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Single flavor testing

I now remember why i stopped testing single flaves , its horrible and disappointing , it amazes me how we could take a few flaves and turn them into a little slice of heaven , while on their own most are terrrrible


I like my single flavor juices, Its much better than vaping unflavored juice. And when I take a vape I think to myself that my vape shop charges over 2 bucks for a 10ml bottle, and mine tastes better because it has just the right amount of purer nicotine PG VG and flavor.


I agree and when I do flavor testing this way it is so boring but in order to learn that profile on it’s own that’s what ya gotta do…or do the shot glass method which can work but doesn’t begin to tell me how concentrated it is since it’s watered down lol I’m just not into that method but I should i’d reach my daily intake of water for once !


ill have to look that one up , and yes boring very boring how long do you steep single flave tests


Most the time I SnV them to see how they are right out the gate then a week later I’ll try them if I can remember / care to and then from then on it’s usually down the drain unless I feel it’s going to need a long steep to really bring the flavor out enough for me to taste it…in which case I’m only tested to get the profile bc I know I won’t be using it as a single flavor so the first time and then a week later is sufficient enough for my needs.


Agreed, strength and base flavor,cloud generation among other characteristics can be revealed.


I use Amy’s method, try a bit right away or within a day or two, then leave the rest of the sample for a week or more up to a few weeks. A lot of times I really like a single flavor, usually not enough to make a large batch but it’s certainly vapable. The Creamy Yogurt I really like as a single @ 7%. For others though, I’ve found a few raspberry that just hit me wrong at every level. =/ If I’d never tried them single, only in a recipe I’d never know it was me being peculiar about those couple of flavors. As tedious as it is, it saves me a lot of headaches in the long run to sample them as singles.


i agree with all of you , and i use to do it , and have slipped away from it now im mixing about 10 to 15 a day so i cld get it done lol


I agree, single flavor tests are boring as hell. I’ve done it with a decent amount of flavors and more often than not I’m underwhelmed. Actually, from what I remember, there have only been A few single flavors that I liked that I would consider making again. FA berryl (raspberry) @ 7%, TFA bubblegum @ 15%, RF rocky road ice cream (vg) @ 7%, and RF blueberry acai pomegranate (raw) @ 2% were all good as single flavors.
I have more luck with getting to know a flavor by using it in different mixes. That way I can pick out the flavor amongst the others while seeing how they play in different profiles.


Quite a few good points throughout the above comments IMO.

Strongly agree with the sentiments expressed above though. As sometimes “tedious and boring” (and I’ll add time consuming) as it may well be, to me, it’s worth it. Both in the short, and long runs!

I’ve already found one that my body absolutely does not care for (so it’s now on my DNB list -that’s do not buy to ‘normal folk’ lol) and a couple others that give me a slight queasy feeling, and possibly one that gives me a headache. Also found one that instantly produced a cloudy liquid, but as that was donated to me by a random act of kindness, I can’t know for sure if that’s just innate to Ina’s Blueberry, or if it was just a bottle that was aged past it’s prime, or possibly subject to heat.

At any rate, I liken it to cooking. I don’t think folks could pick out basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, etc without having tasted or trying each one first separately. Sure, you can know that you like certain combinations from having tasted a dish, and could easily mix and match to find a “close enough” balance (for some recipes). But, if you really want to create something from scratch, you have to learn the basics. And IMO, there’s only one way to do that.

Some don’t want to get that involved, and that’s cool too! It’s all about what you’re after, or want out of it! =)


yes the cloudy liquid baffles me , i tested FW cinnamon roll and it looks dirty i also tested caps cinnamon danish and flavorah cinnamon crunch they are both clear , why are some cloudy ??? do you know

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It’s down to the raw ingredients (at a molecular level) in some cases. Unfortunately, I’m not the chemical engineer type, so I can’t say whether that’s to to some aspect of the process (distillation, or otherwise) or just inherent to the “base ingredient”, so I’ll leave that for the more qualified (like ABdada or the like) to comment on. :wink:
I know that sounds kind of contradictory, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say…

Like you say, take cinnamon danish. Clear.
Then take cinnamon danish swirl. Slightly cloudy.
Those are both brand new. No heat, or age, or other issues, Sometimes it’s just that flavor.
But others, it can be an indication of flavoring going bad (so I’ve read). So another good example IMO that’s it’s beneficial to know your single flavors. :wink:


I’m in the process of single flavour tasting 6 different creams for this reason exactly. I know I love creamy vapes but I feel like without knowing what they’re like on their own I won’t be able to decide which I’m going to prefer mixed with other flavours or at what % (does that make sense?)


that is exactly why you single flave test


I drop it straight from the bottle, some are harsh but when your trying to work out layers it helps a lot


You’re a brave brave soul. lol


One thing I’d like to suggest Is to test a concentrate in it’s most natural state… finger tasting the actual flavor concentrate. Finger tasting concentrates has become an essential part of my SF test process.

Over time I’ve learn to judge some flavors by just a sniff and a taste. When I first started using this method I also did a SF mix. Finger tasting the concentrate before and again during your SF vape test will help you learn and gain confidence in your finger taste tests.

This method has saved me a lot of time and materials when trying to gauge new flavors and get a good idea of flavor accuracy and starting %s.

I know this method is kinda out of the box, but what would DIY be if everybody did everything exactly the same way.


Such good information contained in this topic! I am in the process of my own SFT and was wondering.
When you mix a flavor what percentage do you start at?
Do you remix that same flavoring if your not getting the taste?
What is the fastest way to do SFT?
I have been looking at the flavor notes and starting at the minimum and have quickly realized that it is not going to work for me.
Here is an example:
TPA Apple. Started at 5% ended at 25% in increments of 2% and then at increments of 5% over the course of weeks!!
I will smell the concentrate to begin with and then sample the straight concentrate on my knuckle and when i’m done cringing will make notes and proceed to mix. Will vape on fresh setup after mixing and make some notes.I will then let it sit a minimum of 4 days. After 4 days i will smell, taste and vape the mix and make notes.I am repeating this process until I can get the most flavor.
As my flavor stash is now somehow over 350 concentrates i will be at this forever! But at least I’m having fun and learning along the way! Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


I decide on percentage after reading the thru the flavor list notes. The medians are to vague. I don’t adjust anything after mixing so I know how the flavor reacts to steeping time. Some flavors taste very differently from 3 days to 8 weeks. I have some that bore me until they hit the 4-8 week mark and are then quite lovely.


i choose percentage based on manufacturer , notes , and ill look at the top rated recipes to see how the flavor was used and by who , a lot of times someone here has tested and ill depend on their notes … if you went off median in the notes section i think you may have a hard time with some flavors , like Lembas Bread from FLV the median is like 1.5ish , i did two drops in 10 ml and that was strong , unfortunately the flavors we use are all over the place with strength so starting low is always best , i would probably take the median for SF and drop it a percent or so … SFT are tough sometimes