Simple Recipes for Beginner

So I’m trying to quit smoking I’ve purchased everything and it’s in route and although I think I understand the basic principles, as much as you can without being hands-on, I don’t have any simple beginner recipes. When I bought my nicotine from LNW I also grab three flavors. “Tobacco” “Menthol” and “Blue raspberry”. My thinking was buying the concentrate labeled “Tobacco” meant it was all the flavor I needed to create a flavor similar to a cigarette. My understanding of “menthol” was it was an enhancer so adding it to “tobacco” would make a menthol cigarette. As for blue raspberry, I don’t know something fun for later. So anyone who can give me a simple recipe for tobacco and another simple recipe for menthol tobacco I would be grateful.


Are those flavors the LNW brand? Are you looking to make a recipe with just the flavors you already have coming our are you open to buying more?

If those are LNW flavors, on their website they list standalone flavor starting % as well as starting % for use in mixes. Based on those, I’d try the tobacco around 5% and then add in some menthol around 1% to start and adjust from there.

Keep it simple when you’re starting out. Maybe find a couple finished recipes with good ratings to try out, but more importantly start out with highly rated flavors. Then single flavor test all of those. Good luck to you on your quitting journey!

If you’re looking for other brands to try, Flavorah makes some wonderful tobacco concentrates. Definitely take a look at the notes over here:
Scroll through to find the tobacco flavors and read the notes to find ones that sound like what you’re looking for. I’d recommend starting all of their tobacco’s pretty low, around 0.5% and then adjust from there. A cool thing about the Flavorah tobacco flavors is that they don’t need a very long steep compared to some other brands.


Hi @X0mbie! Congrats on trying to quit smoking!

As for your question about recipes, it sounds simple enough, but in truth, it is quite complicated. DIY is not easy and it takes a lot of trial and error, thankfully, you are in the right place to find the answers to nearly every question regarding making your own eliquid, but it will take a lot of reading! I wish I could give you a more specific answer, but I don’t mix tobacco, or use menthol, and the only blue raspberry flavor I like is by Real Flavors (and the one by Flavor Revolution isn’t all that bad either!).

However, when you have the time, you may want to take a look at these two links first, because they are amazing threads for beginners, and if you have any questions, the search box is your friend! Also, if you have any questions that you can’t find the answers to, or if the information you find isn’t all that clear, just ask, and I’m sure someone can help explain things better for you!

Welcome to ELR, and good luck!


I agree with @Ths1MxrChk Flavorah has the Red Burley and from my point of view is as close as a can get to an extracted tobacco flavor.

Consider that you will never be able to replicate the burnt taste of cigarettes, you’ll get a lot better!
First of all quit smoking and this is the best way that you’ll be able to do it, then you’ll need pur help…:+1:


Could read:

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Welcome! I’m here doing the same thing. :grinning: