Simple Suggestion for the site

I’m pretty sure when you use the “adapt this” feature and save the recipe as is, all of those flavors get added to your stash automatically.

I have plans to add something, that tells you which flavors aren’t in your stash, when you look at a recipe… :smile:


haha ive adapted a few that i dont have all the flavors for so i can mix them laters and now when i hit what can i make it lies to me like i lied to it lol

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Today I am putting a lot of new flavors into my stash and I notice the “flavor added”,message. Can you link it to page jump directly to that flavor just added for editing? ie: bottle size, price etc. A floating save button would be nice for editing as well as a jump back to the top of the page button. While my stash is growing, I can see a lot of scrolling in my future. BTW,I’m always accessing via my cell phone and you have done an outstanding job at keeping this mobile friendly!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to my list.

The site could be even more mobile friendly, but it gets the job done! :smile:


I would like to also suggest when printing from the stash and including the notes in your print, that it also include the other information. ie bottle size, cost, etc.

Added to list!

Lars!!! U work ur ass off for us I just wanted to say THANKS BRO U R AWESOME!!!


I’d love to be able to see what the total flavorings add up to %-wise at a glance (everything except nic, PG and VG). Granted, the mental math of adding those three and subtracting from 100 isn’t terribly hard.

First time posting here, I hope this comment ends up in the right place.
Also, this site is awesome! Thanks, daath.

Right below the recipe it says:

Flavor total: X ml (Y%)


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there aren’t sheepish-enough emoticons for this. thanks :slight_smile:

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It would be cool to be able to have a place on our profile page for our twitter accounts. Maybe under our website option. Thanks daath!

Yes, we might as well. I’ve added some extra fields to my todo-list :smile:

EDIT: Did you mean on ELR, or on the forum? I can do either I think, but ELR and the forum won’t be integrated tighter, so for now, no showing fields from one site on the other…

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Hmm, on both would be great but on the forums is what i was thinking. With a button on firefox i can already share my recipes on twitter should i choose.

There should be instagram, twitter and facebook page URLs on your user preferences on the forum now :smile:


I think I mentioned this in the DiY subreddit - but a feature that will let you back up/export your recipes would be really nice. Portability of your data is important for people.

Export in various formats is planned - no timeline on that though - there are more pressing matters :smile:


Thanks for adding the social media links daath!

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I just had a thought, (oh no, there he goes again). Consider this, there are a whole lot of people on the website that only use it to make their recipes. Right now there are topics we are discussing that are extremely important to the vaping community that these people are not aware of and if they knew, wished they did know about. I’m speaking the Pinned Items. What if you displayed the pinned subjects (as links) on the recipe page. Nothing big but enough for people to notice. This may draw more people to the forum area and inform them of things they really should be aware of. If you can find a little room for that I feel it might be a plus for all…


If I stumble on a way to do that, I’ll consider it. For now, though, integration between ELR proper and the forum is minimal…