I’d see here… lol)

But to answer the question, Gillette Mach 3.
I latched onto it what? maybe 20 years ago now, and I didn’t bother to look further.

I LOVE the combination of the “grippiness” that the rubber provides while wet, but still has the weight and durability (while in the travel bag) to feel substantial. I’ve never had to replace the main body, and while I don’t particularly care for the price of the replacement blades (ok, cartridges)… I don’t get sliced and diced by it like I did with a host of others I used before it.

I’ve also used a couple different Norelco electrics (a couple decades ago) but, to me, they just didn’t cut as close. Loved the feel of the devices. Didn’t like the limited options on the pre-shave liquid though. Still have one like brand new in the overhead bin in bathroom. But it’s been gathering dust for at least ten years now, and the batteries are probably in need of replacement from neglect.


My not shaving has been saving me a fortune in razors over the years.
Phillips makes a nice little trimmer that is usb rechargeable. Very convenient for travel. With the comb off, it will go close enough to a shave.
On the last point, you can also get a USB charger for electric toothbrushes. One charger to rule them all.


Yes I also use a Van Der Hagen. My Grandfather was a Barber & Barbering Instructor.
So I have used safety razors, a shaving mug & bristle brush for the last 40 years.


Same here, saving a ton of money on razors. Used everything mentioned above and got stuck with something like this for the last 15 years or so. (and no more annoying cuts)



I use only the trimmer from this gillette :grinning:

I’m sorta like @Sprkslfly, I got a Schick Hydro long ago and sort of just stuck with it. Dad always used those safety razors but I never got into it. Fine for the face, but everywhere else- slice city! Ouch.

New thread time- What Did You Shave Today? :rofl:


I use the Gillette Pro Glide, I shave in the shower. My biggest issue is finding a good shaving gel, I had used Nicel but can’t locate a good version (the one I used isn’t sold on Amazon now), and tried Tomb (which just evaporates in the shower it seems)

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I use Dollar shave club every 2 months

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When I shave, which isn’t often. I am not required to shave every day for work so I get pretty scruffy.


A razor didn’t touch my face in about 20 years


My old work I.D., uhhh, what’s a razor??


I made the jump because I didn’t want to waste $ into disposables anymore and always wanted to get the safety razor, everyone was telling me what a miracle it was. I’ll admit the first time I used it, my neck looked like cherry pie but I had a quick hand that I need to slow down from using disposables.

i’m looking into getting a brush/bowl from ebay and no place near me sells the soap

It is pretty sick that I can spend less than $10 and be set for like 5 years for blades.


Gotta keep it fresh I suppose, I’ve been on a shaving kick and looking up to learn how to shave, my pop never taught me and now my 3 boys are standing around me in the bathroom so I wanna make sure i’m passing down age old traditions.


…and to let the record show, I know HOW to shave, just…learning that the way i’m shaving could be much better…like a shaving brush and lather and the difference between foam, gel, and soap lather, or shaving routines and what not.


Yup. Agree wholeheartedly. I buy it for hubby, but use on my legs too. Love that stuff.


I use DSC. The blades are ok but don’t seem to last very long (still a LOT cheaper than the name brand stuff) but the Shave Butter is awesome! A lot better than the cheese-grater I was using before. Can’t wait for the beard to go fully white/grey, then I’m Gandalf-ing the SOB.


If I’m going to be shaving in the sink, I normally use " C.O.Bigelow Premium Shaving Cream". Just a little dab and a bit of water froths it up nicely. While I do have a badger haired brush, I do find it more of a pain in the rear to use then have to rinse it out of soap and dry it. I just find it easier to use my hands (fingers) to froth up a nice lather if I’m sink shaving.