Smelling your flavors: By Boogenshizzle

I’m going to discuss a little something that many mixers have thought about but never really gave it much salt. Smelling. Smelling your flavors. When you exhale, you taste most of your vape right?

I have an extremely sensitive olfactory sense. I smell EVERYTHING. It’s actually, quite annoying. I smell things on people, that one should never be subjected to. Now, while my sniffer is more sensitive than most, this article applies to you.

Most of my best mixes have been designed by smell, THEN by taste. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Get you some perfume sticks. You know, the little cards they spray perfume on at the department store? Yeah, there are stick versions. Amazon has them by the thousands and they are cheap and easily attainable.

You should know pretty much what the range is that the manufacturer uses their flavors. This will always be different for each manufacturer as some have really low usage and really high usage. You will discover what percent to use each flavoring at …. BY SMELL!

So here’s what I like to do:

Put a few drops of the flavor you are inquiring about on the end of a stick. This is usually the product of you knowing what you want to make (a general recipe) and setting the ingredients up, but not sure what percent to use them at in your recipe. Set it straight up in a holder or something to keep the sticks separate.

Smell the stick at 1 minute. While smelling try to get the full effect across your tongue.

Based on your knowledge of the general use for the manufacturer, write what you think you need to use the flavoring at and how it smells. Sweet, light, strong, point out the flavors you smell, the greens, the fruit, the flesh etc… This we will call the shake and vape…

Then smell it again after 5 minutes. Write down how strong it is, and how it’s changed. If it has mellowed a lot then you know you’ll need to add it a bit stronger for the steep. If it has remained the same or is stronger, then you know it’s a REALLY strong flavor and may need to either dilute it or start very lightly.

Do this every 5 minutes for 20 minutes or so. You’ll know exactly what to do with your flavor.

It’s also really nice when you have say, 2-3 tobaccos or the same fruit (strawberry, mango etc) that you aren’t sure which to go in the mix. You can sniff all your cards for the recipe together and then switch out that one you aren’t sure of till you find the one you want.

Just my .02. Thanks for Reading.



Interesting idea, the nose plays such a huge part in taste.

Nice read:


I too am a super smeller. Everyone says I’m not normal, smoking did not phase it much. I sniffed out two different gas leaks that led to one apartment complex gas being cut off. I remember thinking for weeks, oh it all in my head, others would have said something… Turns out I may have saved lives.

I want to start DIY’g and am simply overwhelmed where to jump off. I watch videos, read forums, and its like TMI. Your suggestion makes so much sense to me and thank you for posting it. I taste what I smell without anything passing my lips. I’m bookmarking this thread.


Feel free to pm me for any help or info. It’s very easy. Just have to find recipes that work for you.


Usually makes me want to lick it, if its good…

but seriously, I know what you are saying here and it makes sense. I agree

What i have a problem with and I would love to know why, is I never taste anything on the exhale. I am missing out on this. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

I see people describe their mix…with 'smooth and creamy on the inhale, subtle so and so on the exhale…sounds so delicious, yet nothing is there for me at all.

I try so hard to get it but there’s nothing to get for me :disappointed_relieved:

I should have added, I smell everything always, Im very sensitive to smells too

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sounds like a possible device issue? what are you vaping on?