So scary....maybe we should quit vaping!

Another candidate for the Darwin award blew his face off. Now the courts are involved which can only mean good things for the vaping community.


A permanent reminder of ohm’s law.


Ohhh please not him again….why when somebody wants a baitclicker puts an interview with that (didn’t he want to retire??) gentleman and writes an article about idiots trying (and succeeding) to short circuit a mod with 0.0000000001 Ohm, and closing said article with things like…nicotine is addictive, citing that two people have died or had accident in the last …XX years, that 194 people might have had an accident because of lithium batteries that have been left on the fire/sun/car you name it. and that’s it! you’ve got yourself a baitclicker served on a plate…

It’s getting boring


Wow, with compassionate friends like these, who the hell needs enemies ? They’ve got 'em “in stock”:

The lawsuit demands damages from three companies: Create a Cig, VGOD, a California-based seller of e-cigarettes, as well as a U.S. affiliate of LG, the South Korean company that made the batteries.

Darrell Suriff, CEO of the Create A Cig parent company in Austin, Texas, said he didn’t have specific information about the case. In a court filing, Create A Cig offered more than 30 legal defenses, including that the company didn’t manufacture the e-cigarette or the battery, and that Bishop’s claims are barred because he assumed the risk of using the device, and that the explosion is his own fault.

VGOD made similar legal defenses, arguing that it didn’t manufacture the e-cigarette - it’s not clear who they say made it - and that Bishop brought the explosion on himself. “Plaintiff so carelessly and negligently conducted himself that he, by his own negligence, contributed directly and proximately to his own injuries,” the lawyers for VGOD wrote.

Neither Create A Cig nor VGOD cited any specific actions by Bishop that brought on the explosion.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics filed a legal motion asking the judge to dismiss the company from the lawsuit.



One scenario that I avoid is beginning battery charging (using internal mod circuitry) if/when the battery is at an elevated temperature from recent discharge-current draw. Both are processes that raise temperatures.

An in-depth description of Li-Ion battery cell “thermal runaway” reveals heat as the culprit triggering runaway:

… many of the reported fires are due to burning electrolyte rather than the Lithium compounds. … Although investigation has shown that some Lithium fires are due to internal short circuits as described above, many, if not most fires are caused by abuse by the user. This may be “deliberate or negligent” abuse such as overcharging or operating in a high temperature environment or physical damage due to mishandling, but quite often it is unconscious abuse. Surprisingly many of the most serious fires have been initiated by inadvertent short circuits caused by careless disposal of cells in the rubbish.


I am sorry he was injured but starting a lawsuit because the he violated the law of ohm and then tries to blame manufacturers sorry my sympathy quickly evaporates.

Ya, this was a mech so no charging circuitry - still good advice though.


Georg Simon Ohm was himself an “outspoken” fellow, not well received, and it seems ridiculed, in his time:

While his work greatly influenced the theory and applications of current electricity, it was coldly received at that time. Ohm presents his theory as one of contiguous action, a theory which opposed the concept of action at a distance. Ohm believed that the communication of electricity occurred between “contiguous particles” which is the term he himself used.


He performed many experiments and measured the various effects associated with them. It was a very different science to that of today. At this time, even the most basic measurements were difficult to make with any degree of accuracy. In order to measure current there were no meters as we know them today. Instead the magnetic force around the conductor was measured.

By doing this Ohm noticed that the type of conductor had an effect on the magnetic flux. He performed many experiments to try to determine any relationships that might exist. Despite the many difficulties, Ohm came up with a relationship between the current, voltage and the properties of the wire. Unfortunately it was not Ohms Law as we know it today because it even included a logarithms.

Ohm continued his work and refined his results. He managed to improve the batteries which were a major source of error in his results and he also used several pieces of similar wire, but of different lengths. Using this set up he was able to derive a new relationship and this turned out very much like the form which we all know today.

As he was now certain of his findings he published a paper. In doing this he hoped he would be able to gain recognition. However there were inevitably some of the established scientific community who treated his findings with a great deal of scepticism. They even ridiculed him in the scientific press. Even so a few people recognised his work, and he was able to move onto Berlin to proceed with further research.



“As a result of the battery and container failure, one or the other, or both, can be propelled across the room like a bullet or small rocket.”

No wonder the ignorant are fearful…


From what I have seen and read from The Mooch, he is hardly less reverent - and he points out that the batteries that vapers use are not protected-type. But we know that he is not some breathless (and perhaps near brainless) “journalist” surfing the waves of sure-fire fear and loathing that the infotainment consuming public so click-bait craves these days. Used to live in Memphis in the 60s. They used to boast that the city had “more churches than gas stations”. Surely, the “pursuit of pleasure” must carry some profane “penalty”.


I must admit. That is some very good pros. I like your style.

It’s that quote there that gets my goat. Can’t tell if you yourself are being " irreverent ". Having once been " enlightened " and then pursued Hedonism with abandon, I do believe I found a balance; All things in moderation.


Dan, see the link that I inserted in quoting your text (from the almighty “Huffington Word Police”) … :nerd_face:

It was fully tongue-in-cheek, from an irreverent “libertine” trusting neither church or state. (One’s personal) “temperance” seems to be something of an acquired skill, often later in life after one has experienced many other scenarios. Seems like one has to grasp the ephemeral and elusive nature of wanting, and hoping (or expecting) to like, as well as the process of coming to realize that little can be implemented by sheer force of repetitive will. Albert Camus wisely said: We call first truths those we discover after all the others. Indeed.


I thought it might be.

I enjoy a good word study. Thanks for that.

Hope is a very dangerous emotion and one I try not to participate.


Dang, it’s only Monday and I’ve had to dust off my copy of Roget’s and get a slide rule to decipher these replies. And after all that, I’m still scared! :laughing:


I’m with you. After reading this little exchange I think my ADHD just shot through the ceiling! :dizzy_face:


I simply resent this shit. Talking heads making money generating fear. There’s plenty to have a genuine fear of. LIke if the dweeb on the cell phone next to you is going to turn into you at 80mph. Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit.


But that could (possibly) be a declaration based merely upon (albeit low) mathematical probabilities of internal cell failure - as opposed to what (may) have actually happened ? But, who really cares about that. Vapers want a buzz, vendors want profits, and moral nannies want yet another way to infantalize the public with paternalistic control freakdom and clarion calls for mass collective fear/loathing to rule our dark days.

Plausible Deniability in Court

Ideas that young people will not invariably find ways to pleasure their hormone-soaked frames, and that Nicotine consumption cannot be meaningfully disassociated from (shown to be) toxic/deadly tobacco combustion/ingestion are absurdities. Nothing attracts young minds like defying “cultural taboos” ! :nerd_face:


This is especially true in the US where our system of checks and balances has deteriorated, and where idealistic sycophants have hypnotized huge swaths of the populace. The justice system will keep turning criminals out into the public while conducting a seek and destroy mission on whatever thing runs contrary to their own personal views - or that of their constituency.

Call me cynical, but if this case actually sees a courtroom I’d be shocked to not see the plaintiff win. That’s how the system is wired these days. But hey, let’s let that 3 time murdering rapist immigrant loose in Del Rio.


Amen brother! You can call me cynical as well.


Ha, be great if people commented in plain english rather than try to polish up their writing skills. Not a comfortable read!


So scary….maybe we should quit vaping!

I learned early on… if they tell you to Panic it’s nothing to worry about.

It’s when they tell you NOT to Panic… that’s when you better run! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You said it better than I could :slight_smile:

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