So there's a Unicorn Milk recipe that's supposed to be accurate

Here ya go!!

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Good points DarthVapor, as far as anyone using this recipe, they should be in the clear, but the person who took the recipe could be in trouble. Something like this has happened before. Clearly not on the same scale, but kind of the same thing, maybe?

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I hadn’t considered copyright… But it doesn’t come into play. But theft…yea. Damages, yep. If cuttwoodspy gets caught, or the person feeding him info (if either is actually the case), are in big deep doo doo.


Now this could be a different story. However, is it? Without copyright a recipe is basically PUBLIC DOMAIN. Now if this person had signed a contact not to divulge company secrets they most certainly could be sued. Prosecuted, don’t know. Probably not…

I’m not getting anything from the link, is it my blocker or the link bad?

Same here. Was able to get a google cached version :smile:


After reading the article @DarthVapor left for us I see that I stand corrected when it comes to not being able to copyright something without paying the bucks. I stand corrected, however let it be said I do know for a fact that without copyright notice others can steal your work and say it was theirs. This was happening on Youtube all the time. Maybe still is, don’t know. If you expect your work to hold up in court as copyrighted you BETTER claim it as copyright in words or by the copyright symbol. Of course only if it is a copyrightable thing…

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Sorry about that guys, I should of tested it but I have never had an issue with a link before, oopsie :wink:

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Based on what I know of contracts involving privileged information employees gain access to, most likely if there is a contract it would be in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Non-Compete Contract. Both of them would most certainly contain verbiage where the signer agrees not to share company information and a non-compete would be something limiting the signer from working with a competitor in a same or similar business for a period of time and within a certain proximity of the employer. Successful lawsuits against people found in violation of such agreements can result in fines and damages to the plaintiff as well as cease and desist orders from the court. Further violations after a C&D is a crime and can carry punishment in the form of fines and jail time.

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I think Cuttwood will be worried, mostly because this “Cuttwoodspy” person has said he’ll be publishing recipes for the complete line of Cuttwood e-juice over time. Now that may be an empty threat and he doesn’t actually have all the recipes, but what if it’s not and he goes ahead and leaks them. Very bad news for Cuttwood. So yeah, I think they will take this guy seriously, if I were “Cuttwoodspy” I’d be reserving my room at the Ecuadorian Embassy London.

#78 by cutwoodspy, yesterday, at 18:26
Hey every one glad you all are enjoying that unicorn milk I am almost done with sugarbest just need to work out some kinks and supply can get pricey. Your support is appreciated and if you would like to donate to my cause to release name brand flavor recipes you can donate or contribute via my pay pal also feel free to contact me and I will do my best to reapond. Cheers and keep blowing those clouds!

… Hmmmm?

The contents of this comment makes me call bull shit on this “Cutwoodspy” individual. Asking for “donations” tells the story.

There will always be people looking for their 15 minutes of fame, even in the vaping community…:smirk:

Cutwoodspy also probably has some prime real estate in Atlantic City, NJ, for those looking to invest their hard earned cash.

Ahhh, some light shed on things at last maybe. So this guy has an “ingredients” list, but not the actual recipe? Or did he just manage to work up a passable clone and is trying to run a scam? Who the hell knows. I’m going back to my flavor stash. A caramel and chocolate toffee ice cream recipe is screaming for my attentions. :smile:

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His note on the UM was he “was able to obtain the recipe they use from a verified source”

So, that verified source won’t reveal Sugar Bear (i’m sure sugarbest was his lame attempt at the real name)?
I’m with you Jim, I’m calling bullshit. However, all the reviews I’ve read about the UM say it’s spot on, so maybe that much isn’t total crap on a plate.

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I agree! I ordered all the flavors and made this UM recipe to the letter… I’m not impressed at all. I don’t see the hype. I tested… waited… tested… waited… It has been over a month’s steep and it’s still not good to me. I’ll take my own creations over this so called premium mix. Most recipes I’ve made with all Cap, TPA, FW has failed me when it comes to flavor. IMO to make a premium mix you need premium concentrates. I can’t speak for others because they seem to love this recipe, but I just don’t get it.

I don’t buy vendors juices, but I’d like to see what the original juice tastes like. Maybe I’ll order it, because this ain’t gettin’ it.

I love UM. And to me, cuttwood spy’s recipe is spot on. But it’s no longer my favorite by any means. Hell, 5 of my own recipes are better I think. I still mix UM occasionally, because friend’s seem to like it. But I agree with you. Premium juice flavorings always seem to make better juices in the dozen or so recipes I have come up with so far. As far as the Capella flavor lineup, about all I have of theirs is the UM flavors. I use Sweet Strawberry a lot, but never by itself. And I use Sweet Cream occasionally. But the others are strictly for UM. I plan to some day soon adapt the recipe with all FLV and MF flavors once I start getting my MF flavors ordered.

Different strokes for sure. I loved UM the first time I tried it, but I got away from buying vendor liquids soon after and have not bought that much of the stuff. I always thought if I could ever have a good clone recipe I would keep this stuff on hand at all times. While this is certainly a spot on clone, I find I’m not into it as before. But the hype isn’t unfounded. Tons of people still love and want this so the clone is a major gift. At the same time I get what you’re saying too. Heard so much about Mother’s Milk and Cereal Killer. I don’t care if I never have either again.

I started with vaping by using cuttwood and villain juice. Anything I’ve had from the shop I sampled, knew what I was getting and then thats what I got… Sugar bear, I love it, and the clones that are supposed to be great last a couple days before they’re just not doing it for me anymore… One thing I can say about good juice is someone has put the effort in to make that recipe that’s good enough to have a big following, not just a made for my own taste type of juice… Cuttwood will be fine considering the amount of people who will never DIY, the same people that still dish out 10 11 12$ for a pack they could roll for pennies…
I also can believe the use of particular flavor companies, didn’t FW have same deal going on that CAP might?..

I also don’t get the UM hype, I’d rather have Milk & Honey or even Mothers Milk over UM…

Wow, someone must have created a dozen accounts here and degraded the rating on the UM Leak recipe. Anybody else see that? @daath should be able to check the IP address. I bet they are all the same person because they happened minutes apart.

You’re right. Currently cleaning it up and emailing a warning to the guys main account :stuck_out_tongue:

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