Smok TFV4, one tank to rule them all

Order the small kit and the TF-R2 dual coil rba deck. Build it with Ti and you will think you have a dripper.

Looks like the sextuple coil heads are going to be expensive. What would be the advantage of using 6 coils? Would less load be on each coil allowing them to last longer or something?

The advantage is: OMG MOAR COILS! :smiley: FT will sell a 5 pack for ~$21 - they’re still on pre-order though…

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The disadvantage: OMG WHERE DID MY JUICE GO?!


Can’t imagine buying premade juice and having a guzzler of a tank. People must spend ridiculous amounts of money on it.


I started yesterday in the early am about 24 hrs… almost 4 tanks later haha it’s a thirsty one…


@SirRisc thank you for the input sir. I almost didn’t buy this thing because I’ve been so happy with my Deltas. But like you I do enjoy fiddling with things and who doesn’t love a new trinket?

@Pro_Vapes I don’t know what type deck it comes with really, but I can certainly look for that dual coild one. I keep seeing TI referenced but have to admit not knowing what that is. Is that Titanium? Also is a DNA device needed when using TI? I don’t know if you saw a comment I made about some Nicrhome coils I picked up for the Delta, but they are worthless on my standard regulated mods.


if you buy the full kit you get a triple coil/a quad /and a single rba

You should visit the forum more often. Ti/Titanium is the future of vaping. It’s like crack… one hit and you’re hooked.

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… or if you get it free.

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if you’re a lucky bastard like me haha…:astonished:

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I am gonna toss a couple 60 MLS his way of course I can’t just take… not my way of doin things…


I’m having trouble with the O rings like some people have reported. I’ve had the tank for 5 hours and one of the O rings for the drip tip is starting to come undone. Good thing there are 3 of them on the drip tip. Too bad the full kit doesn’t come with spares.

This tank is fucking beast. Get this tank and ask for some more O rings.

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You can get the single tank here for only $22.55 or the full kit for $30.55. You can also get the dual coil rebuildable head at the same place for only $5.81. I ordered the single tank and the rebuildable and it shipped to the US in about 7 days.


@Pro_Vapes I visited my favorite local B&M yesterday determined to get a TC device. I purchased the IPV4. Got home and popped the Ni cored into my Delta II. Set it up. Pushed the button…oh I’m tingling!!! Bam, it said “short”

I tried another coil and it did the same. So returned to the vape shop only to find out that with the IPV4, the problem is the Delta tank. All others work on it and the Delta worked on others. So, I could either keep the IPV4 and get another brand of tank, or exchange for a differrent mod. I chose to exchange but the only other mod they had which was set up for Ti wire was the Joyetech eVic VT. So I got that insted. The store didn’t have any Ti wire so I had to settle for only Ni for now. I’m not really impressed with it yet. Is it weird to see the ohms read 0.06? Yeah, but if it’s not accompanied by some drastic flavor improvement, battery life…something, then what’s the point.

So, what do I expect to gain going to Ti over Ni? Do you have any advice for buillding coils…and also since I like tanks, would you recommend Ti builds on the Orchid, Kayfun, Subtank, or Delta II? Thanks.

Ti produce pure flavor. You don’t taste any metal and you taste more flavor notes from your juice. Kanthal and Nickel mask a lot of the flavor. Make sure to read up on how to prep and use Ti for a really good experience.

The only one I own is the Subtank from what you have listed and I don’t recommend that. What I recommend is the Crown, TFV4, The Goliath v1 and v2, Billow v2, Goblin v1 and v2 and the Zephyrus for Ti and TC. All these tanks work perferfectly for me.

A few comment’s from people that made the switch.

was it the ipv4 or ipv4s???

I can’t wait until I get mine! Still can’t believe I won…I’m just a little surprised that the coils it comes with are still kanthal…I guess I expected them to be at least stainless steel but the triple, quad and I believe 6 are all kanthal and the only change is the TC being titanium. I guess I was used to the crown and it having SS and being a beast as well-
Oh well can’t complain about free! I’ll have to look into the RBA anyways

Outside of the RBA I’m wondering what the best option being for coils would be…kinda a balance between taste, juice consumption and wattage range…the triple, quad or sextuplet coils. Since the bloody things are so damn expensive I wonder if it’s worth getting the 6 over, say, the quad

Personally I preffered the triple coil. It was a good balance between power and consumption, and it had very good flavor.

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Good to know, thanks brother! It comes with the triple… I have just been debating getting the quad pack or the triple