SMOK XCube II Titanium TCoR Setup Issues

Mine is the black version, so it just came from China yesterday. It is running 1.92. There are separate upgrades in the app for Ti and SS. . .seems pretty fuggin lame to me Smok. Include a deck in the package and then nickel and dime me to set for the wire?

I was thinking the whole thing was pretty flawless till that cheap shot to the nutz.


Have you revisited this? I rebuilt the OCC coil with Ti and I didn’t get any flavour from it whatsoever. There was a really gross taste to it…maybe the hot leads were burning the rubber gasket…I really don’t know. I tried it up and down the temperature range and no temperature setting seemed to do the trick. I guess we can definitively declare that Ti + Subtank OCC Coil is a no-go.

I can’t find where to manually set my resistance. I can set TCoR no problem. I read above where it says…

…but I don’t have this option on my mod nor on the app (I’m running firmware 1.92.) Did they remove the ability to manually set resistance on 1.92, by chance?

I find, as well, that the resistance as stated on the mod is different than what is stated on the app. For example, I am vaping a dual Ti build showing .22 Ohm on the mod and .28 on the app. I notice that the resistance changes on the mod as I vape, is it simply capturing the maximum resistance as it changes as the coil heats up? Static resistance versus a measure of variable resistance?


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Click to Settings and then 4 quick clicks should bring you to ohms. There you can adjust up and down.

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Perfect. Thanks. * Jimmer heads off to read the manual * :yum:


Also running 1.092 - pretty sure it’s still there - I use often :smiley:

Yes, it’s just showing you the fluctuations (that it then uses to calculate temperature)…

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This worked. Thank you. For some reason I didn’t have the option before, I swear!

Thank you, you confirmed what I suspected. I just wanted to be sure.

Have a great Saturday evening!


I have tried rebuilding the OCC coils with Ti wire. I can’t make it work as a vertical coil although as a horizontal it’s not bad. However I do use the RBA wit the Subtank using Ti and it works fine. Better than the stock coils and RBA with Kanthal, although flavor is not as good as with many other tanks which I think is just the nature of the Subtank anyway. As for my Freakshow, I have not had much luck with dual Ti builds, but truthfully I haven’t tried all that hard. The only RDA I’ve had very good success with doing dual Ti builds is the Plume Veil. That one rocks. I will say, though, that I am convinced my first spool of Ti wire was just shit, and I have some good wire coming. I’ll be redoing all the failed efforts and post my results. Should be here on Tuesday.


just received the black X Cube II this week, and have been playing around with it a little here and there. Upgraded the firmware and purchased the SS TC because I love the idea of using one type of wire for both watt and temp mode. Sat down with the box in temp mode this morning to get the TCo set for a build in the Lemo 2. I usually run this set up on the IPV D2 in Ti TC, so I have a base line for how it should react. On the IPV D2 I usually have the temp around 210F, but found that with a TCo at .0019 I have to set the temp at 410F to get a decent vape. Really happy with this mod in wattage mode, but so far the TC leaves a lot to be desired.

Has anyone else had the same experience? Perhaps a better one?

Perhaps I’m mistaken but at 210f I don’t think you can get a decent vape. I’m going to suggest any good vapor you get at that setting simply indicates a device giving a false reading and actual temperature is much higher.

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There has been several post on the TCoR and the Cube II using Ti in TC mode.

Most are setting the TCoR at least .00350 and a starting temp of at least 400f.

Don’t be dead set on a specific TCoR because it’s not responding normally.

I have increased the TCoR up to .00525 on dual coils to get a good vape from the Cube II.

Once it’s dialed in you will get a consistant satisfying vape.

There is a huge learning curb with this mod using Ti.

A lot of people are using the TFV4 and the TF-R2 Dual RBA with the Cube II.

You will have limited results with the Lemo 2 unless you use 20g to 24g Ti wire.

I think mine works as expected, but ohms are always reading too low. If I adjust the ohms nearer to its true value, then the xcube works beautifully :smile:

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No, you are not mistaken. That is below the boiling point of water let alone a VG and PG mix. Got to at least boil a liquid to vaporize it into a steam…


My bad… I should have stated if you have a bad one.

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Hello everyone I just ordered the smok cube 2 and the Tfv4 tank and I’m pretty stoked!! Just looking for some advice and/or how you like it, thanks!

@Mattyice1 ive found mine to be overly complicated for what should be goto settings. Plenty raw power, no doubt about that. But sometimes you just want to vape. On the other hand when everythings worked out, its a vape monster good for ti & ss ( when you get settings right). A few add ons which i think should of been pre loaded and a very confusing app for your phone. But overall a nice bit of kit. Make sure your up to date on updates. Hope this helps. :smile:

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@Pro_Vapes would you know what the TCoR setting should be for 26g ti single coil & would it make a difference between say 22g or 26g? Any reply would be appreciated.

I can say anything over. 000440 should be good just don’t go too high and if you know the actual resistance set the resistance manually… hope this helps

@quitter1 thanks mate👍

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I must admit the xcube 2 is definitely for the ADVANCE vaper but when it’s set up rt damn it’s good!!!alot of people get it just cause it’s the new thing and end up just using it as a vv/vw mod and miss out on the real experience…

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