So how much is TOO MUCH!

Hi all

After I got my Wismec Theorem, I have been vaping pretty much all day nowadays. I am subohming at 3mg and vaping about a 8-10ml of eliquid everyday. Would be interesting to hear how much have you been vaping on a daily basis. :slight_smile: This might give me an idea if I am actually vaping too much or maybe not much at all.

Some days 30 ml
Some days 60 ml I am ashamed to say
But it beats the 2 packs a day for last 15 years
Was smoking
Stopped smoking 4 years now
Started when I was 15 til age 50
Thank God for ecigs


Good to know, lol I feel stupid opening up this thread now, but it does make me feel I am on the OK side of vaping :smile:


During school I usually only vape 10-12mls. During the summer, I’ve vaped probably closer to 15mls a day. I think whatever makes you happy about life and keeps you off cigarettes is the perfect amount. :wink:

Also, if you wanna see more people’s amounts:


Diffentley not
The only dumb question is the one not asked
I think I am vaping way too much but what the heck
I enjoy it and I do feel so much better
I can do more without being out of breath
That is why I have to make my own I can’t afford to buy that much at BM store

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For me depends completely on the day. 15ml to 40ml. So right around 25ml at 1.5mg nic.

On days that I am building new coils and fighting with the avacado24… Yeah 40ml.


Sometimes I do miss the occasional morning head rush though :frowning: …but it keeps me off the smokes and keep healthy…guess you cant have everything in life :’( .

You could try keeping a bottle of a higher nic juice next to the bed so you can hit it when you first get up. I think a lot of people have varying nic levels so that when they need that extra bump, it’s there. :slight_smile:


Avocado 24 still waiting in mail to collect for the last 4 days, you know what I am taking off early today just to get it :stuck_out_tongue: heard some really good things about it. I only lack in buying new flavors, I have been vaping the same flavor for like last 2 months now. Too lazy and indecisive at buying new flavors dont know what to get.

Hmm, i might just do that, do I go MTL or DTL for that? or does it not matter?

Whatever suits your style. :slight_smile: If you’re just getting off cigarettes, a higher nic juice and a MTL first thing in the morning when you’re still groggy may be exactly what you need. But if you prefer the DTL, do that.

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I vape anywhere from 8ml up to around 20ml on any given day, just depends what i am doing (bored days i vape a lot more often). When messing with coils and experimenting with different builds I definitely use a lot more. Tho not necessarily all vaped (leaky tfv4 mini from time to time).

This topic came up a few months back, and I recalled I thought I vaped about 20ml. I remember because I was in NC on a job assignment and I didn’t think I had taken enough juice with me. I think I actually only vape about 15mls daily from 3 different tanks (15mls total).
I do find it surprising that your using the Theorem with it’s what 3ml tank(?) if your vaping 10 mils or so… I would be using a larger tank so as not to have to keep filling so much (I also have the Therorem constantly on a mod to sip from). Nothing wrong with it, just seems like it would be a hassle after awhile having to refill so many times daily.

Totally agree, but the taste is like no other though. Might give the tfv8 a shot, looks like it can hold a bit more. If you can get me something similar to the theorem with more capacity pls advise. Thanks

Personally I like the Griffin 25mm (I use both the 22 and 25 mm) you’ll hear both pros and cons on the tank(s) though, imho the 25mm is a much better tank than the 22mm. Like I said, nothing wrong at all about the Theorem, I initially had planned to only use it for taste testing, but it sits in my rotation with some obscure juice that is different from adv’s I keep in the other two I use.

how would you compare the griffin against the avocado 24 and theorem, in terms of flavor and warm vapor production?

I do not have the Avocado tank but from the reviews I have seen on here from users of it, I can’t recall anyone dis-satisfied with it. As for the Griffin vs the Theroem… I enjoy the Griffin better than most tanks I have (haven’t stopped using it (them)) but you really can’t compare the two tanks, they are different creatures, both are good tanks for what they are designed to do. I think the Griffin is a cooler vape, but on all my tanks and mods, I vape at lower wattage… normally .5 -.6 ohm and 25-27 watts, so your question is probably best answered by others… sorry.

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thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I have them both the griffin and the avacado 24
I don’t care for the avacado it is in the I don’t use pile
I use the griffin every day love it
The wicking on avacado is a pain and just not worth it
Flavor was ok clapton
Thinking of trading it off maybe for a merlin or kayfun 5 clone

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You will find that you’d go through a lot more juice with one of those babies :grinning: