So pissed right now!

Just received my last batch of nic from what I thought was a reputable vendor. This is what it looks like… Should I be upset? I feel really pissed off. It’s 100mg and freaking tinted yellowish. My prior orders were clear. I’m new at this but feel completely taken advantage of. Orr am I freaking out about nothing… Still pissed.


I know my last Salts order from Nude has some color. Will have to check the NIC.


All of my Nude Nic came clear …The FB and the salts EXCEPT the last batch of salts .I emailed them and they refunded my money…You shouldnt be pissed it happens you should be pissed if they dont take care of it.


My last batch oof salts

Salts I have previously received


I will reach out and call them on Monday. The problem is, we can’t get nic now so a refund really does me no good. Can I still use it? Should I use it?


YES use it …If anyrhung its a little oxidized its nithing like what i got …Is that FB or Salts?? If it’s FB i wouldnt even complain …If it was like what i got then its time to ask questions


So the one bottle of salts you have looks orange… is it in a clear bottle? I would be super pissed receiving that and I’m just a newb!


Yes its in a clear bottle…That is the color you want to worry about lol…Yiur Nic looks fine , look at the beautiful colors …And im absolutley ok with all those bottles its just the Orange one I am not happy with


Btw Nude Nic is close to having B2C options


Dude, try it out. It’s probably fine. I’ve had clear nic taste terrible before. Slight tints like in your photo are normal.


Great point…


Why is the orange color concerning? What size bottles are those?


Meaning we have to pick up at a vape shop? I was truly in hopes they would find a way around shipping w/ new methods.


Still it’s disappointing to chuck over a bunch of money only to receive oxidized Nic.


It means that It has been oxidizing for a minute, this color usually happens due to too much heat or oxygen…

500ml bottles

Menas they are close to being able to supply consumers again by shipping to us

I honestly think your Nic is fine …Its not clear like water but it doesnt need to be as a matter of fact some Nicotine products are yellow bc of the Acid used , some Nic has a pinkish hue to it bc the way it is made . Like @INOIROC said clear isnt always a good sign but I understand how comforting it can be


Thank you for all the good information!!


All the freebase I’ve bought looks like that: same shade of pink even.

Deep breath…

Relaax… it’s fine :wink:


The salt nicotine I get always has the slightest yellow tint to it, while the freebase is that same colour as your pic: a light salmon pink.

Dunno why the different colours, though they’re always the same colour consistently: it’s never like the new bottle is darker looking than the last.

I actually think it might not be oxidization but feint colouring they add to easily distinguish between freebase nic and salt nic.


Why would you think this ??? The diffeent Colors with salts is dependent on which acid they use . I can’t imagine anyone is using coloring . Of course your free to assume what you would like


Because it’s always the same salmon pink as that photo up top.

The salt nic is always the same warm yellow too.

Iunno, but if they can make water clear nicotine, why would they choose a method that turns it pink or yellow straight away?

Certainly if I was a lab pumping out mega litres of nicotine salts and freebase every week, I would sure as shit like to be able to easily identify what’s in a 9 gallon drum on the off-chance human error sees the drum mislabeled.

Human error happens regularly - everywhere.

Couple drops of red or orange food colouring and nobody ever gets the two confused.

I’ll just bet too, that if the colouring amount is UNDER a certain level of PPM they can omit it from the label completely.

Though really, looking at my nic base: I see 10%/100mg/mL, I see 100PG, I see NICOTINE DANGER etcetera… I don’t see ANYWHERE that states there’s no colouring or anything but nicotine and carrier/PG - no statement of purity at all so you assuming they would never add colouring just 'cause that’s what you figure, or because you wouldn’t want it in your liquid is - optimistic definitely.

I personally don’t care if there’s a few drops of food colouring in there and you saying it’s "Just how some nicotine is made’ is about the vaguest reason possible for nicotine base being pink or yellow.

I may be just assuming they DO add colouring, but you are just assuming they don’t.

Imagine how much perfectly good nicotine base has been tossed in the bin or flushed, simply because people think it’s oxidized when it makes much more sense that it’s a colour tint that’s added by lab techs to tell which is freebase or salt at a glance.


That’d be the only sticking point: you mean prior orders from that site, or prior orders from somewhere else?

Even then, they could simply have sourced their nicotine from somewhere else.

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