So, having the knowledge of a flavor's single mix %, how do you use that to decide where to start while using it in a mix?

I hope the title isn’t too confusing, but just in case…

When you look and find a specific flavor’s “preferred single flavor percentage,” how do you take that info and vary it to use in a multi-flavor mix?

Is it just test, taste, and adjust from there? Or do you have a simple algorithm (per se) that you use to dictate how much you’ll use in a multi-flavor mix at first with solid results (and then change from there after initial mix if necessary, but assuming that your % usually works out)?

Sheesh, I probably made it even more confusing. Hopefully you guys can understand, if not, I’ll try to reword it haha.

Thanks for any help!

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That’s pretty much how I did it. Trial and error. Both fun and frustrating! BUT, when you hit that magic combination, POW! Happy! Vape!


P.S. I also researched the crap out of other people’s recipes on a bazillion different forums until I was blue in the face. This was one of the best things I did when I was starting out…research!


Ok, now you are getting it. The best you can do is get some idea where to start with the preferred single flavor %. Let’s say we are looking at the flavor Mexican Liqueur. Here’s the only info for this flavor…

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.2% (Median: 2%)
Minimum used quantity: 1%
Maximum used quantity: 3.5%

On ELR this flavor has never been used as a standalone flavor. That is why you only see mixing %s. Actually this flavor has only been used by myself and my recipes are private due to I run a vape shop. The point I’m making here is by looking at this info you see that this must be a very strong flavor since the average mixing quantity is only 2.2%. A weaker flavor would require much more flavor. You may find flavors mixed as a standalone at only 1-2%. They got to be strong. You see how this info gets the brain thinking. Here’s the tricky part though. here on ELR we have a saying that you will begin to see quite often, that is, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE. Basically what is being said is everyone’s taste buds are different.

There is no algorithm to figure out what your taste buds like. Shame though, might make it easier. This tells you that you hit the nail right on the head. It’s Mix it, Test it (Taste), adjust it from there. See you’re getting the hang of this already.

It may sound like a lot of work sometimes but what you will realize is you are gonna get real familiar with the flavors you like to use. You’ll learn flavor pairing (a Necessity). You will start hitting what you like quickly because you have learned your flavors and also learned how please YOUR TASTE BUDS in mixes…


So, So, True. Could not say it any better…

Actually it’s because noone has entered a single flavor mixing percentage - actually finding single flavor recipes with a specific flavor is a good idea to get more data - thanks @ringling :smile:


I typically start with the median mixing % and adjust from there. When I get to a spot I like, I usually stick it in the flavor notes so I’ll have it for next time. I’m terrible about not entering single flavor % on my flavor notes cuz I never do single flavor mixes. :confused:


Well, I’ve got that going for me. That is literally all I do when it comes to any hobby or serious interest of mine, whether it be vaping, mixing, glassblowing, etc. I research until I end up falling asleep with my phone in my hands, wake up and pick up where I left off. It’s my favorite part about it. I love digging in and learning as much as possible, asking questions when necessary and soaking up all available information.

[quote=“ringling”]There is no algorithm to figure out what your taste buds like. Shame though, might make it easier. This tells you that you hit the nail right on the head. It’s Mix it, Test it (Taste), adjust it from there. See you’re getting the hang of this already.

It may sound like a lot of work sometimes but what you will realize is you are gonna get real familiar with the flavors you like to use. You’ll learn flavor pairing (a Necessity). You will start hitting what you like quickly because you have learned your flavors and also learned how please YOUR TASTE BUDS in mixes…[/quote]

It really doesn’t sound like a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not a complete newbie when it comes to this, I just had this curiosity and wanted to ask how other people approached this aspect of mixing. This is what I do already, mix, taste, adjust from there. Trial and error is actually more fun than it is “work,” or being tedious. I enjoy creating something new, trying it, having my girlfriend and friends try it, compile our opinions and thoughts on it, change it accordingly and see how Version 2 works out.

You’re 100% right about taste being subjective. Just between my best friend and I, our tastes vary greatly, but we both can also taste what’s “good” and what isn’t, when there’s too much X or not enough Y. So being able to look at things objectively is also a huge benefit when it comes to mixing. You mix for a vape store (I used to do this as well) and if you always mixed for your taste buds, well, maybe your customers had a very different palate and flavor profile than you… It wouldn’t work out very well, haha. So I’m sure you’ve also adapted to know that while taste is subjective, being able to step back and objectively view what you’ve mixed is hugely beneficial.

Based on what I’ve read from you, I can almost guarantee you’d like none of my recipes (possibly because I use CAP and TFA which are the most readily available for me) but, working with what I have, I feel I’ve managed to come a long way in understanding certain flavors that pair well together, as well as flavors that can add a little umph to another. It’s a super fun process and I’m so happy to have gotten into DIY mixing.


Right on, there are just a few new flavors that I’ve gotten that I haven’t been sure where to start with. I usually just jump in and give it a guess based off of its flavor profile whether I want it to be a front runner or a background flavor and base my percentages on that.

Also, I commented on your Sunrise & Cream v1 mix, I made it and added Sweet Strawberry to it. After a 4-5 day steep, it was magical. I want to make something similar that is more of a straight up orange and cream for a friend but still with some complexity. After a few days, your S&C with my added sweet strawberry really turned into a delicious creamy orange flavor. The strawberry was far from overwhelming even at 5%, so I’m trying to figure out if I want to go the strawberry route again or try something different. I never realized how much I liked an oranges & cream vape in the morning. It’s a nice little wake up for my tastebuds :smile:


Quite true, it can be hard at times but I have to try to ignore my taste preferences when creating. However, there are lines I will not cross whether some like them or not. I won’t do Floral.

Don’t bet on it, I use plenty of TFA but I do like many FW flavors. I would use Cap stuff if the price was more feasible for resale. Heck if I was buying to blend for personal I would probably be buying Flavor Arts, Capella and INW flavors too. I like Creams Fruits Caramels Vanillas just like the best of them. Maybe I would not like some of your flavors but it’s every bit as likely I would like some of them. The same would most likely be true if you were to try my blends…Well I’m gonna have to be off to run a errand, Happy Blending…

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I saw! I’m glad you liked it. Let me know what kinda adjustments you make and how they turn out!

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Another thing to do is just get use to mixing. Look around and find one or two recipes that may be of interest to you, Build them up as they are currently written then try them out. Afterwords, re mix those same recipes but vary the amounts you add slightly (take good notes of what you changed). By doing this you can see the differences that the amounts do, it may also be good to mix one recipe you like with another and see how the two merge.

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Maybe an additional checkbox that says; hide multiple flavour recipes would make it easier for noobs (like me) to do a little research into the percentages other people use for specific flavours. I use the “hide single flavours” quite often and would think the opposite of that could be equally useful.

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Where abouts? A state is fine, I don’t need to know the exacts like some stalkerish creepo :wink:

I’m in Texas. We have bigger Vape Shops Here…lol


So I’ve heard :wink:
Do you sell vendor juices or your own? or a mix of both? I only ask because we have been thinking about running one ourselves (hence the reason I’m currently keeping my kick ass recipes close to the chest atm) and we have been thinking about what route we should go…as far as accessories/tanks/vendors/online and so forth.

I started out just making some juices for my employees and that kind of grew from there and I’m at that point were I have a chance to sell to “strangers” but due to insurance…lack of…and the legality of it all I’m at the tipping point of diving into a store front.
This thread/forum probably isn’t the best place for this conversation though :wink:

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I’d love to be in whatever thread/forum ya’ll decide to talk about this in. I’ve talked to a local person here that makes his own flavors, he has juice, but he is working on being another line of actual flavors. But I’m still just trying to get a feel for what the current people use, he was telling me how hard it is to get into the flavoring side, most people use what is currently “common” and are very hard to have them switch from what they are use to.

I sell only MY creations as premiums and then what I call my eco line which is like your normal vape shop lines. Honestly there are very few supposed premium juices I would even consider selling. Few are as good or better than my own. Most of the stuff I have tasted was lousy. I hate like heck to discourage anyone from getting into this business but the truth is unless there are some big changes between now and April next year, Vape Shops will be no more. Blending your own for a Vape Shops will be no more unless you go through the FDA. Better be independently wealthy cause you would have to get juice approved and design and have equipment approved by the FDA. That’s how the regs read at this time. Any equipment not in existence by 2007 is subject to FDA approval. I’ll be out of business and all the rest of us as well being we’ll have no equipment to sell. We will not be able to stay in business selling Cigalikes. Best do what you’re doing now and watch the fireworks…

…and then there’s that haha

To be honest I haven’t followed the whole regulation train, even though I knew its a comin down the tracks to demolish the station. Of course I didn’t plan on jumping in before educating myself on the coming storm but it sounds like you have a pretty good idea of whats to come as well as the timeline…as you should seeing that it is your bread and butter at the moment.
So is this the lovely story of big tobacco coming in to destroy this industry all together and pushing us under ground prohibition style? or just the FDA approving this and that for “consumption”? Which in my opinion should probably happen in some causes for our own good (Nude nicotine)
I guess the way I read what you’re saying is that its going to be squashed for the most part…
Obviously I have this neat little thing called google that I will be using to catch up on whats in the works but I kind of took a few steps back from reading up on all of it because it was hard to weed out fact from fiction from conspiracy theories if you know what I mean.
I’ve just always seen the regulation storm as something that is run by $ and not run by sense and people’s health…which is a shame
I hope for your case things change at least or at the very least change enough to keep you running my friend…


Honestly within 5 minutes of posting my reply I have done a search and have a pretty good idea…I don’t believe I have EVER been so furious about an issue as I am this…or more directly big tobacco…getting away with murder quite literally. It just disgusts me the ignorance this world has or more importantly the people who run it.
But politians will continue to be who they are…oil giants will do what they do…and big tobacco as well…

You could pose the question to the f$@ks that run this country, if you press this green button you will end all disease and poverty in this world or this red button and receive a million dollars every month for the rest of your lives and they will ALWAYS press the red button…It baffles me…

I stay away from politics and I’m really not involved in any issues…whether that’s right or wrong idk but this for some reason REALLY gets under my skin…