Hope you enjoy it now!


Almost feel bad for VTA - now I’ve discovered the massive library of different brand flavours at VE AU - AND since I can get hardware in the same order - vape train haven’t got 100% of my flavour orders at all anymore :smirk:


My current mixing mission is trying to get 50mg/mL salt base to taste as good as the 6mg/mL freebase mixes I’ve been missing with.

Add you know: the hotel stealth vaping thing.

I need max nic potency which is easy, but means I’m starting with 50% PG salt base for every mix.

Course …i’ve mixed some tonight with the same % of flavourings, but it’s like 30/70 vg/pg aand there’s nothing to be done about it: super funny and all that pg won’t lend itself to dessert mixes, but we’ll heave to just see after it’s steeped a few days.

Most mixes are little 15mL samples, but one 60mL of custard I mixed just to be sure it’s got time to fester without my vaping it.

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SO wish vapoureyes at least had the option of 50/50 nic base: for freebase, 100PG is fine but I use a lot of salt base for MTL mixes and 100% PG is fuckin waaay too much PG.

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Actually the 60mL mix is 36% salt base, but that’s still 60/40 PG/VG with the 24% flavouring.

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@delltrapp sorry, I am a bit lost in the conversation. Which concentrate are you asking about? I am not sure which one you are talking about where it is used at 2%.


I like your enthusiasm, but imho opinion you should reconsider your approach. First thing is to try to find the cheap(est) vendor (so you can buy more) and the next one is to hold yourself when buying unknown flavors instead of impulsive ordering like you do.

Personally i would never order 30ml bottle of unknown flavor if there is 10ml available. Like usually, Pareto’s 80/20 rule stands with your flavors too. Eventually you will realize that no matter how carefully you pick your flavors, 20% of those will be great and 80% you wouldn’t miss that much/reorder again (and that 80% of time you will be using 20% of flavors, and that eventually after couple of years you will throw away 20% of all flavors you have, etc).

So, the main question is, wouldn’t you rather try 3x more flavors in 10ml bottles and then reorder only those that you like most in big bottles (because a big bottle discount is not that great at the end)?

You’re mentioning some crazy prices for 30ml bottles of FLV… Here’s the price with shipping included to Australia when ordering at Chefs (BUT again - why would you order 30ml of unknown flavor if shipping is so cheap??? Also, FLV’s are often used at 1% of less, so do yourself a favor and order 10ml)

Some food for thought. You might also want to check VTA and SSA (10ml bottles!!!) since you were mentioning those. Not to mention there are bigger discounts available occasionally…


That flv smooth vanilla


They would only be using it at 2% if they make a 10% dilution as it is very strong. I think if used at 0.2% would be the maximum. One drop per 15ml is enough.


@Guido_Possum If you only want one flavor house you could do a @Smoky_Blue and only use FLV. Good luck, it is up to you what you do.


I’ve heard that also but haven’t bought any so can’t confirm.


24 pounds - that’s about $AUD75 anyway, even with those discounts applied.

Locally, I get overnight express shipping on $75 orders and could not only buy the vanilla, but two other 30mL bottles for that $75 and have a maximum 2 day wait (usually it’s here the next day though).

Time is the only thing that’s irreplaceable, so two weeks waiting for flavours or hardware or anything - that’s 2 weeks I’ll never get back: granted two weeks flies by quickly enough, but I would rather know what flavours I’ve got tomorrow then find out what the next orders flavours are like a few days after that, than be waiting two weeks for the first order to even arrive.

I can accumulate three or for times more in two weeks doing it my way, opposed to waiting on some overseas vendor or mail service to sluggishly volley my parcel around for weeks before I even get it.

Less time waiting = more knowledge every few days.

Money is very replaceable.

The 80/20 ratio is also wrong: to date of the 40 odd flavours ordered only 3 flavours have left me dubious about whether I can use them happily in any recipe requiring them:

  • Capella Bavarian Cream
  • Capella Caramel v1
  • Black Cat for Pipe

The last of which was only ordered as a lucky-dip random and is too complicated to go in a mix but still smells alright and is steeping now.

Every other flavour I’ve ordered is perfectly fine, on point for flavour and have no weird notes in them at all.


I have most of the Silverlines, and even tested some, and they were fairly unique, and have a great corner in the market. Not the strongest, but no different than TPA or others.

The Fruit Circles, Apple Snacks, and Whipped Marshmallow were the stand outs during my tests.


Well just go ahead and ruin my Silver = Second Place joke …Lmao…In all seriousness Silverline is a more affordable line developed by Cap…silverline is more in line with TPA and FW and that why they put them out . I like a lot of the Silverline and love the fact they are different from their Original


Hehe, crap, I totally missed that. Woot !!!



But that’s for both 30ml bottles with shipment. :wink:

Only Smooth Vanilla (which you said it would cost you 50.25 AUD) would be just £15.71 (28.03 AUD) at Chefs. So there is some difference… (actually Smooth Vanilla + Sweet Coconut + Vanilla Pudding + shipping would cost you 52.08 AUD)

You’re right, everyone has their own priorities.


Hmm I’ve always put CAP on equal ground with TPA and FW strength-wise.


I meant Price …Sorry


True that is cheaper.

The AUD must’ve crawled up over the past few years - it used to be only 1/3 the value of the pound.


Not one flavour house: I’ve already got several brands.

I want to avoid filling my cupboard with a million little bottles of shit I never should’ve ordered to start with.

I order flavours I know I’ll like in bottles large enough to be useful.

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