Sigelei moonshot 200w capable two post rta - suprimo

Check out this Sigelei tank. Sigelei’s first tank wasn’t all that impressive I hear. But this looks very interesting.

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got mine yesterday…built it last night. little bit tricky getting the build and wicking right, but its pretty nice. thick, thick, moist, flavorful vapor. only 2 mls, but its like vaping a dripper with 2mls…no exaggerating.
kinda hi priced, will almost surely go down.
i also got the reaper plus tank and it is pretty nice as well.
got a handful of other tanks on the way…will be reporting on those as they come.
i’m more of a reporter than a reviewer, lol…


Cool. I hadn’t heard a peep about this tank and I have newsletters coming from all over the globe it seems :smiley: And here you already have one! I am cut off from buying gear for now anyway. I was just sharing in the hopes someone would buy it and tell me if it was any good lol.

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Insanely intense flavor!!
Getting ready to PM you regarding another matter

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I got mine yesterday. It’s a bit tricky to setup, but when you do, it’s a awesome little tank. IMO, it has slightly better flavor than the Aromamizer… thick, dense vapor to boot. It’s very close to a nice dripper. More so than any other tank I own. It’s only been a day, but I’m diggin’ it.

I put in this 8 wrap, 22g Ti, 3mm ID @ .13 ohm.


I did the rare shopping trip to a local vape store today (Mad Vapes) and picked up one of these along with an Artery Nugget. Tiny little buggers these are. Got the tank built with dual 26ga 316L and I know the tank can do better on another mod but so far I’m loving the flavor! I wanted something small to take places like bars and restaurants where vaping is allowed…something that would satisfy without changing the weather. This is the perfect little gizmo for that, but as for the tank - well I think I’m in love :slight_smile:

Notice the air bubbles. This is the one minor drawback I’ve found…but not been a problem just yet. The space between the chamber and tank glass is even more narrow than on the Griffin, so with thicker juice (70/30 here) air bubbles seem to get trapped over the juice holes which I feel may lead to dry hits. For now I’ve got it in TC so not a worry.

I really like this little Nugget mod. So small and easy to tote around. At 800 mah it won’t last long, but for what I want it for I think it’s awesome.


That picture reminds me of me in public places…I’m 6’5…lol

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Continuing the discussion from Goblin Mini RTA by Youde/UD:

Ok @Ken_O_Where, here you go. Rather than take it down to the build I left my wicks in place. You’re a smart dude so I know you’ll follow easily.

Here’s all the parts laid out. From left to right - Base with AFC, Build Deck, Juice Flow Ring, Glass, Chimney, Top Cap

So why doesn’t it leak. For 2 reasons. Wick method and top cap.

Notice the wick goes all the way down to the base of the build deck, completely filling the juice channels. This shouldn’t be crammed in I don’t think. I"m using 2.5mm ID coils so the scottish roll is perfect for the size of the channels.

Once the juice flow ring is installed, the juice holes make flush contact with the cotton, so nowhere for the juice to go inside the tank. I know…sucky picture. But you get the drift.

The second reason for no leaks is the top cap. When filling there is not that chunk of metal that protrudes into the tank when screwing it down and displaces the juice. I hate that and am very pleased with this tank as I can fill it to the brim and when screwing down the top cap there is no internal pressure being put on the tank, so no leaks.


Thanks for the images. Those juice holes are HUGE!

Everyone was so hyped about the Boreas recently so I went and bought… The Moonshot. What lovely little tank. A bit fiddly but nothing to annoying. 3mm ID and Scottish roll. No leaks no dry hits. But those trapped bubbles. Get out of my tank!

Hardly use the Velocity anymore. Great flavor.

Can’t wait for the 24mm. The same height and deck size but wider so no more trapped bubbles. I already have money put aside for it.

Oh and here’s mine.

Along with the spare Elder Dragons, I picked up a few of these. $2.50, come on.

I got them on a whim because the wife is, for lack of a better word, somehow really terrible at squonking. She’s been leaking and burning for over a year and was getting pretty tired of it. She loved that Elder Dragon but not enough to overcome her squissues. Since I saw this for $2.50 I figured what the heck.

The flavor is really good on this thing. It surprised me actually. And building is pretty easy. The tiny little juice capacity is a turn off for me, but then it’s simple to fill and not a leaker. This is the first time in my vaping journey that I have two separate setups in use at one time. I’ve always just used one, end of story. But this is too good not to use so it’s splitting time with the ED/TD. Pairs nicely with the Charon Mini.

If the Kanger store has any left, I’d say give it a shot. A Moonshot…


resin moonshot tanks

Ordered a few of these to go with mine, also fit the Bellus V2, Goblin Mini V3 and a few others. Gives it a 4.5ml capacity, I think? They’ve already paid for themselves, had a mod fall out of my pocket bang off the tiles and would have had glass and ejuice everywhere if it weren’t for these,

Really turns it into more of a subohm, it gets rid of the side air-bubbles but the wicks need to be really packed in, like a subohm, to prevent leaking. Changes the pressure in the tank the original design was intended for.

Also, they may be kinda hard to get now. China’s seems out of commission currently. I placed an order early last week that still hasn’t been filled.


That link comes back to-

Replacement Resin Tank for SMOK TFV8 Baby Clearomizer (2-Pack)

You’re saying that fits the Moonshot?

I should clarify, mine is the Moonshot 24mm, so probably not…

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yeah, fits the moonshot 22mm. forget there’s two different versions.


Yeah, both the moonshot 22 and 24 are little flavor bangers, pretty sure I still have both, not sure where. The Coilart original Mage is about the same, pretty sure they used the moonshot as inspiration :wink:. I gotta find mine and give em a rip again, fun little tanks