Single flavors that only require low percentages?

I like very simple flavors. Can anyone give me some good flavors that require less than %5 (preferably less).

Mints, candys and citrus are my jam :slight_smile:

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly TPA watermelon candy solo would be good. That’s exactly a watermelon jolly rancher. Here are my notes on it- I tested it not too long ago

TPA WM candy 4%

This is exactly a watermelon jolly rancher hard candy. It’s got a bit of a pucker. Solid flavor. No off notes, not drying. This is my favorite watermelon candy. 4% is a bit light. Could definitely do 5 and I’d vape this with a little super sweet for a quick mix.


Any mint flavor from FLV. Spearmint flv I use anywhere from 3-5 drops per 12ml.


Most SSA and WF are good at 2-4%.


Not sure whst you consider low pct?? Here is a thresd with some Single Flavors people vape

Some of my faves are

Flv Cinnamon Crunch 2 to 4 pct depending on person

Flv Lemonade 3pct ish

Real Flavors SB Milkshake 3 to 4 pct

Tpa Honeydew 2 pct

MF lemon .4 to .5 pct

Almost any MF at the right pct with a touch of sweetener can be vaped single

FA Blueberry Muffin had been pretty good at 2pct apprx


Awesome! Thank you guys :smiley:


Super concentrated flavors are your best bet for low percentage, one flavoring.I know Flavorah is a bit pricey but when it only needs 2-3% its worth it.
FLV - RWB is a new flavor but its Red White Blue pop…Cherry lime raspberry at 3% and .75% Cap or Purilum super sweet.
Or FLV Blue Raspberry 2-3% and .75% super sweet

SSA is an SC flav too and much cheaper
(Sobuky super aromas)
Lemon cheesecake 3%
Sup sweet .75-1%

SSA caramel bisquit 1.5%
SSA Van ice cream 1.5%
Super sweet

SSA Milky Strawberry 2.5%

NomNoms (Noms super charged)
Lemon merengue pie 3%

Noms Yellow peach 2%
Noms or SSA van ice cream 1.5%

Or same thing but Noms rasberry jam (2%)


almost any Reka flavor, the sparkling fruits are probably the weakest and can go easily 3-7% solo but others like Sexy Mango or Carambola are insane. Like 0.3% is tons of flavor insane.