Smok m80 Plus

So I just received my smok m80 plus . It’s running the latest v006 update which fixed what …I don’t know . My initial thoughts on it weren’t good because when I opened the box there was a screw out of the bottom plate just lying on top with the mod …as if someone was playing with the batteries .
I’ve been fiddling around with it for a while here with the temp control and mech mode and wattage mode . The temp control seems to work . It basically just scales back wattage incrementally untill it’s almost nothing, but it works . I can’t get a dry hit out of this thing with my Goblin on top and a .29 ohm dual micro coil . Other modes work as they should as well .
One thing I’m not fussy on is that some of my tanks aren’t sitting quite flush . Not a big deal really.
The quality isn’t bad but I don’t feel like it’s a mod you want to be dropping very much . There is some button rattle but they work fine . The colour that was supposed to be gold is more like a peach which hopefully I can fix with some sort of wrap . It doesn’t quite feel as nice in the hand as my istick but sits comfortably .
Overall I have to say this isn’t a bad little mod for the price when you consider dollar to watt ratio . It’s got some features I probably never will use like time and date which if you don’t know the time and date your probably vaping something other than e-juice!
I’d have to give it a
8/10 Performance
7/10 Quality
9/10 Value

Would I recommend it probably but I think for the average vaper 80 watts isn’t a need but for the price of less than an I stick50 your not losing on the deal .



Looking good @MixedUp1; Thanks for the good review. I’ve almost pulled the trigger on an M80 a couple of times, particularly since I’m seeing them at under $50 now. My finger is still kinda twitchy to buy a VW mod at the moment. Sooooo many choices and things yet to come!

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It’s hard to beat feature-wise for that kind money!


I think it’s worth it …don’t get the peach one tho !!

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Meh, wraps are pretty cheap and you only have a bazillion from which to choose!

My buddy got one of these recently and it was pretty nice. I say was because he was dry burning a new 22g coil install and the thing wouldn’t turn off. It got so hot he had to throw it in the sand and let it burn out. It was a literal hot mess afterwards. Luckily the vape store took it back and exchanged it for a new one. They wouldn’t replace the Dark Horse that was attached to it though. It must have been a bad unit because he hasn’t had any issues with the replacement.

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He must have gotten a mod that was built on a Monday or Friday.


That’s the one I ordered. I knew I shoulda got the black. :unamused: It’ll be good for my tanks tho.

What type of wire are you using.

28g kanthal


If only it had a spring loaded 510…

No spring on the m80???

I also have a M80. I really like it but the other day I dropped it about 1 foot with the charger plugged in and now it won’t charge. I opened it up and the soldering it lose. I’m not good with a soldering gun so I will prob just get something different witch sucks cuz I do like it.

The 510 is spring loaded

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The trick is to melt the solder onto the tip of the iron first


Yhea just sketchy on doing it. It will still charge if I set it up a certain way but if I botch the soldering job I’m screwd

That issue could be fixed by just a touch of a soldering iron. “Cold solder joints” are super easy to fix. A little bit of TLC and you’d be back in business.


I got my M80 in today. I kinda like the color on it. Its nice looking to me.

My current situation. :sunglasses:


How do you go about finding which version you have?