Simple Suggestion for the site

Would it be possible to have a dropdown menu for when you are creating recipes with all of your flavors? This would make it easy to create your own stuff. I know it already does, just maybe make it more pronounced? Just an idea…

Yes, something definitely needs to be done. A drop-down may not be the best choice for those who have many hundreds of flavors. Right now the auto-completer favors what’s in your stash though, so that should help.

Also pro-tip: When you’re adding “Sweet Cream (TPA)” you can type: “tpa sw cr” and it should be the first choice :smile:

But as I said - I do need to do something when adding flavors to recipes. This is part of my huge re-work of the flavoring part, to try and eliminate duplicate flavors.


On the topic of recipes is it possible to remove flavors after you’ve added them if you change your mind? other than setting the % to value 0? just to clean things up? maybe I haven’t figured this out

No, setting it to 0 is currently the only way to remove flavors from recipes - after you you save it, it’s gone :smile:

Is there a way to save favorite recipes to make later or save another member that makes flavors you like that notifies you when they add a new one?

To save to favorites, press the little heart besides the stars - It’ll turn red - and it’ll show up on “My page”.

“Follow member” is on my to-do list :smile:


Hey @daath , I have a good suggestion for the site.

When you’re looking through all the recipes one has created, I think it would be very nice to have a way to categorize these recipes.

The way it is now, we can only sort the recipes we have created by either name, date created, or the rating we give it.

It would be really cool to have a way to be able to put these recipes into a sub-category within the created recipes page.

For example, I have recipes of all different kinds. Like bakery, fruits, and sweets. I had previously not been giving them a name that helps remind me of what I used as an ingredient. Now that I have so many recipes, I must name them something similar to the ingredients they have in them in order for me not to have to click on a bunch of different recipes just to see what I used to make that flavor.

Just a suggestion that would be beneficial to all of us! This is the only site I use to keep all my recipes in line.


Yes, I have that on my to-do list as well - Folders/categories, tags etc… :slight_smile: I need more time! :smiley: heheh


Wonderful, can’t wait to see when you get around to doing all your to-do’s. The site just keeps growing. Don’t work too hard :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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On the recipe site when I adapt a recipe I dont have the option to make them 90 vg and 10 pg on all of them the calculator won’t allow it?? Am I doin something wrong???

There are several factors as to why it will not allow for a 10/90 mix. This means that only 10% of the final combination of concentrates/pg/nicotine must all add to only 10%.

Most of the time this is hard to achieve with flavors from TFA/CAP/FW/etc…

One good company I have found to make high level VG juices is a Flavor Art. Their concentrates are extremely concentrated and only need around 1-3% per flavor. Example, with FA’s bilberry one only needs 1-2% of the concentrate in their recipe to achieve the same effect TFA’s wild blueberry would achieve at a 10-15%.

With that said, you can also find non-pg concentrates. Keep in mind though, the lower the pg percentage, the more the flavor becomes muted since you are chasing a cloudier vape.


Thanks that explains ALOT!!! much appreciated!!!

No problem, hope it helped!

is it possible to say
my flavor stash
i want to find recipe that uses these five flavors only
and is one on one flavors is the data base of flavors

Search by flavor stash lets you tick off flavors in your stash, and see recipes that include the ticked off flavours.
What can I make? finds recipes that you can make, from the flavours you have.
One on One hasn’t been properly cleaned up yet, but mostly the flavours are the ones with (ooo) :smile:

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Is there any way to make it so that when your searching for recipes with a certain flavor you have in your stash have it show the recipes with that flavor from all vendors? Ie: coconut (TFA) but show all coconut flavors?

Not at present…

One thing i would love to see is the removal of all the duplicate recipes. Take Bear’s Juice for example, he takes someone elses recipe and posts it then leaves a comment if he likes it or not instead of using the comment box. He has posted nearly 7 pages of other peoples recipes, verbatim. Same with HIC’s recipes. It just gunks up the site.

I just found the new price thingy today, very nice!

As always thank you daath.


Yes, I think it could be done - If an adapted recipe does not differ at all from the original, you shouldn’t be able to set it public :slight_smile: Good idea!


I would really like a feature that would list all the missing flavors to complete a recipe (those that are not in my flavor stash). This would faciliate ordering flavor.

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